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Category: Helping Businesses

Solo Capital markets is a financial service company that was started by a Mr. Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is an individual that was raised in London. In his younger years, he was not interested in the investment industry. It was his goal to study medicine and he decided that he wanted to become a doctor. After beginning his studies, he realized that medicine was not where his heart was, so he decided to become an accountant. As an accountant Sanjay Shah was able to work with a list of high-ranking investment banks. These banks included Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. When the financial crisis hit in 2009, Sanjay Shah wanted to start his own brokerage company. He decided to start Solo Capital.

Solo Capital specializes in consulting, property trading, and professional sports investments. By the end of 2015, Solo Capital markets had a net worth of over €15.45 million, and Sanjay Shah owns more than 30 other companies all across London, the British Islands, Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, and the Cayman Islands. Before Solo Capital became a corporation, Sanjay Shah was earning €19 million a year. After the company became incorporated, Sanjay Shah had a net worth of over $280 million. Even though Sanjay Shah still manages his offices in London and Dubai, he considers himself retired.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks according to global-citizen.com. Autism Rocks is an organization that Sanjay Shah started because of his son. When his son was only four years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Sanjay Shah wanted to find a way to help his son, and he also wanted to better understand autism. While drinking tea with Snoop Dogg, Sanjay Shah had an epiphany about a way that he could earn money to help fund the investigation of autism.

That was the way that Autism Rocks was discovered. Sanjay Shah decided that he would hold concerts and use the proceeds from the concerts for the investigation and the awareness efforts of autism. Sanjay Shah has held many concerts featuring Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Snoop Dogg. He has been able to raise millions of dollars for his fund.