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Ara Chackerian is a business owner, an investor and a philanthropist based in San Francisco. He is a graduate of Florida State University with B.S in Marketing. Ara Chackerian is the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings LLC. He has also co-founded quite many organizations including but not limited to Pipeline Rx, TMS Health Solutions, and BMC Diagnostics, all being providers of diagnostics services. He has gathered enough experience and expertise in building healthcare services since he has been in the fields for more than 20 years. His passion is investing in early-stage companies that are innovative enough and can bring change in US healthcare systems.

Ara Chackerian’s career has always been investing and entrepreneurship. Ara said during an interview that he built TMS Health Solutions with the aim of creating out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in other areas. It took him over ten years to build a network in Northern California. The research and technology for depression known as transcranial magnetic stimulation led to the full realization that TMS would become a pillar of psychiatric care.

Ara Chackerian has interests in digital healthcare. Telemedicine is one of the digital healthcare’s App and is capable of bringing a significant impact on the healthcare systems. The app can detect when a patient is about to enter depression phase. It can sense a change in communication both in speech and also in the frequency of communicating. He says that the app is remarkable and can help the service provider to evaluate the condition of a patient. Ara wishes to connect behavioral health providers with primary care providers since primary care providers primarily prescribe depression treatment. Hence building a collaborative healthcare center would result in more efficient treatment. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Over the past year, Ara has founded and funded non-profit organizations that are focused on youth development as well as education. The investor has a great passion for giving back to the society, and currently, he has a number of non-profit projects in the United States and Nicaragua. The dedicated philanthropist also aspires to create a friendly environment that can provide job opportunities to the locals.

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The USHEALTH Group is one of the America’s dominant health insurance companies; targeting the private sector and self-employed individuals. The company tailors costumed insurance products to their clients, with some of the most common coverages including specified diseases and sicknesses, Accident Insurance, short-term accident disability income insurance, life coverage, critical illness as well as dental insurance. USHEALTH Group practically achieves this diversity of operation through its numerous subsidiaries among them: National Foundation Life Insurance Company, the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, and USHEALTH Advisors.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

The USHEALTH Group family insurance details both individual and family covers. The cover is relatively flexible and affordable, meticulously packaged in a manner that best suits the insurance needs of almost all families. This package is primarily administered by the USHEALTH Group and mainly entails life and Accident insurance plans such as Life Protector, Essential Health Benefits, and Accident Protector among other products. The Group operates through its contracted agents who provide health services at relaxed rates.


The USHEALTH PPO Network is quite accommodative and well formulated to allow clients choose where to get their health services from. When you join the network, you can get your healthcare services from any of their chain of insurance companies or company agents. The PPO Network Plan allows you to engage any USHEALTH Network Doctor or any preferred doctors of your choice. The product thus makes it very easy for Network subscribers to access health care services as one doesn’t have to get a referral from the primary care provider you signed up with when you joined the network. This helps especially in the event of an emergency or in case you happen to require urgent medication.

The company stress on making healthcare available to those operating under strict budget. It has thus been acknowledged for its reputable customer-relation networks to the extent of being referred to as America’s Trusted Choice of Healthcare. The company has since earned several major recognitions and Awards including Gold Award in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Awards.

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Medicare Advantage offers beneficiaries several benefits that allow them to receive medical care within the U.S. The plans are designed to offer everything the Original Medicare offers except hospice care. Medicare Advantage may also offer other benefits like coverage for prescription drugs, dental and vision. Understanding how the system works is a great step into making the right choice because there are different plans that one can choose.

How does Medicare Advantage work?
Original Medicare is provided by the federal government, but Medicare Advantage plans are serviced by private insurance companies. In this setup, the government makes fixed monthly payment to the insurance companies listed for the program, then the companies offer members of Medicare the benefits by covering their healthcare costs.

Medicare Advantage plans exist in different types, each addressing a specific issue. For instance, you can choose the Special Needs Plan (SNP) if it relates to your case. Another person may prefer to choose Health Maintenance Organization plan or Private Free-For-Service plan depending on the issues one would like taken care of by the plans.

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Benefits of Medicare Advantage plans
Most insurance companies offer no premium for Medicare Advantage plans. This should save you the agony of having to spend heavily to access the services you need. However, you need to choose a plan that can be accessed in your area of residence since the availability of plans depends on the state and county one comes from.

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Apart from the benefits that come with Medicare Advantage plans, your plan can also include additional benefits that are not available in Parts A and B. Such could include vision and dental coverage. Most importantly, every plan offers the out-of-pocket cost, so once the maximum is reached you will not pay anything for subsequent services like in InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health
Dedicated in serving North America, InnovaCare is one of few managed healthcare providers in the region that have proved to offer cost-effective services that are backed by modern technology and innovation. InnovaCare has also invested in effective communication and building teams that are tasked with overseeing Medicare Advantage plans and related services.

Several leaders including CEO Dr. Rick Shinto run InnovaCare to ensure it remains in the right course. Dr. Richard Shinto, with over 20 years as an executive in various companies, is a great addition to the company and his vision is one of prosperity and the attainment of countrywide reach. Also in the company is Penelope Kokkinides, a professional in clinical medicine who has worked as an executive for over 20 years. She currently holds a top position as the Chief Administrative Officer.

The nation of Brazil was hit hard by flooding that took place in the months of November and December of 2015 and in January of 2016. The hardest hit regions were Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. When the flood happened people who live along the border areas of Rio Grande Du Sol and Parana were severely impacted by this natural disaster. The river systems that is connected to these three nations substantially increased in volume. This in turn caused thousands of locals to flee the flood zones. Many of the rivers that lie along the border regions of Brazil are prone to yearly flooding.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is Brazil’s State Secretary of Health. He has been visiting hospitals, relief and medical facilities in the region. The southern areas of Brazil was not the only regions impacted by flooding. Rising water was also a problem in places such as Xerem which is outside of Rio De Janeiro and in the northern state of Ceara.

Dr. Cortes wanted to ensure that medical facilities had adequate space and resources to handle the crisis. Since there is a Zika epidemic and the increased risk of contracting dengue fever; Dr. Cortes wants to ensure that the medical personnel and infrastructure is prepared to deal with this problem. It is a known fact that diseases have a tendency to grow rampart within a region that has been affected by a flood. The reason why this happens is because there is no basic sanitation and lack of hygiene.

Medical personnel in these areas are making sure that they have plenty of medical supplies, staff and room to handle the thousands of displaced people that will need the care. Medical teams from different parts of Brazil are also descending into the affected areas. Their effort helps to ensure that there is enough staff on hand to meet the demands of the people in need. Dr. Cortes is doing his best to ensure that people are staying healthy and free from disease. You can find out more about Dr. Cortes efforts in an article by Extra. People can also follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.


Traveling isn’t easy for sleep apnea patients who need a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine to get a good night’s rest.

Standard CPAP machines include not only the main unit, but a humidifier and a bulky face mask that fits over the patient’s mouth and nose. They do not conveniently fit into suitcases or carry-on bags.

Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by the back of the victim’s throat collapsing while they’re sleeping, blocking the airway. Consequently, they can’t breathe, and come out of deep sleep. This can happen hundreds of times a night. The victim doesn’t get enough rest or oxygen. Therefore, they feel tired during the day.

They are also at higher risk of developing cardiovascular cconditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke.

There are CPAP machines designed for travel. They are smaller and lighter than the standard sizes, and do not include humidifiers. They can even be used while sleeping on an airplane.

Some sleep apnea victims use a CPAP machine at home, but a nasal valve device while traveling. The nasal valve device fits over the nostrils and is held in place by tape. The valve opens and close as the patient breathes. This redirects air to create pressure in the back of the throat, keeping it open.

Another travel option for sleep apnea patients is to use an oral device. The patient wears it the mouth while sleeping, and it keeps the jaw forward, thus maintaining an open airway. A doctor must prescribe it. A qualified dentist must fit each one to the patient’s mouth.

One of the nation’s top experts in this field is Dr. Avi Weisfogel of Dental Sleep Masters.

Dr. Weisfogel established his own dental practice in 1999. While serving his regular patients he began exploring how doctors and dentists together can help patients with sleep apnea. In 2010 Dr. Weisfogel created Heart Healthy Sleep to work with physicians on establishing and managing sleep labs.

As the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel teaches dentists to identify sleep apnea victims and help them receive the oral devices they need.

Risk for having sleep apnea goes up with age and weight, though young and thin people also develop this condition.

If your sleeping partner complains you snore or if you are tired during the day, check with your physician.

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Can men get pregnant! This is the well explained fact by Doctor Sergio Cortes. He is a highly experienced and trained doctor and secretary for health in the Brazilian state of Rio. According to Cortes, the dubbed pregnancy in men is known as couvade syndrome. The French term means incubating a set of skills that are not originally possessed. After explaining the best and simple ways of losing weight and remaining healthy, Cortes explores the unimaginable men getting pregnant.
The couvade syndrome is not a disease or a taboo as thought of in many places. It’s a replication of the brain in symptoms of pregnant spouses in men from close couples. The condition is highly experienced in first time parents anticipating to graduate to fatherhood. Cortes describes it as a display of affection between the father and unborn child. The bond starts from the unborn and extends right to when the child is born.
Cortes advises the situation doesn’t call for medical attention and doesn’t cause mental disorders. Unless the situation becomes a nuisance, it’s then the physician monitoring is necessary. The feeling is understandable, since it arises from an imperative expectation of becoming a father. The syndrome is also very common with first time parents unlike subsequent child. It’s also involuntarily acquired hence doctors do not classify it as a disease. The males who have long wanted to have children face the syndrome more often than those who haven’t.
The primary symptoms associated with the syndrome include nausea, vomiting, weight gain and belly bulging. The situation rules out any sort of theater address to the syndrome since it’s involuntary. Cortes describes the situation as hormone-related that causes the brain to react in such a way.
The belly bulging is not only as a result of couvades syndrome. Sergio Cortes provides very informative health advice on dieting and regular exercises to reduce the massive problem. The main problem with overweight is the leading cause of lifestyle diseases. Cortes also advises on back pain reduction program as well as best exercises to remain healthy.
Cortes is the cabinet secretary for health in the state of Rio.

You can follow him on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Source: atanews.com.br

The Qi group is excited about the new QNET’s brand ambassador. QNET is a direct sales company known globally. The company unveiled Martina Hingis, the tennis legend, as their new brand ambassador during their yearly V-Con convention. The convention was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The article discussing about the partnership was released through the BusinessWire. The announcement of the partnership took place on 18 September at the Hamdan Sports Arena. Joseph Bismark, the QI Group Managing Director, made the announcement in front of the 10000 guests who were gathered to also celebrate the 17th year anniversary of QNET.
The yearly convention is a platform where the Independent Representatives of QNET get together to learn and celebrate as a group. Martina Hingis has won the Grand Slam title five times and is the International Tennis Hall Of Fame Global Ambassador. Martina is very excited with the opportunity of working with QNET. The company’s presence in over 100 countries shows its popularity thus making consumers believe in its products and services.
QNET, which has an outstanding Sports sponsorship stable that features Manchester City Football Club and Marussia Formula 1 team, has added Martina to their sports team and personality list. Martina will compete in QNET sponsored events while representing the brand in India. She will be wearing QNET’s garb during the Champions Tennis League where she is one of the participants.
Joseph Bismark played a pivotal role in founding the QI group. He left home at a tender age and went to the Philippines Mountain. Bismark stayed at the monastery and left when he was in his late teens. The philosophies and principles that he was taught at the Ashram have become a strong pillar in his management approach. He incorporated all his teachings into the business world and that is the reason why the company continues to enjoy immense success. Bismark believes that working together as a team yields a greater success.
He is not afraid of teaching his skills to members of his staff. Bismark believes that the Knowledge he imparts on his team is not limited to only his company but to any organization that any of his team members might work for or establish in the future. Joseph has mentored a number of people and helped them open their own businesses. He also established the RYTHM Foundation. This Foundation provides mentor ship and workshop programs to the members of society.

The FBI Arrested 46 Doctors And Nurses For Cheating Medicare Out Of $712 Million In Patient Care

Guess what? Doctors and nurses in 17 cities were caught cheating Medicare. What a surprise? If 46 doctors and nurses were caught in those cities, chances are there are more medical professionals getting payments from Medicare for services they didn’t provide. Medicare fraud happens every day in cities across the country. It’s an easy scam if you know how to play the system. There are so many ways to charge for one medical service and give another that has a lessor value.

The truth is; the medical profession is on the honor system. There are very few checks and balances in place to catch all the Medicare fraud that occurs. When one illegal billing practice is discovered another fraudulent one takes its place. Folks at FreedomPop agree that unfortunately greed runs rampant in the medical world, and it spreads like the diseases doctors and nurses battle daily.

In this particular group of raids, the FBI arrested 243 people for allegedly billing Medicare for $712 million worth of unnecessary patient care. That raid helps stop some people from cheating the system, but if the feds look deeper, that $712 million might just be a small slice of the funds collected by medical professionals for services they never performed.

President Obama waded into the looming Supreme Court decision that may end up gutting his health care plan known as Obamacare. At issue is whether the IRS had the right to broadly apply federal subsidies to low-income households without an act of congress. As written, Obamacare narrowly applied subsidies to health care recipients from state-run exchanges. MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, an Obamacare architect, previously stated that the subsidies were in fact limited to only state-run exchanges; it was a counter-incentive the government enacted to discourage states from opting to use the federal government’s health care exchange.

That said, President Obama chastised the high court for bothering to take up the challenge to his health care plan. The public rebuke of the court was made during a press conference of the current G-7 Summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany. The president expressed his belief that the court should rule against the plaintiffs. In fact, he called the decision a “no brainer” which case should not have taken up the court’s valuable time.

Should the high court rule against the Obama administration, there is no contingency for how the president or congress would react. Keith Mann (youtube.com) has learned that the GOP could issue a temporary extension of the law allowing the subsidies to apply to both federal and state-run exchanges. However, that is unlikely given the Tea Party’s mandate to kill the health care law. It is estimated that several million people will end up losing health care coverage if they are required to pay the full premium.

Some sunscreen products contain vitamin A. That sounds like a good thing, slathering on some extra vitamins to nourish your skin when you apply sunscreen, but it’s not. Vitamin A makes your skin more sensitive to sun and increases the risk of sunburn for people with sensitive skin.


Some sunscreen products contain Oxybenzone, a chemical that can cause hormonal imbalance. A day at the beach should not lead to a sunburn and out-of-whack hormones, but that may be what you end up with when applying some of the sun protection products on the market.
Sun protection products that are label as being hypo-allergenic may contain a preservative called methylisothiazolinone that can irritate skin. Methylisothiazolinone is often found in hypo-allergenic products specially formulated for use on infants and small children.
A study of several product that are supposed to offer protection from the sun’s glaring rays was conducted by the Environmental Working Group. 80% percent of the products tested failed to live up to their promises.
We need sunscreen products to protect our skin from burning now and potential skin cancer in the future, but what are we to do if we can’t trust the products to deliver the promised protection? The best you can do according to Ricardo Tosto is to select a broad-spectrum sunscreen product with a SPF of 15 or more and apply more of it more frequently than recommended. That is featured on Wikipedia as a nice option.