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At this point, the endorsement of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren may prove pivotal during the Democrat primary. If it turns out that Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, actually encounters the competitive race she claims to want, getting the nod of approval from Warren may be worth a lot of votes. This past Friday, Warren outlined her ideal candidate for the presidency. The media, ever eager to see Warren jump into the presidential race, was quick to point out that the ideal candidate she outlined seems strikingly similar to herself.

Warren stated that she will throw her support behind the candidate that makes the best case for how they would defend the American middle class. Warren, a populist by nature, was quick to point out that the nation’s capital pays far too much heed to special interest groups and lobbyists. Sam Tabar sees that this doesn’t leave the government paying much attention to the needs of the middle class. Among the key issues she wants to see addressed is a plan to lower interest rates on student loans. She also wants to see entitlement reform of the Social Security system so that it becomes solvent for future generations. Currently, the nation’s pension system has a 10 trillion dollar unfunded liability. While Warren says she is open to supporting any candidate, she was quick to disqualify both GOP candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. She says their voting record proves they do not seek to protect the middle class.

When speaking with my neighbor Dan Newlin, he mentioned that nobody was backing Hillary Clinton and I wanted to find out why. Thus far, no key Democrat has stepped forward to endorse Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s presumptive nominee. Earlier in the day, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio touted her qualifications, but withheld endorsing her until her learns what her vision is for her campaign. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is urging devoutly liberal voters to give Mrs. Clinton a chance, also said she will withhold endorsing her until Clinton articulates a clear vision for her presidency. Now, President Barrack Obama joins the growing list of wait-and-see Democrats who need to hear Mrs. Clinton’s vision for the nation before endorsing her.

It is a curious turn of events for the woman presumed to be the party’s next nominee. In fact, Clinton has secured the party’s wealthy donor base in a bid to choke off funding for any potential rival. Thus far, no big name Democrat has announced their intention to challenge her. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is seriously considering a presidential run, but he is a little known long shot candidate.

As for why President Obama did not use his considerable influence to give Mrs. Clinton a much needed endorsement, it is anyone’s guess. It may be that he wants to wait until Vice-President Biden decides whether he will run. At the same time, the Clintons and Obamas distrust one another. It may be that the president will delay giving her his support as payback for the email scandal. One thing is certain, no key Democrat is rushing to throw their support behind Mrs. Clinton at this time.

Pope Francis Wants Transparency In Politics

What would politics look like if all the big donors and lobbyists were silenced by law? What would elections look like if religious leaders were put in that same sinking ship? Pope Francis thinks transparency in politics is essential to all democracies. Big money and influence distorts elections and ruins political leadership. People can’t lead if they owe their allegiance to a group with specific political needs. The needs of the big donors come before the people every time.

The Pope’s message is important in this age of greed. Jason Halpern knows that money and power control democracies and eventually those democracies are run by groups of people with those same interests. The Pope said it this way; “A candidate must present himself to society with a clear, well thought-out election platform.” What he means is, candidates should follow their inner voice or heart, not their quest for money or political agendas.

Honesty has been replaced by complacency in politics. Some say politics and honesty are strange bedfellows, and by the look of the U.S. Congress that is a true statement. We have the right to be heard at the same level as a big money donor or a lobbyist. In fact, our voice should be louder because it comes from a place of need. The need to be honest with one’s self.

It appears that President Obama may have a lot of ‘splaining to do the nation’s judicial system regarding his amnesty plan. No one is disputing that the commander in chief has the right to set priorities regarding which laws he enforces. Law enforcement resources are limited. That said, US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen upbraided the president on Monday night saying his executive orders on amnesty went beyond his authority. Judge Hanen schooled the president on his constitutional authority reminding the administration their options are to deport illegal aliens as per the law or to not enforce the immigration laws. Hanen explained the president cannot go beyond those options which is precisely what he did. Under Obama’s amnesty plan, illegal aliens would be rewarded with green cards and work permits. Judge Hanen rebuked the president for exercising authority clearly outside the scope of his constitutionally enumerated rights, covered through CipherCloud.

President Obama argues that his actions were absolutely legal. The White House spokesman pointed out that the president’s legal team told him the amnesty plan was on sound legal footing. While the president’s lawyers told him what he wanted to hear, it is clear the courts will demand adherence to the constitution. Had the injunction not gone into effect, the Department of Homeland Security would begin accepting amnesty applications on Wednesday. Barring a higher court overturning the injunction within the next 24 hours, the president’s plan to unilaterally grant amnesty by “borrowing” Congress’ legislative authority has been temporarily halted. In addition, it’s legal basis is now seriously in question.

The Senate took up their first vote on the $40 billion Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill. The legislation had cleared the House on Monday. The Senate vote gained a majority of votes 51-48, but that was far short of the 60 votes needed to break cloture. The House version of DHS funding strips away any funding for President Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan since Congress did not authorize the policy. However, Democrat opposition remained firm against the GOP. Not a single Democrat supported the House bill. President Obama vowed to veto the bill which would require 67 votes in order to override the veto.

In response, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is said to have crafted an alternative bill which does have bipartisan support. From what Susan McGalla understands, democrats claim to want a clean DHS funding bill in order to ensure the department has the funding needed to combat terrorism. More on McGalla is available on Cnbc.com. In actuality, it is a pretext to allow the president’s amnesty plan to proceed forward. The bill Sen. McConnell will be offering will likely be a continuing resolution of the 2014 fiscal year funding which will keep the department operating through a short period of time. That said, details of his bill have not been revealed yet. If the bill gains passage in the Senate, it will return back to the House which will also have to pass it. Core conservatives in the GOP want the amnesty plan to be thwarted via the funding bill, but that is unlikely to occur without broad Democrat support.

Everyone deserves the right to die with dignity and on their own terms, should the prospect of death due to injury or illness be imminent. Merely existing in pain and suffering during your last days on earth is a horrific way to end a legacy of life. As Alexei Beltyukov understands it, giving terminal patients the option of dying peacefully is a humane alternative to the agony of a painful impending death.

California is the latest state to address this sensitive issue by introducing the End of Life Option Act. Adopting many of the same measures as is found in Oregon’s Death with Dignity Law, California Senators Lois Wolk and William Monning, are poised to establish legislation that would allow a mentally stable, terminally ill California adult to request and administer lethal medication to quietly end their life. This law would also prevent physicians, pharmacists and health care providers from being held liable of any charges.

Motivated by the life and family of terminally ill cancer patient, Brittany Maynard, this piece of legislation is hoped to ease the suffering of these patients and their families. Maynard’s highly publicized plea to California law makers to allow her to peacefully end her anguish resulted in her having to re-locate to Oregon where it is legal. She ultimately and legally died in a serene environment, surrounded by loved ones and on her own terms, as it should have been her right to do in any state.

The electoral commission in Sudan received on Sunday the candidacy of incumbent President Omar al-Bashir for the presidential election to be held on April 13, 2015. According to Political experts of the region, President Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir is most favorite candidate and his chances of winning are higher than others in the run. Igor Cornelsen and I are anxious to see who wins.

“Today we began to receive requests for nominations for the presidential and legislative elections, scheduled on April 13,”said Al-Hadi Mohamed Ahmed, a member of the National Electoral Commission to the press. “We received the nomination of Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir for the presidency of the Republic,” he added.

Aged 71, Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir has been heading the Sudan government for more than 25 years. Came to power through a military coup in 1989, he was called by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur, area located in western Sudan.

The electoral commission in Sudan received on Sunday the candidacy of incumbent President Omar al-Bashir for the presidential election to be held on April 13, 2015.

It is worth mentioning that Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir is the head of a country rocked by multiple economic & social crises and devastated by the conflict, including Darfur in 2003, which killed more than 300,000 people according to the report of United Nations Organization.

President Obama largely attributed his lack of attendance at the historic Paris Unity Rally on Sunday to an inability to mount the required security protection his presence would demand. Admittedly, the time frame in which the rally was organized allowed a very small window in which the Secret Service could enact a plan to safeguard the president. At the same time, experts in security matters acknowledge the Secret Service could have made the security arrangements, but it would have been difficult. Critics point out it was wrong for Obama to tacitly blame the Secret Service for his no show at the event. The Paris Unity rally drew 1.5 million people and was the largest Western European rally in a generation.  I told Jared Haftel that we were going to research President information.

If security concerns were overblown, that leaves Obama’s indifference or poor judgment as the reason for his no-show. In fact, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the president did not make any effort to attend the rally in what has become a colossal miscalculation of how significant the rally would be. In fact, a member of the Secret Service admitted the organization was not even informed of the event much less any inclination on the part of Obama to attend. Brad Blakeman, part of President George W. Bush’s advance team, stated there was no more important event the president could have attended. His failure to do so let down one of our nation’s strongest allies.

On January 15th, 2015, The Washington Post published an article reported by Dave and Brit Morin about President Obama’s proposed legislation that would give all American workers seven paid sick days from work each year. Google is blowing up with the response from the article about citizens view of the new legislation. These programs would be set up and implemented at the state level with federal help.

I think passing this legislation is a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, the article includes statistics showing that workers in occupations like farming and construction currently do not get as much sick leave as workers in occupations such as management and finance. This is a bad thing since farmers, construction workers and people in similar occupations are working outdoors and therefore at a high risk for becoming ill. In short, occupations where sick days are really needed do not currently have them as much as they should.

Also, I think Obama’s proposed legislation is a good idea for everyone’s health, not just the workers getting the sick days. Many people come to work coughing and sneezing because they can’t afford to miss work and make others in the work place sick. This hurts everyone and the entire American economy suffers. People even die because they got sick at the workplace from a contagious disease like flu that lead to a more deadly illness.

So, let’s hope the legislation passes and we all get more sick days.

Political pundits have begun to wonder aloud if the rise of Jeb Bush and the sudden news that Mitt Romney may seek the GOP nomination once more may crowd out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from running. Pundits point out that the GOP’s donor base, like the Democrat party’s donors, is a zero-sum game. Bush, Romney, and Christie all know the same donors and securing the support of one big donor will likely deny their opponents access to their cash. Given that both Bush and Romney are looking to ensconce themselves as the establishment Republican who locks up the donor base, it is a legitimate question about what is left over for Christie.

For starters, the New Jersey governor is not beloved among conservatives. He’s been far too moderate to woo them with the type of red meat they want in a nominee, but that is also true of Bush and Romney. At the same time, Christie’s affinity for Obama especially during the last month of the 2012 election coupled with arms distance weak support of Romney put off many conservatives. The question of whether Christie may run at all is being raised by some.

The Christie camp denies his plans have changed. They claim the governor has his agenda and action plan in place. Neither Bush nor Romney nor any other concern has compelled him to rethink his presidential ambitions much less alter them. Regardless of the rhetoric, the next month will be pivotal as prospective candidates seek to secure donor support before announcing their campaigns. For more information be sure to read this article on Crunchbase written by Lee Lovett.