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The Qi group is excited about the new QNET’s brand ambassador. QNET is a direct sales company known globally. The company unveiled Martina Hingis, the tennis legend, as their new brand ambassador during their yearly V-Con convention. The convention was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The article discussing about the partnership was released through the BusinessWire. The announcement of the partnership took place on 18 September at the Hamdan Sports Arena. Joseph Bismark, the QI Group Managing Director, made the announcement in front of the 10000 guests who were gathered to also celebrate the 17th year anniversary of QNET.
The yearly convention is a platform where the Independent Representatives of QNET get together to learn and celebrate as a group. Martina Hingis has won the Grand Slam title five times and is the International Tennis Hall Of Fame Global Ambassador. Martina is very excited with the opportunity of working with QNET. The company’s presence in over 100 countries shows its popularity thus making consumers believe in its products and services.
QNET, which has an outstanding Sports sponsorship stable that features Manchester City Football Club and Marussia Formula 1 team, has added Martina to their sports team and personality list. Martina will compete in QNET sponsored events while representing the brand in India. She will be wearing QNET’s garb during the Champions Tennis League where she is one of the participants.
Joseph Bismark played a pivotal role in founding the QI group. He left home at a tender age and went to the Philippines Mountain. Bismark stayed at the monastery and left when he was in his late teens. The philosophies and principles that he was taught at the Ashram have become a strong pillar in his management approach. He incorporated all his teachings into the business world and that is the reason why the company continues to enjoy immense success. Bismark believes that working together as a team yields a greater success.
He is not afraid of teaching his skills to members of his staff. Bismark believes that the Knowledge he imparts on his team is not limited to only his company but to any organization that any of his team members might work for or establish in the future. Joseph has mentored a number of people and helped them open their own businesses. He also established the RYTHM Foundation. This Foundation provides mentor ship and workshop programs to the members of society.

Beauty products are really popular these days, especially among females. The FDA, which is the Food and Drug Administration, says cosmetics is something that is used on the body for cleansing, promoting attractiveness, and for beautification. Cosmetics comes from the Greek word “kosmetikē tekhnē” which means technique of dress and ornament.The Ancient Egyptians used to make a red dye and lipstick. When Ancient Egyptians tombs were dugout,people found a lot of beauty products in the tombs such as castor oil, skin creams made out of olive oil, beeswax, and rose water. They even used Vaseline and Lanolin. The Ancient Romans also used cosmetics.Beauty products today are seen in stores across the world. You can easily get lotions, perfumes, powders, lipstick, facial makeup, colored contact lenses, hair sprays ,gel, bath oils, and skin care cream. These are just to name a few. There are many types of cosmetics to buy for your own use.Every cosmetic is used for different purposes. Primer is supposed to prolong the length of time the makeup stays on your skin.You are supposed to add primer to your face before foundation. Lipstick, lip liner, and lip balm is supposed to add color to your lips.Lipsticks and lip balm have a wide range of colors and different finishes. Some lipsticks are waterproof and they come with a applicator brush. Lip balms are different from lipsticks because they are used to moisturize and protect your lips. Concealer is a beauty product that you use when you want to cover your imperfections on your skin. You can use it to cover dark circles under your eyes and/or blemishes.Concealer should be applied over your foundation and it can be long lasting.
Lime Crime is a very popular on DOLLSKILL.COM their line of beauty products that is used around the world today. Over the years, many people have had many positive things to say about Lime Crime. They have a variety of lipsticks. What makes Lime Crime so popular is not only its variety, but also its different shades and glitter.They are $16 and have colors such as pink, purple,blue, black and orange. The names of Lime Crimes lipsticks are : Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac,Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket,No She Didn’t ,Retrofuturist, and Styletto. Overall, the lipsticks are very bright and colorful. They all have a customized design and a unique look to each of them. For girls that are into bright colors that will make you stand out, Lime Crime is a good makeup brand to look at. Their cosmetics really stands out from the rest.Lime Crime is known for the very high pigmentation in the variety of colors. Lime Crime is also known for the non-drying texture of the lipsticks.A cosmetics company that has excellent customer service is hard to find. Lime Crime has a record of superb customer service. They also have a no questions asked return policy .That is why Lime Crime is very popular on a global scale. They have many happy customers.

Once someone announces they are running for the presidency, everything they do from that moment on is up for public scrutiny as Brian Torchin stated. How they run their campaign is as important as why they are running it. So when a candidate appears to be pulling the wool over the eyes of the voters, they often take notice.

There have been rumors lately about more than one candidate, inviting paid people to sit in during their speeches. For the most part much of the public has lacked interest in those rumors, until it was revealed that such a company does exist. The company titled, “Rent A Crowd” gives their customer exactly what it sounds like, paid actors to fill up seats at public speeches and events. These actors are there to be seen looking interested and enthused over what the speaker has to say. They will portray a show of full support towards them and the issues at hand, no matter what those issues might be.

Now that people realize such a company exists there is some controversy. Bringing in crowds of people makes the speaker appear more important and more relevant. The public now has to make a choice. They must decide whether this is just another necessary part of gearing up for the elections. Or if perhaps these presidential hopefuls are in fact frauds and therefore lacking any of the relevancy that has been bestowed upon them.

President Obama largely attributed his lack of attendance at the historic Paris Unity Rally on Sunday to an inability to mount the required security protection his presence would demand. Admittedly, the time frame in which the rally was organized allowed a very small window in which the Secret Service could enact a plan to safeguard the president. At the same time, experts in security matters acknowledge the Secret Service could have made the security arrangements, but it would have been difficult. Critics point out it was wrong for Obama to tacitly blame the Secret Service for his no show at the event. The Paris Unity rally drew 1.5 million people and was the largest Western European rally in a generation.  I told Jared Haftel that we were going to research President information.

If security concerns were overblown, that leaves Obama’s indifference or poor judgment as the reason for his no-show. In fact, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the president did not make any effort to attend the rally in what has become a colossal miscalculation of how significant the rally would be. In fact, a member of the Secret Service admitted the organization was not even informed of the event much less any inclination on the part of Obama to attend. Brad Blakeman, part of President George W. Bush’s advance team, stated there was no more important event the president could have attended. His failure to do so let down one of our nation’s strongest allies.

Political pundits have begun to wonder aloud if the rise of Jeb Bush and the sudden news that Mitt Romney may seek the GOP nomination once more may crowd out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from running. Pundits point out that the GOP’s donor base, like the Democrat party’s donors, is a zero-sum game. Bush, Romney, and Christie all know the same donors and securing the support of one big donor will likely deny their opponents access to their cash. Given that both Bush and Romney are looking to ensconce themselves as the establishment Republican who locks up the donor base, it is a legitimate question about what is left over for Christie.

For starters, the New Jersey governor is not beloved among conservatives. He’s been far too moderate to woo them with the type of red meat they want in a nominee, but that is also true of Bush and Romney. At the same time, Christie’s affinity for Obama especially during the last month of the 2012 election coupled with arms distance weak support of Romney put off many conservatives. The question of whether Christie may run at all is being raised by some.

The Christie camp denies his plans have changed. They claim the governor has his agenda and action plan in place. Neither Bush nor Romney nor any other concern has compelled him to rethink his presidential ambitions much less alter them. Regardless of the rhetoric, the next month will be pivotal as prospective candidates seek to secure donor support before announcing their campaigns. For more information be sure to read this article on Crunchbase written by Lee Lovett.

What is more important than protecting the president? Apparently sitting in your truck talking on your cell phone. Yep. Instead of taking care of the most important man in America, a job for which he was handsomely paid, one un-named Secret Service canine agent was not only talking on his cell, but he was sitting in his vehicle. Not only that, his most important piece of equipment, his radio, did not sound an alarm. To top it off, the agent left his back up radio in his locker.

The agent did take the time look out of the window though, and noticed the intruder being chased by another agent. He then joined in the chase with his canine companion, a full 11 seconds after veteran Omar Gonzales scaled the fence and began his approach to the White House.

11 seconds doesn’t sound like much time, but it was enough time for Gonzales to elude the agents and disappear into the bushes. My colleague Sam Tabar says the intruder should not have had the chance to get that close. The farce continued when he emerged from the bushes and agents made the assumption that the White House doors were locked and took their time in trying to reach him.

They eventually caught up with him inside, after he over powered a female agent that was too small to be effective against him. He had been detained on a prior occasion, but released as he had not broken any laws at the time.