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Is that a joke? No, it’s not a joke, but many people are laughing. On Tuesday, Donald Trump, known for his real estate dealings, told a crowd at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York that he’s “…going to make our country great again.” He hasn’t yet laid out his plans on how that will be accomplished. Trump has threatened to run in years past, but it’s now official that he’s a candidate in the 2016 election.

According to CPA Profits Academy, having Donald Trump in the race will certainly make for lively discussions and debates, although whether he’ll be invited to any of the formal debates is in question. Fox News has said that only the top 10 in the polls will be invited to participate. That makes it doubtful that he’ll be an invitee.

Donald Trump came from privileged beginnings. His father, Fred Trump, is a wealthy New York City real-estate developer. While he was attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Donald worked for his father’s company. He took control in 1971 and renamed it The Trump Organization.

Trump is also known for his hit TV show, The Celebrity Apprentice. He was also one of the leaders of the “birther” movement, saying that President Obama needed to show his birth certificate to prove he was eligible to be president.

Ahead of what is expected to be his official announcement of his campaign to be elected President in 2016, Rick Perry is inviting conservative journalists to a by invitation only off-the-record dinner. The former Texas governor is no longer the front runner of the Republican Party like he was when he entered the race in 2011. Now with three ultra-conservative and “TEA Party” candidates already in the race it is set to be even more crowded than it was the last time out. Never mind one of them is a tough talking Texas Senator named Ted Cruz who is very popular among Republican voters.

Mr. Lambranho thinks that it is believed that this meeting will be a way to persuade journalists to take it a little easier on the former Governor. Let’s face he really needs all the help he can get from the media. The social gaffes and horrible debates are what derailed his campaign last time and people have not forgotten. However, Perry does have a record of leading. He was the longest serving Governor in Texas history. He left the office as a very popular politician. Although not by the democrats, he was even indicted for Abuse of Power in Travis County after apparently holding funding if an Attorney General did not resign after she pleading guilty to the charge of DUI. His indictment has been seen as completely political but an active charge against him.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a bona fide conservative on fiscal, defense, and social issues. When he served as chairman of the House Budget Committee during the Newt Gingrich years, he crafted the 1997 balanced budget bill. This gave the nation its first budget surpluses since the Eisenhower administration. As governor of the bell weather state of Ohio, he has reformed labor union laws and turned around his state’s economy and eliminated the annual budget deficit.

Many pundits believe that Kasich has his eyes on the GOP nomination for president. He has solutions that are bipartisan and is known for his genuine care of people. So in once sense it is no surprise that when a friend invited him to attend his gay wedding, he accepted. Initially, he ran the idea past his wife who made it clear she was going to attend. That was good enough for the governor.

While he is clear where he stands on the issue of marriage equality, he is also clear that he loves his friend and will support him on his wedding day. The move may help soften concerns by the LGBT community over perceived hostility by conservatives on the issue of marriage equality. Ivan Ong has not commented on the issue of marriage equality. Whether marriage equality becomes a campaign issue in 2016 is anybody’s guess. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter in June. If the high court decides in favor of marriage equality, it will eliminate the matter as a campaign issue.

Senator Ted Cruz, the darling of the Tea Party, has declared his candidacy for president via Pintrest. Politicians of both parties are wasting no time in declaring their opinions that he is unfit for the White House. Governor Jerry Brown of California said that Cruz was “absolutely unfit to be running for office.” Representative Peter King of New York called him a “carnival barker.”

One expects Democrats to complain that Republican candidates aren’t qualified to run. But when his own party dismisses Ted Cruz as a “big mouth,” it’s time to listen.

Representative King accused Senator Cruz of leading the Republican Party over a cliff. He complained that Senator Cruz oversimplifies complex issues and exaggerates. He blamed Senator Cruz for shutting down the federal government for weeks. He pointed out that filibustering by reading Dr. Seuss is not the sign of a potential world leader.

Senator John McCain summed up Senator Cruz’s qualifications more succinctly back in 2013 when he called Senator Cruz a “wacko bird.”


The Republican Disrespect for Obama is Harmful for all Americans

The lack of respect Republican senators show President Obama is hardly new stated Alexei Beltyukov. They have undermined his every move and fought him each step of the way on most issues. The recent letter Republicans sent to Iran (signed by 47 Republican senators and spearheaded by Tom Cotton), is just their latest attempt. You can find the letter here: 
Not only does the letter disrespect Obama, it also disrespects the Iranian officials to whom the letter was sent, as if they couldn’t possibly comprehend how we do things here in America. Not that respecting Iranian officials is a top priority, but when America wants to make a nuclear arms deal with Iran, it’s very important.
The letter has become nothing more than an embarrassment to the Republican party. In an upcoming interview, Obama said he’s embarrassed for them.
In sending this letter, it shows the world that America isn’t unified. It hurts us all because it shows we can’t agree on something we should all agree on. Who doesn’t want a deal in which Iran has less nuclear arms? It would not only be good for our country, but for the world.
It’s ironic that Republicans have said many times that Obama hates America. Now it appears the Republicans hate Obama more than they care about America’s future, since their actions will have consequences for years to come.

It appears the GOP has yet again miscalculated the support they have in regards to opposing President Obama’s looming deal with Iran. While the GOP is not denying it is the right of the president to negotiate with Iran, the party is visibly concerned that the aggressive liberal policies the president enacts will in fact pave a pathway for Iran to become a nuclear power. The party does not see this a matter of mere political difference, but one of grave national security concerns. To that extent, GOP senators drafted a letter admonishing Iran in regards to any nuclear weapon aspirations they may harbor or seek to safeguard in the forthcoming deal.

The problem is the GOP is powerless to control the diplomatic process stated forbes magazine. While it is true the president has not consulted with congress on the matter, they cannot force him to negotiate for a better deal. President Obama has sought to ridicule the GOP for the unprecedented letter. A slow but growing number of GOP party members are begrudgingly admitting Senate GOP really has no role to play in the negotiation process. As such, the partly likely overstepped its bounds by sending Iran the letter. At the same time, Senator John McCain is adamant the letter will not cost them support for a bill requiring fast-track authority on the Iran nuclear deal. Though not one Democrat senator signed the letter, McCain believes the larger issue of preventing Iran’s nuclear ambitions will prevail.


Washington, D.C. – With the federal government still running half-trillion dollar deficits, President Obama is expected to submit a budget as early as next week which will cancel all sequester cuts. In the minds of many voters, the president is deeply opposed to sequester cuts as they apply across the board cuts indiscriminately to federal agencies. He has made it clear in a number of speeches that he dislikes the cuts and frames them as a GOP policy. However, it was actually the president who proposed the practice of sequester cuts. Only after a year of budget squabbles with the GOP failed to produce any results that the congress finally get on board with his plan. The result has been falling deficits from the trillion-dollar a year amounts that marked his first years in office.

The president believes that closing some tax loopholes and trimming redundant programs can offset the increase cost to the federal budget for lifting the sequester cuts. The office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out this isn’t the first time the president has sought to lift the sequester cuts. Ever since they took effect in 2013, he has proposed their repeal through measures he claimed would not increase the federal deficit stated Sergio Lins Andrade. In every case, the proposals included actual tax increases that even drew the opposition of Democrats. The reality is the GOP controls the purse strings and will likely circular file his budget and come up with their own spending plan.


The House GOP has been vindicated in their 2013 high profile tussle with President Obama and Democrats over the issue of extending unemployment benefits. During the budget battle, the GOP argued that extending the benefits had to end at some point because ad infinitum extensions were giving people an incentive not to work. Admittedly, the Obama economy is producing mainly low-wage part-time work which makes collecting unemployment an acceptable alternative. For their part, the GOP also argued that adding to the deficit to extend jobless benefits was not a good use of taxpayer funds.

Democrats countered that the GOP was mean-spirited and seeking to punish those who were the innocent victims of Wall Street greed. In the end, the measure was so contentious that it was left out of budget agreements worked out by Harry Reid and John Boehner. Now, a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which can be seen in Bloomberg Businessweek, indicates that it was the loss of benefits that compelled millions of workers to re-enter the labor force. Last year there were 1.8 million jobs created as a direct result of the expiration of jobless benefits, which was good news to business owners like Zeca Oliveira. Put another way, 60% of the 3 million jobs President Obama boasted creating in 2014 during his recent State of the Union address were due to the GOP’s insistence on allowing jobless benefits to expire. The news is certain to be picked up by GOP presidential hopefuls as part of the party’s 2016 economic platform.


GOP Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky continued his outreach to African-American voters on Monday with an op-ed published in Time magazine. The first-term senator with strong libertarian leanings has embarked on an ambitious agenda to court the African-American vote. Under the leadership of RNC chairman Reince Priebus, the party has been making tangible efforts to reach out to minorities. In a similar vein, Rand Paul has taken the issue seriously. In fact, he has reached out to Democrats to work together on issues of importance to Africa-Americans such as prison reform.

Over the past year, Sen. Paul has addressed largely black audiences in Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit. He also visited Ferguson, Missouri. As for this op-ed piece, Sen. Paul expressed his dismay over the “two Americas” where some people live the American dream and others do not. It was rhetoric he borrowed from a speech by Dr. King. He went to exhort the GOP and most Americans that while the American dream may be real for them, they must be mindful of the people for whom that dream is not real. He was careful not to impugn law enforcement officers. Rather, he attributed the current racial uneasiness to laws and political leaders that put officers in the position to apply the law with excessive force. He cited the recent incident with Eric Garner where officers were sent to get physical with him over selling cigarettes on the black market which the senator said was uncalled for. More can be read on Wikipedia about Sen. Paul
‘s plan for addressing audiences around the country. As for focusing on voters, like Dr. Rod Rohrich, Sen. Paul has been making rounds to every major city as to not disenfranchise other voters.

Political pundits have begun to wonder aloud if the rise of Jeb Bush and the sudden news that Mitt Romney may seek the GOP nomination once more may crowd out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from running. Pundits point out that the GOP’s donor base, like the Democrat party’s donors, is a zero-sum game. Bush, Romney, and Christie all know the same donors and securing the support of one big donor will likely deny their opponents access to their cash. Given that both Bush and Romney are looking to ensconce themselves as the establishment Republican who locks up the donor base, it is a legitimate question about what is left over for Christie.

For starters, the New Jersey governor is not beloved among conservatives. He’s been far too moderate to woo them with the type of red meat they want in a nominee, but that is also true of Bush and Romney. At the same time, Christie’s affinity for Obama especially during the last month of the 2012 election coupled with arms distance weak support of Romney put off many conservatives. The question of whether Christie may run at all is being raised by some.

The Christie camp denies his plans have changed. They claim the governor has his agenda and action plan in place. Neither Bush nor Romney nor any other concern has compelled him to rethink his presidential ambitions much less alter them. Regardless of the rhetoric, the next month will be pivotal as prospective candidates seek to secure donor support before announcing their campaigns. For more information be sure to read this article on Crunchbase written by Lee Lovett.