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After a long pause from the stock market, Economic agitator and Money Mogul Billionaire, George Soros has begun to trade in Gold Stocks. The impending economic collapse of the European Union and other world economies is said to be the motivation behind this maneuver by the money titan. He has been coined as a person who instigates money problems in large proportion in various economies for his own fortune building. If this is possible, George Soros has been described as a promoter of chaos. He has lead the agitation machine, Move On Dot Org as he funds other groups such as Black Lives Matter into disrupting the status quo in the United States. George Soros is the real life Victor Newman of the Young and The Restless, who pays for various subjects and groups to set up scenarios that will make things happen. He works to manipulate economies that he wishes to destabilize for his plans to enrich his monetary empire.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The United States economy has proven to be very resilient as long as Capitalism can survive. If his choice of liberal politicians stay in power in the United States, rather than Constitutionalists such as Ted Cruz and even the rather phony Donald Trump, he will be able to continue to set up a chaotic destabilization of the United States economy. As long as the US Dollar is printed in vast quantities with the method of Quantitative Easing of the Dollar by the United States Treasury, he will likely find a chaotic condition in the world economy as the US Dollar heads toward massive deflation and then inflation and ultimately collapse. China is also buckling under the pressure of the monetary manipulations that have taken place due to the diabolical plans that Soros has set in motion by backing various candidates such as Obama, a socialist in disguise for the majority of American people who fell into a illusory trap by electing the first Black President. Visit opensocietyfoundations.org to know more about George Soros

Soros’ plans can continue to bear fruit as a grassroots effort by the American People to elect Ted Cruz, a Constitutionalist and Capitalist who would have turned the ship around in America to save its flagging economy and also the world economy in the process appears to have been stopped. However, the Trump phenomenon has gotten in the way of those hopes and dreams or has it? There is still a last ditch effort to Dump Trump and put a ‘good’ choice in place for the 60 percent of American People who will not vote for Hillary or Trump and will elect a good candidate to cloud the hopes of the Soros money mogul. If there is not another socialist in place, such as Hillary, by moves to either position Trump as a potential failed candidate on the side of the Republicans, in turn ensuring the election of the next Obama, Hillary, the first woman president, his desires for the manifestation of a destabilized global economy may be derailed or never fructify in his lifetime. But all looks on track as Hillary moves closer to the White House, with Trump, the presumptive nominee, ensuring more malaise in America and good fortunes for Soros.

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Gold is a very lucrative business. Gold ownership in the United States is most handled by the U.S. Money Reserve, a private firm that is contracted by the government. The president of the U.S. Money Reserve Philip Diehl was invited to Enterprise Radio by host Eric Dye to offer his professional insight about the gold market and its ownership in the country.

During your the interview, Philip Diehl took his time to explain in depth about the gold market and ownership of gold coins issued by the government. According to Philip Diehl, the gold investment is the safest and the best investment choice available on the market at the moment. Philip Diehl advises investors looking for a place to invest their money to seriously consider investing in government issued gold coins.

Gold has been used since the beginning of time as a form of a store of wealth and medium of exchange. Gold has managed to survive the test if time and remain stable in through the centuries. Today gold is the most valuable metal on earth, and its demand is always rising in relatively opposite to its supply which keeps reducing day by day.

The current global economy is very unstable. Economic global crisis are now a common occurrence and currency devaluation is facing one country after another. The interest rates of banks for money deposited is not also stable, day after day these rates are either shifting upwards or downwards. Thus, if you are an investor with your money in the bank, you are no sure if your investment is safe or you will be day wake up to find your money investment worthless.

On the contrary, a gold investment will always preserve its worth no matter the economic situation prevalent in the market. Philip Diehl asks of investors to be wise when considering investment options and not only see about the present situation but also future in terms of harsh economic times.

The U.S. Money Reserve is a private firm that has been contracted by the government to issue its gold, silver and platinum coins to the American market. Currently, this firm is the biggest distributor of government issued precious metal investment products.
Philip Diehl, the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, is a very successful business manager. He has taken the U.S. Money to new heights with his new products that have a high market appeal. In his tenure as the president of this firm, he has posted some of the biggest sales in the history of the country’s economy.

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Something that most people should be thinking about these holidays is, what if I didn’t have this nice family meal on my table, what if I couldn’t afford it? This is the trouble of many of the people of the world. This is why the U.S. Money Reserve and CrowdRise are helping out in the bank for food in the area of the capital this year while they raise money to put the meal in family meal for the hungry. They are reaching out to everyone they know to give back just a little bit of what they have so that the families in need can get what they need these holidays by donating to the cause. Anyone who lives in the Central Texas Area is being asked to give a little, or a lot, to the cause. The Food Bank of the capital in the area shows amazing effort year round to donating to the poor and hungry when they need it the most. In fact, The bank of the area of the capitol that gives out food has worked with many of the different available agencies that are around in 21 counties all throughout Texas. Just this past year, they were able to bring in donations of over the amount of 31 million pounds in food donated by some very generous people.
CrowdRise has been helping people raise money for years and they have done a great job at doing it! They have been rated very highly by everyone, from Mashable and Forbes that spoke out about how the best online fund-raising website around was Crowdrise, to Will Ferrell. They are very well known, and for a go reason, even Seth Rogan, Sophia Bush and Will Ferrell have helped them out. Now they are asking for your help to raise the bar of that 31 million pounds, so dig deep within yourself and find a way to reach out to everyone you know.
The best money reserve around that you will be able to find is a very remarkable place, it was founded by a group of people who were gold market veterans. They wanted nothing more than to be able to provide a way for people to get great customer service, knowledge that is greatly needed all throughout in the market and trustworthy guidance, the things needed the most when handling precious medals, and they succeeded!
To this day, the United States money reserve in America still provides the greatest metals of value to all of their customers. Their clients have seen great improvement in their lives from using the knowledge they gained from the U.S. Money Reserve, and many of their clients have prospered greatly!