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Spring has Sprung! It is finally that time of year again, and with it comes the annual task of spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is just the thing to breathe life back into your home, and spring cleaning is said to even have amazing psychological benefits for both you and your family. Only if you can find the time, right? There never seems to be enough time in today’s busy and demanding world. Luckily, technology has been created to make the demanding day-to-day life a little less hectic by bringing customers online and mobile applications that can deliver almost anything one might need. From groceries to a handyman, consumers can shop and purchase directly from their smart phones.

Handy Home Cleaning Services has expanded on that idea, and launched an online service that allows consumers to order and purchase cleaning services! Yes, they will send professionals over to take care of that long list of spring cleaning chores! In 60 seconds you can schedule a cleaning service with one of Handy’s experienced cleaning professionals, and Handy guarantees your home will be serviced by a friendly and back-ground checked professional. Handy Home Cleaning Services even offer customers a 100% money back guarantee if customer satisfaction is not met by their cleaning professional. Handy makes the online ordering process even easier by offering customers an downloadable smart phone app that allows customers to book appointments, manage scheduling requests, and even pay for the services! Spring cleaning is done in less than 60 seconds with just the click of a button. Download the Handy Home Cleaning Services app today, and breathe a sign of relief when your spring cleaning is complete!

There is a growing dilemma for middle-class investors in America. With the ever-changing financial markets, as well as a great deal of investor uncertainty, where does the middle-class put their hard-earned money? The question is a legitimate one considering the value of the dollar decreasing, and other aspects of the American economy making it more difficult to find truly profitable investments. With financial uncertainty constantly around the corner, where can investors safely put their finances?

The dilemma has not gone unnoticed by the companies and individuals providing financial investments. Many more complex financial opportunities were usually relegated to a certain class of financial individual. It was understood that investors that were specifically defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission can only invest in any specified investment, and that individuals that were out of the specified financial range by the SEC could not. But certain investors have found loopholes in those particular requirements, and now are offering those more sophisticated investment vehicles to middle-class investors.

Forefront Capital, an investment firm run by CEO Brad Reifler has created a series of investment opportunities for middle-class investors looking to take advantage of the distinct opportunities investing in upper-class opportunities has. With these new plans, investors can put in as little as $2500, and yet still receive the same sort of investment opportunities that more upscale investors have been afforded over the years. This is a breakthrough for those wanting to finally get onto the ground floor of the types of opportunities that larger investors and corporate interests have been privy to.

Reifler currently operates both Forefront Capital and Sino Mercury Company, and currently works for his own firm, Reifler Trading, as well as Refco. With his unique background and experience, he has discovered through the various laws and regulations of the SEC excellent opportunities for a new class of investment for individuals to partake in. These various investment opportunities offer low risk, high yield investment opportunities for would-be investors.

While the opportunities for regular people to invest in complex financial interest are on the wane, other brokerage houses and firms see it as opportunity to service investors and opportunities that up until now were not afforded to them. Reifler and Forefront Capital’s offerings give ordinary investors a chance to invest in stable financial products that have the potential for years of higher yields and returns.

Highland Capital Management is one of the world’s most experienced credit management firms. The company was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1990. The company was established through a joint venture that was with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The venture included specialization on management of senior secured bank loans and fixed income markets. Just three short years later in 1993, the venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation changed and evolved into a company called PAMCO. PAMCO is short for Protective Asset Management Company. With this change the founding partners now shared 40% of the profit from all sources.

The Company Merges Yet Again
In 1997, the company changed from PAMCO to the Ranger Asset Manamagent and just one year later it finally changed once and for all to a title familiar around the globe today. This time the change was to Highland Capital Management. The year 2000 was a big year for the company. It was this year that they first established an alternative investment platform. It was also the same year that the company launched it’s very first ever, commingled bank loan fund. In 2004 expansions continued and Highland entered into the mutual fund realm of opportunities.

President and CoFounder Brings Alot to the Company
James Dondero is the president and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Prior to co-founding this company James worked with Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. James is the chairman of the board for NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. James currently resides in the state of Texas where he is able to oversee investment strategies for the institutional and retail products offered through Highland Capital Management. James is also one of the pioneers of the CLO. The CLO is also known as the Collateralized Loan Obligation. James has received several awards throughout his time with Highland as well as before. He has received the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opps, the Morningstar 5-star designation for awards as well as the Healthcare Long/Short equity fund through Morningstar. James obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in 1984. Jame’s dedication shows through everything he is involved with and that shows a lot about a person.

United States Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, announced that the U.S. Dollar bill will feature a woman on the face of the bill. This is the first time that a woman would be featured on the face of United States currency. Woman to Be Featured On the Face of $10 Bill The $10 Note will be introduced into the U.S. currency system in 2020. The Treasury Department will receive comment as to who should be represented on the face of the $10 note and what criteria should be used to select that person. Lew will announce who the $10 will honor before the end of this year. The release of the new note in 2020 would mark the 100 year anniversary of women in the United States receiving the right to vote. The move by the White House has been expected as many had lobbied for the $20 bill to be replaced with a woman. Many note that while Andrew Jackson was a great American, he was responsible for the massive relocation of eastern indians to the west, which is now known as the trail of tears. Many native American do not do business with $20 bills in light of this fact.

According to Wikipedia, some of the names of potential woman to adorn the $10 bill are Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt. The United States is one of the few countries that does not have a woman on its paper currency.

Iranian President Has Nuclear Deal Doubts

The nuclear deal between the United States and Iran has been a hugely controversial subject as of late. Even more controversial is the viewpoint from Iran’s government on the situation.

Iranian President and Supreme Leader Hassan Rouhani has stated that unless every economic against his country was revoked immediately when the deal is finished, he would not sign any type of nuclear deal with the U.S. or any other world powers. This comes after conferences with other world leaders in Switzerland ended last week, hoping to end the halting of allowing Iran to produce its own nuclear material.

Adding to the doubt for a nuclear deal is Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is thoroughly unsure that a deal will be made at all. Khamenei is neutral as far as reaching a nuclear deal but said that anything is better than a deal that doesn’t help out Iran. It’s something Bernardo Chua will be paying a lot of attention to.

Having doubts about getting a nuclear deal is not the only story involving Iran. President Rouhani also the criticized air strikes led by Saudi Arabia against the Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen, saying it was a mistake. Only two weeks ago Saudi Arabia, along with several other Persian Gulf nations led military air strikes in Yemen, which has been in such a state of chaos that even Yemeni president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was forced to flee the country.

President Obama claims he does not accept the GOP mandate from the midterm elections because it was not a true reflection of the majority of eligible voters. Had his party won the election with the same voter turnout, he would have heartily accepted the outcome. He also claimed it was improper for Israeli chancellor Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of congress because it was too close to an Israeli election. The president affirmed that the address constituted meddling in Israel’s internal affairs. President Obama cited long-standing US protocol against a state visit close to an election from Marc Sparks.

Now, that the Israeli election is over, which saw Netanyahu’s Likud party win a stunning and decisive victory, the president has refused to follow protocol and congratulate the prime minister. The victory marks Netanyahu’s third straight term as prime minister. Nor does it appear that President Obama will accept the mandate from the Israeli people to eschew the two-nation solution with Palestine. Reports are the Obama administration is considering a UN resolution to call upon Israel to engage in talks to establish a two-state solution. If the president goes forward with this approach, he will be the first president to expose Israel to the whims of the United Nations, which body is not noted for its support of Israel. All prior US presidents shielded Israel from such resolutions as part of the alliance between the two nations spanning generations. However, Obama and Netanyahu cannot come to terms on the two-state solution any more than they can agree on how to deal with Iran.


On the East Coast, consumers have not yet felt any impact from the California drought which has reached epic proportions this year.

Susan McGalla pointed out that on the other hand, Californians have felt the pinch. They have also experienced an emotional toll in the form of California Water Anxiety Syndrome after learning last week from Jay Famiglietti, the senior water scientist working at NASA, that there is a very real possibility that the state will run out of reservoir water in 2016 and that the backup groundwater is not enough to support the state’s needs.

Some might argue that Famiglietti’s warnings are too dire, but the truth is that people living and working in CA are seeing the drought every day in front of them in the form of a shorter, less wet winters, shrinking natural lakes and increasing water conservation advisories.

Mark Morford for SFGate is not helping to allay fears either. He mentioned the theory that The Nazca of Peru created the Nazca Lines as appeals to the gods to save them from drought. As Morford noted, the anxiety experienced by Californians over the future loss of water may have been the same experienced by The Nazca who likely died from drought conditions.

Some argue that pieces like Faiglietti’s and Morford’s, and increasing CWAS, are necessary if anyone is going to survive what is coming without moving to a different part of the country.


Washington, D.C. – In what may be a telling sign that President Obama is thin-skinned, he will snub Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he arrives in the nation’s capital in March. It is well-known that Obama and Netanyahu dislike one another. At the same time, the conservative leader of the Middle East’s oldest democracy shares a close relationship with the House GOP. This is much the same as it was in the early 1990s when President Clinton and Prime Minister Netanyahu openly disliked one another, and the Israeli leader shared close ties with the newly elected GOP majority under Newt Gingrich.

Netanyahu accepted an invitation by House Speaker John Boehner to address the chamber on the threat Iran poses with their nuclear ambitions. His view will be in stark opposition to the rosy-colored assessment President Obama has of the current negotiations. It has been thought that the president would reach out to our long standing ally and issue him a formal invitation to the White House. Now, it has been announced that the president will snub Netanyahu much the same as he believes the prime minister snubbed him by accepting the GOP’s invitation. For his part, President Obama says that the US has a long-standing policy not to invite heads of state that are in an election cycle. However, that “long-standing” rule was not applied when the president invited British Prime Minister James Cameron to the White House. The visit game the prime minister, who is also in an election cycle, got a boost in the polls following the state visit. This news of international partisianship is always welcome to researchers of the subject like Bernardo Chua, who recently stated the importance of US International interest.

Back in 2012, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus allowed the party to hold 20 primary debates. Whatever the rationale was for so many dates, the end result was the candidates grew weary of haggling over the issues. In fact, the debates tended to digress into intra-party squabbles which largely did not benefit the party in terms of promoting unity. This time around, Priebus wants to avoid a protracted primary fight. The hope for Igor Cornelsen is that the establishment candidate can lock up the primary early and advance to the much larger task of facing the Hillary Clinton juggernaut.

For this reason, the RNC will hold nine debates, but holds out an option for three additional ones if the situation calls for it. The first debate will kick off at the auditorium of the Reagan National Library on September 16. The move has been met with satisfaction from former first lady Nancy Reagan. CNN will be hosting three of the debates including the first one. CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker explained that the venue was chosen out of deference to the high esteem Republicans have for Reagan. The last debate CNN will host is in March which is about the time of the Super Tuesday primary which traditionally puts up enough delegates that can allow a possible front runner to lock up the nomination. Democrats have yet to announce the number of primary debates they will hold, but Hillary Clinton is expected to sail through virtually unopposed.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, is in France seeking to make public appearances aimed at smoothing over criticism the Obama administration snubbed the Paris Unity rally on Sunday. The rally was attended by 1.5 million people and key representatives from 40 nations including heads of state from Israel, Great Britain, Germany, France, and the leader of the Palestinian Authority. President Obama did not attend the event much less send anyone of significance to attend it in his place. It quickly became apparent that the hastily organized rally became a historic event which only further underscored indifference on the part of the president whose schedule was wide open that day.

On Friday, Kerry met with French President François Hollande to express the profound solidarity that Americans feel with the French. Many Americans, like Ben Shaoul, were appalled by the Charlie Hebdo attacks and are happy to see a diplomatic response.  Kerry also visited the Hyper Cacher kosher market which was one of the areas hit by the terrorists last week. He placed a wreath at the memorial shrine. Afterwards, he traveled to the Charlie Hedbo memorial and placed a wreath there. The satirical weekly was the direct target of the terrorist who were displeased over the magazine’s caricatures of Mohammad. In the past, President Obama criticized Charlie Hedbo rather than defend their right of free speech and free press. Kerry also met with Joel Mergui who heads the nation’s Rabbinical Council. Despite the professions of solidarity, the Obama administration still cannot invoke the term “Islamic terrorism” in their description of the Paris attacks.