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Category: General Practitioner

Category: General Practitioner

Good personal health is a basic requirement for all human beings. However, a large part of the world’s population gives little or no attention to their health until it is too late. Diseases associated with the heart are fatal and when not spotted in their early stages can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, only a few people have the motivation of visiting a cardiologist for a periodic checkup. It is not until their hearts are racing hysterically or is experiencing a sharp gnawing pain in their chests that they rush for medical care.

A cardiologist is a medical practitioner who focuses on diagnostic and treatment of the heart and the diseases affecting blood vessels. Simply put, this is a specialist in the cardiovascular system. However, the field is quite broad and it involves specialists like pediatric and clinical cardiologists. Luckily, New York City is graced with a good number of these experts.

Clinical cardiologists specialize in adult cardiology and are tasked with the duty of diagnosing and treating heart problems in adults. On the other hand, pediatric cardiologists treat cardiovascular diseases in children. Despite being in the same line of study, these two categories of medical professionals take different training directions.

In general, a cardiologists’ scope of work is quite extensive, and it is in their line of work to perform cardiac electrophysiology, echocardiography, interventional cardiology, and nuclear cardiology. Moreover, it still is also in their job description to insert stents and pacemakers in the heart.

Cardiology visits are beneficial to anyone dealing with a heart condition. For starters, the cardiologist is bound to evaluate your symptoms and medical history as a basis for more advanced tests for definite diagnosis. Once analyzed, the specialist can opt to put you under medication or any other treatment option if the condition is manageable. If not, then the cardiologist can refer you to a cardiovascular surgeon but still under his watchful eye.

It is important to note that cardiologist visits are not entirely for those with heart conditions. These medical experts in NYC recommend that people from all walks of life should schedule an appointment for examination regularly in order to maintain excellent cardiovascular health. They assist you to discover the risk factors instigating heart disease and go the extra mile to present you with measures to undertake for better health.

Dr. Edward Honig is a leading specialist in this field. He is a specialist in Internal Medicine practicing as the Managing Director of Cardiology at Glen Cove Hospital, NYC. He is a licensed physician by the New York State Medical License Board. He attended his higher education at Duke University Medical School.

Dr. Edward Honig is rated as one of the best cardiologists in NY. In the coveted list of heart specialists in the institution, he is recognized as the finest of the lot with a 93% experience match. His medical practice history is clean with no issues of malpractice, sanctions, or board actions, which has led to the awarding with the Healthgrades Honor Roll.

Even though he is not a public figure, Dr. Honig reputation has traveled far and wide. People who have had an encounter with him sing his praises. Hence, if you are an NYC resident, do not hesitate to visit the state’s finest, Dr. Honig, for better heart health.