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Category: Forex Trader

Category: Forex Trader

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of the financial services firm known as JCL Capital. He has also founded many other companies in both the financial services industry and the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey was a man that grew up in the New York Area. He was competitive as a child growing up, and he played a lot of sports growing up. The sports that he played the most were tennis and ice hockey. As a competitive person, Jordan Lindsey was interested in becoming a business owner and an entrepreneur. The goal of Jordan Lindsey has always been to build some thing that is bigger than himself. He believed that the way to accomplish this goal was to create companies that could provide services to people around the world in such a way that it would revolutionize our economy.

When Jordan Lindsey first arrived in San Francisco, California, he immediately felt a strong connection to the area, the people in it, and the culture. People always shared ideas in San Francisco, and that is what made the San Francisco area attractive to Jordan Lindsey. They also frequently encouraged one another to start businesses or to pursue the arts and creative domains in San Francisco and that positive energy really inspired Jordan Lindsey. After heading back to New York, Jordan Lindsey would move to San Francisco several months later.

Today, Jordan Lindsey is an experienced trader in the algo trading industry. He has also taught himself to become a computer programmer. Jordan Lindsey met his wife in Bosnia, and they had three daughters together. He studied at St. Joseph’s College, and also at the Mount Angel Seminary.

Jordan Lindsey has created a new algorithm that will allow him to trade on the Forex markets, which are some of the largest markets in the world, along with creating his own cryptocurrency.


Jordan Lindsey is the current founder of JCL Capital located near the San Francisco Bay area in California. JCL Capital is an educational training program led by Jordan Lindsey to help people understand the complicated ins and outs of the current forex trading system. His mentoring program positively supports over 100 traders from all over the world learning how to be in his shoes. Jordan is also always available to help his partners throughout his mentoring program and to make sure everyone has a clear understanding before moving on to the next step.

Before Jordan Lindsey started this organization, he studied and graduated from Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph College. In addition to his academic studies, Lindsey also began teaching himself technical computer programming skills and design architecture skills. Jordan Lindsey was also the very first founder of the Bitcoin Growth Bot with 100% of the very first cryptocurrencies in the world. From all of his incredible years of experience, Jordan has gained expert skills in:


  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Foreign Exchange
  • FX Trading
  • Equity Trading
  • Financial Markets
  • Investment Banking
  • Technical Analysis Systems
  • Online Trading Systems
  • Assets Management
  • Portfolio Management

and plenty more!

He is also an active member on YouTube by regularly posting videos on how to get started and the basics for everything you need to know on starting to trade. Many of these informative teachings and videos show how to manage your money, developmental skills and how to prevent major risks while trading. Along with all of his hard work, Jordan also spends some of his time giving back to charity and helping others. He values the importance of life and how giving back can slowly make the world a better place. With his current growing business, and upcoming plans to start his own charity, Jordan Lindsey was born to be a successful entrepreneur. A lot of his great ideas are just waiting to be turned into reality! He is extremely passionate about life, work and his family!



Greg Secker is among the leading Forex traders in the world. Over the year he has been able to build a vast business empire. The Greg Secker Foundation, whose main objective is to improve the welfare of humanity around the world, is one of his latest ventures. Through the foundation, Greg promotes life skills and education. Greg got his breakthrough while working for Thomas Cook Financial Services, and this marked the beginning of his venture into the Forex trading business. He always recommends Forex for those individuals that want to earn about trading. In order to be a successful Forex trader, Greg advises that one must begin by learning how to effectively manage risk and then get familiar with fundamental Forex indicators. Forex trading appears to be a very complex venture, but one can still make good profits with the right skills and determination.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a London-based international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and master trader. The proud father was born 42 years ago, and his expertise in Forex trading has made him known globally. He studied at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. Greg created the Knowledge to Action Group after leaving Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg’s other companies that include Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and the Greg Secker Foundation fall under the Knowledge to Action Group. These organizations’ mission is to improve the lives of people by helping them to become excellent traders.

Apart from being a successful businessman, Greg is also involved in philanthropic work. His charitable works have been recognized in the UK. The Knowledge to Action Group has received many awards and recognition in recent years including being ranked among the top 50 companies of choice by Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Award in 2010 and the London Excellence Award in 2009. Greg owns an online Forex trading platform known as VDT. His experience includes working with some of the best Forex traders in the world while working for Fortune 500 investment bank in the United. His exposure to the international trading floor enabled him to discover new trading strategies.