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Although Cassio Audi’s current career is in finance, he is well known for his rock and pop music from the 80’s and 90’s. However, his music career began far before this. In fact, Audi began his music career early on as a drummer. Being from Brazil, a country known for samba and other dance genres of music, Audi took a very different approach to his musical style. He made his claim to fame through playing heavy metal music. In fact, he was incredibly instrumental in the formation of the popular musical band, Viper.

Metal music began to arise in the 1960’s, and the backbone to metal music was the drummer.The drummer was paramount in creating the aggressive musical style that metal is known for. Metal was different than any musical genre to date for the innovative drum style. Cassio Audi was one of the founding fathers of this style of drumming along with Jean Dolabella and Ivan Busic. In fact, Audi is regarded as a musical hero to many metal drummers today.When Audi started playing for Viper, he was only a teenager. The rest of the band were some of the most talented musicians in the heavy metal industry.

Being around this caliber of musicians helped Audi grow and soar into the drummer he would ultimately become. Even though he joined in 1980, it wasn’t until he wrote and recorded the drum parts to Viper’s first hit album, “Soldiers of Sunrise,” which was released in 1987. One lesser known fact about this album was that Audi actually composed an entire song on this album.Now Audi works in the marketplace in finances. He left Viper to go to the university and moved into the corporate world. Although a lot of people would know him now as a financial leader, his early life as a musician will never be forgotten.

David has extensive experience in the area of financial services. He served as the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors and has the expertise of over three decades in the industry. He recently pointed out a sad truth stating that most of the retirees in the American population had not saved enough money to see them through their retirement. David has had first-hand experience with such cases and points out that living through retirement could be a financial nightmare for most. He also added that those who had reached the age of retirement were also pulling out their Social Security benefits way too early.

In such a situation the total amount that the government is required to pay out through the Social Security program is reduced significantly. It might be easier to save up for a retirement plan at an early age, but the task becomes quite hectic when one is just a few years from retirement. David Giertz gave some insights about how one would go about the roadmap for their retirement plan. He first adviced that one should always take into consideration the Roth IRAs limits. Roth IRAs are individual retirement accounts that are run by the government and supported by the employer. An individual contributes to the account yearly until an absolute limit is reached then the individual cannot participate further. The limits of the contribution vary depending on how one files their tax returns. He also added that people should also take note of the 401(k) contribution.

This is a type of savings account that is backed by the United States government and employers aid with contributions on a dollar to dollar basis. Also, he particularly emphasized that those in the age of retirement should not take for granted The Saver’s Credit. Taxpayers who were backed by the retirement savings accounts are not legible to deduct their contributions made to IRA from the gross income that is adjustable for that year. Finally, David Giertz talked about the health saving accounts and their limits for contribution. He stated that the funds could be spent without penalties once one attained the age of 65-a useful fact about this type of account.

Southridge Capital is a company which is known for establishing partnerships with other firms, having the sole purpose of creating new opportunities between the two. The company is focusing on investments and holdings, and they have been involved in a lot of direct investments. The company is also providing advices to small time businesspeople on how they could become successful in the industry. Southridge Capital produces billions of dollars in a single year, and they are known in the industry as one of those companies who has the ability to grow tremendously in just a short period of time. These past few years, the revenue posted by the company is also increasing, thanks to a unique and dynamic approach that the executives are applying.

Southridge Capital believes that they should also protect their information, especially against the hackers. To combat these unnecessary hackings, the Southridge Capital has invited several experts in the field of information technology and asked them for help on how to deter information thieves. They forged partnerships with tech companies like the The Elite Data Services, and through this partnership, they receive additional assistance on how to protect their data. You can visit releasefact.com to see more.

Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital’s chairman and CEO, announced that the company had been in an equity purchase agreement with the Elite Data Services. The Dallas-based tech company will become an official partner of Southridge Capital, and he believes that the partnership will bring in a lot of opportunities for both parties. He also stated that investing in tech companies is necessary in this age because of the benefits that accompanies partnerships like this. As a token of gratitude, the Elite Data Services promised that they will be developing software and application exclusively for Southridge Capital that would help them grow further. The Elite Data Services is one of the largest tech companies in Texas, and their products are being used by companies to market their products. Recently, the company has been making partnerships with different businesses, and they are using their resources to protect their interests, just like how they offered their help to Southridge Capital.

Reference: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538

In 16 years, Equities First Holdings UK (EFH UK) has become a world leader in finance. There are not many companies who has a performance record like EFH UK. The companies are not offering stock-based loans, and they are not thriving like the EFH UK. The stock-based loans in a major revenue generator for EFH UK. People attempt to get the stock-based loans, because the loan’s approval rate is better than loan used in a traditional lending institution, and more information click here.

EFH UK is popular because the people do not have to specify a reason to make an application for the loan. Loan can be used for anything. No purpose required to apply is a quality that is beneficial to most applicants. EFH UK has clientele consists of people who fail to get approve for loans at traditional banks. EFH UK will continue to lead by producing a reliable product that everyone tends to trust.

More Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equity_Group_Holdings_Limited

Jordan Lindsey is the current founder of JCL Capital located near the San Francisco Bay area in California. JCL Capital is an educational training program led by Jordan Lindsey to help people understand the complicated ins and outs of the current forex trading system. His mentoring program positively supports over 100 traders from all over the world learning how to be in his shoes. Jordan is also always available to help his partners throughout his mentoring program and to make sure everyone has a clear understanding before moving on to the next step.

Before Jordan Lindsey started this organization, he studied and graduated from Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph College. In addition to his academic studies, Lindsey also began teaching himself technical computer programming skills and design architecture skills. Jordan Lindsey was also the very first founder of the Bitcoin Growth Bot with 100% of the very first cryptocurrencies in the world. From all of his incredible years of experience, Jordan has gained expert skills in:


  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Foreign Exchange
  • FX Trading
  • Equity Trading
  • Financial Markets
  • Investment Banking
  • Technical Analysis Systems
  • Online Trading Systems
  • Assets Management
  • Portfolio Management

and plenty more!

He is also an active member on YouTube by regularly posting videos on how to get started and the basics for everything you need to know on starting to trade. Many of these informative teachings and videos show how to manage your money, developmental skills and how to prevent major risks while trading. Along with all of his hard work, Jordan also spends some of his time giving back to charity and helping others. He values the importance of life and how giving back can slowly make the world a better place. With his current growing business, and upcoming plans to start his own charity, Jordan Lindsey was born to be a successful entrepreneur. A lot of his great ideas are just waiting to be turned into reality! He is extremely passionate about life, work and his family!



Agora Financial has been helping people for many years by providing relevant information about financial matters.They publish materials such as international conferences, e-books, print books, films and commentary on economics. AGORA Financial offers over twenty free publications as well as paid publications. With these publications, the market commentary they provide is honest and trustworthy. These publications are designed to aid people interested in diverse areas of the financial market.AGORA assists people in finding companies to invest and help them to generate financial success by showing the secrets ways of achieving financial success. They teach you how to protect your money so when the economy crashes, you will not suffer financial loss. Their employees spend most of their time traveling to places such as South Africa, Mongolia, to get the most updated financial information.

AGORA spends over one million dollars each year in research and cost of travel to find not yet discovered financial information to help clients invest their money. It is important that AGORA finds these opportunities before they become known to the mainstream financial companies.According to AGORA Financial, the big companies are not necessarily the best place to invest your money. By the time the financial information about these companies become known to everyone, investing in them becomes very expensive, and early investors have made their investments. The ideas outside the general financial avenue not known by everyone, these are the ones that pay off when you invest in them.

AGORA Financial help you to find these investment ideas before those in the mainstream finds them. This allows their investors to find them and buy them cheaply. Their team members are made up of professionals trained in many areas and have themselves made millions in the financial market.The news on the financial market can be trusted. AGORA Financial conduct seminars on financial issues, providing information on wealth building to thousands of satisfied clients.The editors at AGORA Financial do not accept payments from investors or companies when they offer financial coverage. In this way, they are able to give information that is unbiased. Because of the unbiased, independent, honest, individualistic, financial projection given by the editors at AGORA Financial, they have been identified by many media organizations such as Fox Business News, CNBC, News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News, Reuters Bloomberg, Financial Times, Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Economist, and CNB.

Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management issued a statement explaining why he was taking a short position on the stock of Eastman Kodak Company in his hedge fund. Recently Kodak had announced that they were going to release an online photo platform they called KODAKOne. They are also doing an initial coin offering tied to KODAKOne called KODAKCoin. Not one to mince words, Sahm Adrangi said that KODAKOne and KODAKCoin are critically flawed and foolish endeavors that will never deliver one iota of value to investors. He sees their stock collapsing as more investors see this for themselves, thus his short of the Kodak stock. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

As a professional investor who does his research, Sahm Adrangi says that the new partners of Kodak come from very dubious backgrounds. WENN Digital Inc., which serves as Kodak’s lead developer and strategic advisor, have very poor reputations. Another thing that alarmed Sahm Adrangi was that just the day before this announcement the board of directors at Kodak granted themselves restricted stock. He thinks the SEC should investigate them because that sounds very much like insider trading.

Visit: www.businessinsider.com/meet-hedge-funder-sahm-adrangi-2013-10

Sahm Adrangi added that Kodak has been on a slide for years as they become increasingly irrelevant. The company has had declining revenue for a long time coupled with negative cash flow. He also points to their risk of defaulting on their debt due to these issues. He sees these new developments at Kodak to be little more than trying to throw up a smoke screen to hide the very real problems at the core of this company.

After Sahm Adrangi announced his short position he held a conference call that any investor could listen to by dialing the phone number of his company. He explained his position during this conference call and outlined all of the issues that Kodak is presently facing.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, is a New York-based investment firm that Sahm Adrangi founded about 10 years ago. He often shorts the stock of companies but he also invests his hedge fund in what he sees are long-term value investments. He also specializes in event-driven special situations, such as Kodak’s latest endeavor. Read more at nymag.com about Sahm Adrangi.

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi, recently shorted another biotech company’s stock. With a history of predicting failure with his investments, things do not look good for Prothena’s amyloidosis drug that Adrangi indicates has absolutely no chance of being a success. His argument is that the “success” that has been shown in trials is actually just random variance that would happen with or without the presence of the drug. Sahm Adrangi has predicted the failure of a cancer vaccine previously among other biotech disasters.

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital in 2009 with just around a million dollars to invest initially. While the company itself invests in a wide variety of different stocks, Sahm Adrangi focuses on biotech, mining, and telecommunications. In 2014 he exposed problems within Globalstar’s planned TLPS. He presented his research by filing and meeting with the FCC as well as a webcast and live presentation.

After graduating from Yale with a bachelors in Economics, thirty two year old Sahm Adrangi was hired as an analyst Deutsche Bank. After Deutsche he went to Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. The hedge fund investor specialized in bankruptcy and distressed debt.

Adrangi’s presence on social media is as interesting as his choice in hedge fund investments. The outspoken activist investor has no qualms calling out those with whom he disagrees. Only in his thirties, Adrangi has accomplished a great deal for anyone; especially someone his age. In 2011, Sahm made what he called “a couple million” by researching and shorting Chinese companies that were listed in the United States that he believed were fraudulent. His actions led to several companies having actions taken against them by the Securities and Exchange Commission; these companies included ChinaCast Education and China Education Alliance. Adrangi and his company Kerrisdale Capital want to make sure that the information that they uncover about these companies is accessible, to do this he shares what he finds on Twitter, Kerrisdale’s own website, and other investing sites.

Agora Financial is creating a whole new way for investors to look at the financial market. This is a company that has been able to help investors down through the years as they look for better opportunities to invest their money. This company has two consultants in place that can help people that are really interested in building a better portfolio based on financial information that they received through Agora.

People that are interested in knowing what the market is doing should consider what the experts from Agora have to provide. There are a plethora of different experts in place, and they have unbiased knowledge that can help people gain the financial independence that they seek.

When people are investing in stocks to build a nest egg that has the highest rate of return they are going to want to look at the possibilities that come with investment strategies. There are even free financial strategy reports like the “7 Ways to Begin Living Smarter” that can help investors turn their lives around.

It is good to have this type of information in life because so much is built on your ability to make the decisions in the moment. Investors that want to see their portfolio thrive must have confidence in the information that they acquire. It is going to be pertinent because it plays a big part in their investment success. Anyone that fails to acknowledge what it takes to build a better investment portfolio now will not be able to reap the benefits of maximized returns later.

Many people have beat themselves up over the investments that they could have made if they had only had knowledge of the financial literacy that would help them make investment decisions. Agora Financial is this financial literacy company that changes investor perspective.

Read More: www.linkedin.com/jobs/agora-financial-jobs-baltimore-md

A good number of Americans have gotten into the habit of living simple and inexpensive lives in order to save for their retirement. While many people manage to accumulate huge amounts of money by the time they retire, they are still unable to live happy and fulfilling lives because of their inability to break the habit of living frugally. But according to David Giertz, people need to spend their savings on more than just basic needs in order to really enjoy their retirement. This can be achieved through discipline in deciding how to spend one’s savings and budgeting wisely so that the savings can take them through their retirement years and even have enough left in case they would like to leave some for their heirs. Budgeting also gives one peace of mind as they can spend money without having to worry about exhausting their savings.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an expert financial consultant who has worked in the financial services industry for more than 3 decades. He is an alumnus of the University of Miami and Millikin University. He started out as a financial advisor at Citigroup before moving to Nationwide.

David worked with the Nationwide group for several years and held a number of leadership positions while there. He served as the president of the sales and distribution organization for about three years and the division grew tremendously under his leadership. His experience and expertise in the industry is simply unmatched.


Retirement should not be a gloomy experience where you just sit back and watch the days fly past. After living frugally for most of your adult life, it is a great time to reward yourself with a world tour or whatever else you have always fancied doing. By following David Giertz’s advice on retirement saving, you can have a very fulfilling life after retirement.