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Louis Chenevert is a famous Canadian businessman who was born in Montreal. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at the United Technologies Corporations. He went to one of the local Universities at Montreal where he attained his undergraduate production degree in business administration. He also went ahead to make sure that he gets ample knowledge to be successful in his career by going for father education where he went for his post-graduate degrees. Louis Chenevert has been in a position to work in a significant number of companies and with his hard work and determination; he has been able to contribute to the success stories of many companies where he worked in.

Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert Worked at the General Motors where he served as the production manager. After some years he joined the Pratt AND Whitney Canada where he was elected as the Vice President of operations. Due to his hard work and commitment in the company, he was elected as the president at the Pratt and Whitney where he served in this position for some years before joining the United Technologies Corporation.

He also worked as a CEO at the Multi Global Company, and this is where he got the idea of the United Technologies since he was able to observe and identify the gap that existed in the market, and he saw that technology as a big trend in the market could be used to increase consumer satisfaction. Technology is an important factor in any business when a business keep updated with the latest technology, and it makes it possible to adjust and be flexible with the changing trends in the market such as a change in consumer tastes and preferences. This is what Louis Chenevert saw that was missing in the market.

As a successful entrepreneur, Louis Chenevert has been taking a chance to encourage and advice other entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams too. He has been able to appear in various interviews on television to share his secrets to success. He has portrayed a good example that should be followed by other business people on how to give back to the community when one becomes successful.


GreenSky credit is one of the leading private company with financial technology solution in America. It was founded in 2006 and between 2012 and 2016 it had rendered nearly five billion us dollars through GreenSky credit program. The purpose of the company is to provide a technological platform for the banks, and other financial lending institutions to give loans to their customers. The company is convenient since all its operations are online based, and they can be reached through their websites and mobile app. Hence, it has made it accessible by most Americans and therefore increasing its market share to 50 American states with over 1.2 million customers. Through linking the financial institutions and the borrowers, the company has enhanced customer’s trust and good relation between the parties involved. GreenSky credit is also a significant employer with over 600 employees working in the company.

One cannot mention GreenSky Credit Company without mentioning its C.E.O and co-founder Mr. David Zalik. A middle-aged Mr. Zalik who never went to high school but instead started a course in mathematics at Auburn University has been preparing for his career since his early age. He owns more than half of the company and lives a luxurious life in Atlanta. He has been a part of GreenSky Company since when it started as a mere idea till now when it’s a multi-billion company. He is a leader who has always worked to see the realization of this company’s objectives and to witness its tremendous growth. David Zalik efforts have made him win awards among them the 2016 National entrepreneur award in the financial services category. Through his leadership, the company has grown become one of the most valuable credit companies in America.

Mr. Zalik journey has not been a walk in the park. Before he developed this idea, he had tried many jobs which in some he succeeded and failed in others. His desire to enhance people’s lives conveniently is what yielded GreenSky Company.


Robert Deignan Overview

Robert Deignan went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School from 1988 to 1992. He later proceeded to Purdue University where he pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. In July of 1998, he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. and he was a part of it for close to three years. From June 2002 he acted in the capacity of Executive Vice President in iS3 Inc., which is a computer software company for nine years. From August 2011, Deignan has been a co-founder and a Chief Executive Officer at Inbound Call Experts, ICE. Inbound Call Experts changed its name to Advanced Tech Support otherwise known as ATS and Deignan still acts in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer.

The corporate world

His experience in the field of business management and more so organizational leadership has been reflected in most of the corporates that he worked for. Deignan has also been significant in founding several other companies that he has been a part of. Most significantly is the fact that he seems to be drawn to computers and software. With all the experience that he has gathered over the years, Deignan has become exemplary at startups and any business that involves e-commerce. He has the skills that are necessary when it comes to starting up businesses. Most of the companies are also IT-related which makes it easy for Deignan to give insights with respect to e-commerce. He is also skilled in matters concerning Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Robert and giving back to the society

Apart from this, Deignan is also involved in charity events and he is part of several projects such as the Dare County Boat Builders Foundation. The foundation’s core mission is to develop, encourage and uphold public awareness of the historical and cultural heritage of boat building as well as giving educational aid to those students who are underprivileged. Robert Deignan can, therefore, be summed up as a great leader with proficient abilities in running corporate business and in helping start-up business as well. His track record speaks for him.


If you want to see what a true picture of what a successful entrepreneur looks like, then take the time to learn more about Dr. Mark McKenna.

Dr. Mark McKenna initially went to medical school with every intention of practicing medicine; however, he quickly realized that in order to truly make the money that he wanted to make, that he would have to find other avenues in which he could use his medical degree to create the financial revenue that he wanted.

He initially started out his entrepreneurship practices out with a real estate business, but after Hurricane Katrina he lost millions and had to quickly switch gears to recoup his losses. It was at that point that Dr. Mark McKenna truly started to incorporate his medical degree into his business worlds. McKenna developed a set of offices that offered cosmetic treatments called ShapeMed. Once ShapeMed had become profitable, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the business to a popular fitness chain and stayed on for a year on the staff, but eventually made the decision to leave after the chain was sold.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently busy developing his next project. His current entrepreneur venture is called, OVME. It is McKenna’s hope and plan that OVME will become a national chain of medical offices that focus solely on cosmetic procedures. The difference between his vision and the current vision of such chains, is that OVME will offer an app to its customer base that allows patients to find practitioners that will offer house calls to complete cosmetic procedures in the customers home.

When one views Dr. Mark McKenna, they are looking at an individual who has a goal and that is to use his educational background and his drive, to form new entrepreneurial businesses. It seems that he always is up to something new and doesn’t let setbacks keep him down. He is operating with a true entrepreneur spirit.


Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of global food solutions provider OSI Group. He has been with the company since 1970 and as the sons of company founder Otto Kolschowsky retired, one after the other, Sheldon was left with sole control Since the 1970s he has led the company on a whirlwind of expansion across the globe. The company is one of America’s top 100 food businesses and top private businesses. OSI operates 80 facilities spread out over 17 countries. The food powerhouse employs 20 thousand plus employees.

Originally coming to the attention of OSI Group’s founding family as a financial consultant, Sheldon impressed the firm so much in his work acquiring financing for expansion, that the Kolchowsky family brought him into OSI as a full-time member of the team. One of the things that Sheldon has pushed at OSI is a family oriented culture. Customers and employees are treated as family members. The result is that employee turnover is very low and OSI’s customers tend to make very long-term commitments.

OSI Group has been a true award winning company during Sheldon Lavin’s tenure as CEO and Chairman. The firm has won awards for environmental management, excellence in managing safety risks and management of health risks. 2016 saw OSI receive the prestigious Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in recognition of the company’s excellence in environmental matters. That same year, Sheldon Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in recognition of his tremendous accomplishment of taking OSI Group to the global level. This was yet another feather in the cap for Sheldon’s legendary career.

Sheldon Lavin has a long reputation of being a philanthropist. He is a regular contributor to Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, and Jewish United Fund.

Learn More: www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html

Sheldon Lavin is among the people with successful career life today. He happens to be the CEO of OSI Group currently and he aims at taking the company to greater heights in terms of organization and management. Whenever OSI Group is mentioned, most people have the food and meat products in mind. In Illinois, the company is based in Aurora. Food service and retail sector are what the company is mainly known for. It is amazing to note that Lavin was an outsider when he joined the company. His active involvements in the company’s operations were evident in 1970. By then, the company wasn’t known as the OSI Group, but it was Otto & Sons Company that Otto and his sons owned.

The potential that the company had in the 1970s was unmatched. The company had a chance to supply hamburgers to McDonald Corporation in large quantities. Nonetheless, this was possible since there were some financial hitches that Lavin had to come and correct. The kind of growth the company realized when Lavin came in as the financial advisor was great. Lavin also worked hard to ensure the company could get adequate funds from the reputable financial institutions.

Lavin realized in 1975 that there is more he could offer to the company besides financial advice. He played a major role in ensuring the company got a good share of investments and business overseas. After Mr. Otto retired, Lavin opted to work with the left sons and this saw the company’s name change to OSI Group. Lavin worked harder to ensure the company’s clientele base in Illinois became broader and even spread to the rest of the world. Amazingly, the company was able to supply its products to Asia, North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Philippines and South Africa. This great move could not have been possible if Lavin was mean to his leadership skills and management abilities.

Since the company had spread in several continents under his leadership, Lavin took over the company by buying a controlling interest. He hasn’t just changed the way food processing in the company is done, but also the view many people have over the processed products. He has made the complex supply chain management possible by specializing in large-scale operations. Lavin has earned the company this great success because he is always open to working with ambitious people and like-minded individuals. He has enhanced the company’s collaborative culture through teamwork and this has helped him reduce employee turnover rates.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

According to Vijay Eswaran, leadership is not all about telling people things that they should do. Eswaran says that good leaders should know how to serve others. People have different definitions of servant leadership. However, Vijay says that he learned the meaning of servant leadership from his father. He watched his father work hard by focusing on the things he did best and develop people. Vijay says that being a servant leader means working selflessly for the bigger picture.

Vijay Eswaran grew up reading philosophies and life histories of iconic servant leaders such as Mother Teresa, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi. These people became extraordinary leaders as soon as they discovered the value of serving others. Some of the qualities that make real servant leaders include care, clarity of vision, core values, willingness to sacrifice, and commitment to growth.

Vijay says that he believes that firms are not defined by marketing or the products they offer. The true assets of any given company are the employees. A leader who offers the best to employees does not have to worry about customer service. If employees are well taken care of by their leaders, they also work hard to ensure client satisfaction.

Servant leaders have a well-defined vision of what they want to achieve in future. The leader should then give employees details of what they want to achieve. The entire team should then be unified to attain the common objective. All employees should understand their roles so that they feel that their part is important in achieving the overall goal.

Vijay Eswaran adds that the core values of a leader help to define them as a servant leader. Such core values can also be used to define the organization. Some of the core values embraced by servant leaders include acceptance, truth, respect, and honesty among others. A great leader should be committed towards these values.

Servant leaders also invest time in people. Giving people time helps to grow them personally and professionally. It also shows that the leader is genuinely interested in their lives outside of work. Servant leaders ensure that people develop in terms of career, skills, and knowledge. Another important thing about servant leaders is that they sacrifice things that matter to help others succeed.

One of the desires of many people who are working is that they make extra money. However, many people hope against hope that they are going to get that raise that is going to make them rich from their regular jobs. One major issue with this is that people are going to be disappointed for a long time. Instead of hoping that the employer is going to increase the amount of money that is given on the next paycheck, it is better to look for where money is more readily available. This is where Market America comes in.

One of the advantages people have when they start working with Market America is that they have unlimited income potential. One of the reasons that they have this unlimited potential is that they have a different way of paying people. They pay people based on the sales they make for them as opposed to paying them by the hour. The best thing about this is that people are less likely to get fired doing the type of work they are doing for Market America. They just have to figure out a way to market to the target audience so that they will be able to generate income.

One of the best things about generating income for Market America is that they not get a lot more money from selling, they also get passive income and residual income. In other words, the money that they gain from Market America can be recurring. All that is required is minimal work after a while. The truth is that it can be a lot of work in order to set up the passive income. However, people that are passionate about what they are doing are going to enjoy the journey of getting everything set up so that they will be able to profit.



Shervin Pishevar is one of the most renowned venture capitalists in Silicon Valley today. As the founder of Sherpa Capital, he has been involved in the founding and incubation of some of the top companies in the tech space. Names like Uber, Airbnb and Social Gaming Network are just a typical day’s work for the dynamic Shervin Pishevar. He has also personally founded a number of successful tech startups, including WebOS, Ionside and the company that would become Virgin Hyperloop.

Aside from his busy daily routine of conquering the tech world, Shervin Pishevar somehow manages to find time to operate his Twitter feed, one of the most popular of any venture capitalist. He has garnered nearly 100,000 followers, giving him ample influence and genuinely making him a thought leader among his peers.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar unleashed a tweet storm for the ages. In a nearly 24-hour barrage of tweets, the inveterate entrepreneur held forth on topics ranging from the proper role of central banks to the nature of the future tech economy. One of the topics on which he tweeted was the dangers that face the nation as some of the top tech monopolies consolidate ever more power.

Pishevar has said that the Trump tax plan, whatever its merits to the larger economy, has one distinct and inarguable drawback; it is giving even more power to the Big Five tech monopolies of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. He says this is happening as a result of the massive repatriation of corporate profits, which are now being taxed at a significantly lower level than previously. This has caused the big tech monopolies to gain even more power relative to their struggling competitors.

Pishevar cites the recent competition to attract an Amazon second headquarters to cities across the country. He says that the huge concessions that towns and cities were willing to grant such a megacorporation are a somewhat stark reminder of how much power some of these tech companies wield. He says that such offers would never even be considered for mom-and-pop small businesses. Yet tech monopolies, already immensely powerful, get the royal treatment.


For Brazilian Cassio Audi, his adult life has been filled with many years spent in board rooms as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. What many of his fellow entrepreneurs and business acquaintances do not know is that for a few short years in the 1980s, this man across the table from them was a rock star. That is right. The man with a suit and tie hammering out a business deal used to tour South America and Europ as a member of the iconic Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper.

It all began in 1985 when Audi wasn’t even old enough to drive a car. He and some of his classmates used to pack each others basements and garages nearly every night and cover some of their favorite songs. These mostly included songs from the then-popular English metal band, Iron Maiden. Cassio was the drummer in this band the group and they quickly named themselves Viper. They quickly realized that they were pretty good at this band thing and friends and family members began to take notice. This attention caused them to record a demo they called The Killera Sword. The demo tape was then played all over Brazilian radio and the band began to gain popularity.

With Cassio Audi’s hard-hitting drum solos and their uncanny ability to sing their lyrics in perfect English, the band began to get recognition worldwide. In 1987 the group recorded their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise, which became a success. They toured Brazil and Europe that same year, drawing larger crowds than anyone expected. They recorded their second album, Theatre of Fate in 1989 and the album was a huge success, particularly in Japan.Cassio Audi left the band to attend college in 1989 and never returned to the band. He became a successful entrepreneur but for a few years three decades ago, he was a rock star.