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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are both masterminds in the area of making beautiful music that inspires and continues to uplift the masses with their powerful messages and resounding meanings behind what it is that they write exactly. The Chainsmokers have done it again with their new hit called Sick Boy. Sick Boy was recently made for the sole purpose of addressing a topic of a much darker side than their ladder pieces of music. It is a similar combination of the multiple genres which comprise The Chainsmoker’s underlying soundscape, but the choice of words took an upside down turn over due to the depth of their work. Instead of the nostalgic, bitter sweet, and romantic writing the two artists would immerse themselves in they complied a deeper and more blunt approach to the honest compositions that reflected a travesty too big for the world running companies to do about it even if they wanted to. This subject matter involves the social media complex that has trapped people in isolation and sometimes severe loneliness away from everyone else who freely enjoys real companionship with actual face to face conversations. The whole epidemic of putting likes on Facebook and Instagram as the centre of one’s whole world is sadly deceiving to the individual who is sucked into this frame of thinking. They are not using social media. Social media is using them, and The Chainsmokers are the alarm bells telling everyone that this is something to be aware of, even if no one can put an end to this movement of millennial communication. Yes, the next generation would be the people who need to listen to Sick Boy because rather than install corrupted values into the hearts and minds of the youth, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart warn of the dangers with ”using” social media which in actuality is a fraudulent form of human intimacy in not just being overly mechanical but also borderline destructive to the development of 16 to 18 year olds who are trying to find themselves while simultaneously needing to be liked by a million people at once. Nonetheless the Chainsmoker’s work have excited the people with their all together very informative and also vigorously entertaining song that is the Sick Boy.



Since 2009 Desiree Perez has been the Chief Operating Officer of ROC nation. She goes by the nickname, Des Perez. Perez is a member of the team at ROC nation; she is involved in some business areas like; publishing labeling management operations. Des also took part in a deal with Samsung and Rihanna, and she also negotiated Formation stadium for Beyoncé. Des is a very close associate and well known to Jay Z for close to twenty years. She has an incredible record of SC Enterprises. It is her drive to succeed as a business executive that inspires many.

Over the years she has proven that she is qualified for such significant positions as she is good with numbers, she is a fierce a very tough negotiator also she has a unique history that some articles stated but not even the empire own cookie would try to deny. Des is part of the whole collective stuff that runs the entire operation of ROC Nation.

Des and Jay Z met with Sir Lucian Grainge, who is the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group at his Santa Monica, Calif Office on some allegation that Universal Music Group was interested in buying a stake of Roc Nation. Desiree Perez is not only known for an incredible job but for the fact that he works with most celebrated musicians and with her incredible deliver she has made Rihanna have a good deal with Samsung. Most people have admired her job and her work because she is too good at what she does. For any musician, it is always an honor to work with Des because by that you are assured of your career grown and some juicy deals with big companies. She has transformed the music industry and made it something to be admired by many people. and Follow him Twitter.com

Jon Urbana is a man of many talents. He was a Villanova Wildcats lacrosse player (defense) originally. After his athletic career, he began exploring his creative side and took a deep interest in philanthropy (see: GoFundMe). A whole host of talents (more details at about.me) began to emerge. One of those talents is creating videos. Jon Urbana’s personal views of his subjects grip the audience. His videos range in complexity but all are quite entertaining and creative.

In many cases, the subjects that Jon Urbana covers in his videos are airplanes, animals, or are located in Ellipse USA’s office setting. In his recent “Giraffes Butting Heads” he has captured two giraffes in the wild lightheartedly sparring (https://vimeo.com/151865213). In his video ” The Stunning Mountains Of Alaska” (https://vimeo.com/151865112), Jon Urbana utilizes time-lapse video of the mountains which is fascinating to watch because the clouds appear to dance in the footage.

Since he owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which now has its 2016 summer sessions open for registration amidst a beautiful scenic backdrop in the mountains of Vail, you’ll sometimes find video footage captured from the camp. Read more about the camp’s staff and Jon Urbana at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp “About” page, or get a full recap of last year’s itinerary, which is still available via Urbana’s Facebook page.

He also combines aerial video footage and a few water feature shots on his official blog with the mountains in the background. In a recent visit to Alaska, he created the short film “Cross Country Skiing” (https://vimeo.com/151865002). Jon goes on an adventure in the Alaskan wilderness with a small crew. This is yet another effort to document the beauty of Alaska.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Sometimes Jon Urbana creates very simplistic, short, eye-catching videos. One is particular is called “Goldfish In A Cabernet Glass” (https://vimeo.com/150142307). The video is only about a minute long but it is fascinating. He uses a dark background to bring out the color of the goldfish. Jon Urbana is a multifaceted and talented individual. His videos are just some examples of his creative abilities. Urbana is a multi-talented artist to keep your eye on. No doubt there will be more great videos to come.

Entertainment requires funds to be in the best quality. Movies are also inclusive of many activities and requirements which need finances. To find out how to finance a film project in Hollywood and even elsewhere, Brian Mulligan is the man to look for. Having served for a lengthy period in the entertainment industry,he has given him incredible experience. The many capacities in which he has served also make him resourceful. Over the years, he has been featured in financial Television channels. This includes CNBC where his opinion is highly valued. To know more about Mulligan achievements, here now are the details.

Commitment to entertainment and media

In his years of service in different international media houses, Mulligan has achieved to seal many deals. This comes from his commitment to see a program filmed and broadcasted. It has been through his role as chairperson, financial officer and even corporate affairs which has seen his career blossoming. In 30 years, he has worked in different companies which include FOX Broadcasting and Cable, Universal Pictures, Universal Television and Boston Consultation. In these and many other companies, while holding different positions, he sealed transactions worth $175 billion. This involves entertainment events and media.

Contribution in sports

The contribution of Brian Mulligan in sports has been tremendous over the years. This includes helping the young people to grow their talents in sports. He says that networking remains an all-time conveyer belt which connects talented people to mentors who will help them in future. For long, Mulligan has also served as a youth sports couch. He has also labeled volunteering as an opportunity to make a big mark in the sports industry. Writing articles which are published in journals and magazines has also remained his priority.

The charitable giant

For long, Mulligan has remained committed to the projects which are helping the community. His lifelong interest to see lives transformed has seen him help raise $90 million for the ‘A Better LA’ initiative. This was a project meant to improve the schools in Los Angeles. The commitment to engage in such projects comes from his believe in helping people. This involves engaging them in business, charity and sports.

Building Brooknol Advisors

His position as the CEO of Brooknol Advisors has remained effectual because of his lifelong experience. The all-round finance, entertainment and media whiz has continued to build the company into a competitive firm. In his passion to reach out to people and build their lives, Mulligan has thrust his career into great heights.