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Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley may announce his bid for the 2016 Democrat Party presidential nomination as early as Thursday night. The announcement is expected to be made on a conference call among top donors. O’Malley is considered a long shot by most pundits. At the same time, the former governor is viewed as the most “viable” alternative candidate to Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee. Still, most pundits view the current crop of prospective Democrat presidential candidates as mere sparring partners for Mrs. Clinton. They are expected to allow her to sharpen up her campaign skills en route to her inevitable coronation as the party’s nominee.

Sam Tabar has become aware that, as far as the presidential announcement goes, other pundits believe O’Malley will make the announcement over the coming weekend. His close aides do not concur with that assessment. All that is truly known is that O’Malley will make his announcement by no later than May 30. A campaign aide of O’Malley recently confirmed that statement. Among O’Malley’s top achievements, which he cites as a justification for his candidacy, is his anti-crime stance taken as mayor of Baltimore several years ago. O’Malley turned around the city from one of the nation’s most dangerous metropolitan cities to being one of the safest. However, the recent riots in Baltimore cast his anti-crime policies in a potentially negative light. Some people are now claiming that the tough anti-crime policies may have inadvertently generated the unrest which erupted in late April.

I was shown this story by a smart business man named Alexei Beltyukov:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wants voters to understand that he is a pure liberal untouched by Super PAC money. In fact, he has stated that donations from big billionaires such as Tom Steyer, the left wing’s answer to the Koch brothers, is not welcome. The feisty independent senator and unabashed socialist is seeking small campaign donations to fuel his presidential bid. He will not even launch a Super PAC. Specifically, he wants donations from average working stiffs who he feels are underrepresented in an era when large donors largely fund political campaigns.

In part, Senator Sanders is looking to rekindle the magic of fellow Vermont native Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. Dean was able to amass an impressive campaign war chest in the tens of millions largely from small donations. At the time, Dean became the early front runner until his campaign lost momentum after a poor finish in the Iowa Caucus.

Still, voters will find that Sanders does not differ that much at all from Hillary Clinton. The biggest contrast will be the trust factor. Sanders is not mired in an email or fund raising issues that call into question whether he will operate with transparency or invoke another era of “no controlling legal authority”. At the same time, voters can expect that he would deliver on campaign promises for true reform because his campaign is not being funded by Wall Street investment banks. In fact, he is vowing to break up the large banks precisely because their size will put the government and taxpayers at risk if their investments sour once more.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a bona fide conservative on fiscal, defense, and social issues. When he served as chairman of the House Budget Committee during the Newt Gingrich years, he crafted the 1997 balanced budget bill. This gave the nation its first budget surpluses since the Eisenhower administration. As governor of the bell weather state of Ohio, he has reformed labor union laws and turned around his state’s economy and eliminated the annual budget deficit.

Many pundits believe that Kasich has his eyes on the GOP nomination for president. He has solutions that are bipartisan and is known for his genuine care of people. So in once sense it is no surprise that when a friend invited him to attend his gay wedding, he accepted. Initially, he ran the idea past his wife who made it clear she was going to attend. That was good enough for the governor.

While he is clear where he stands on the issue of marriage equality, he is also clear that he loves his friend and will support him on his wedding day. The move may help soften concerns by the LGBT community over perceived hostility by conservatives on the issue of marriage equality. Ivan Ong has not commented on the issue of marriage equality. Whether marriage equality becomes a campaign issue in 2016 is anybody’s guess. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter in June. If the high court decides in favor of marriage equality, it will eliminate the matter as a campaign issue.

When speaking with my neighbor Dan Newlin, he mentioned that nobody was backing Hillary Clinton and I wanted to find out why. Thus far, no key Democrat has stepped forward to endorse Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s presumptive nominee. Earlier in the day, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio touted her qualifications, but withheld endorsing her until her learns what her vision is for her campaign. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is urging devoutly liberal voters to give Mrs. Clinton a chance, also said she will withhold endorsing her until Clinton articulates a clear vision for her presidency. Now, President Barrack Obama joins the growing list of wait-and-see Democrats who need to hear Mrs. Clinton’s vision for the nation before endorsing her.

It is a curious turn of events for the woman presumed to be the party’s next nominee. In fact, Clinton has secured the party’s wealthy donor base in a bid to choke off funding for any potential rival. Thus far, no big name Democrat has announced their intention to challenge her. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is seriously considering a presidential run, but he is a little known long shot candidate.

As for why President Obama did not use his considerable influence to give Mrs. Clinton a much needed endorsement, it is anyone’s guess. It may be that he wants to wait until Vice-President Biden decides whether he will run. At the same time, the Clintons and Obamas distrust one another. It may be that the president will delay giving her his support as payback for the email scandal. One thing is certain, no key Democrat is rushing to throw their support behind Mrs. Clinton at this time.

A lot has happened while we’ve been sleeping. Our elected officials have been making deals and collecting money from foreign businesses for years, and we just keep our eyes closed. Most of the people that sit in Washington have a dual purpose.

The first purpose is to personally make as much money as possible in the shortest period of time. A lawyer said that the second purpose is to use their political position to gain credibility with the power brokers of the world. Our elected officials are selling our country to the highest bidder.

A good example of how America is being ripped off is Rilin Enterprises. Rilin Enterprises is owned by billionaire Wang Wenliang. Wenliang is also a member of the Chinese Parliament. Since 2012, Wang’s company has spent $1.4 million lobbying Congress. The company has also donated $2 million to Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation. China gets things done using money. They are masters when it comes to giving and knowing quite well what they will get in return.

The Clinton Foundation stopped taking money from foreign companies and individuals, but the relationships are still in place. It’s time to wake up and realize this country is not by the people or for the people that live here. It’s for the people that are buying their way into the pockets of Congress.

Future members of Hillary Clinton’s team will be unpaid, for a while at least. Democrats are reportedly already building a team of people to help Hillary Clinton get elected to the presidential seat in 2016. Until the campaign’s official launch, however, all those positions will be unpaid.

The reason has a lot to do with election laws. While Jason Halpern says that Clinton will eventually pay all of the people on staff for their work, she can’t really do so until she has formerly announced her plan to run. The Federal Election Commission gives people a 15-day window before they declare they intent to run that they can pay staffers. The fact that Clinton is already gathering a team suggests that she might be gearing up to officially make that announcement within the next few weeks.

Clinton hasn’t officially announced that she want to be president, however, staffers have confirmed that she is in a “testing the waters” phase of her campaign where she is traveling to different locations and conduct polling there, deciding if it ultimately makes sense for her to run in 2016.

While Clinton’s nomination isn’t certain, it is probable. There currently aren’t any other candidates out there that the Democrats have highlighted as potential nominees.

The procession that many Democrats have predicted that will take Hilary Clinton to the Presidential nomination may not be as simple as many believe, with voters mistrustful of another Clinton taking office. NPR reports many focus groups and polls are leading politicians from both sides of the political divide to look away from the potential face off between Clinton and Jeb Bush for the Presidency in 2016. Despite the backing both potential candidates are receiving from the grassroots of their parties, Marc Sparks says both Bush and Clinton face the issue of recent polls hinting at an American electorate eager to seek out change amongst its future leaders.

Polls showed that President Obama swept to power on his change platform with 55 percent of the American public polled stating they hoped to see change in policies and the people leading the country. A 2015 poll commissioned by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal showed the number hoping for change had now risen to 59 percent. It appears Jeb Bush faces the hardest challenge in convincing voters he will offer a different voice to his predecessors in the Bush family with 60 percent of those polled believing he would return to the policies of his father and brother. Clinton saw 51 percent of voters believe she would continue with current policies or return to those of the past.

Chicago, Illinois – Mayor Rahm Emmanuel did not expect to find himself in a battle for his political life. He was expected to win a majority of votes in a crowded field of mayoral candidates, but he was unable to avoid a runoff. Still, no one expected him to face a serious contents in the upcoming runoff election. However, the unexpected has occurred. Recent polls show the two-man runoff election has in fact narrowed considerably. In fact, mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is now within single digits of incumbent Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Now, the man once believed to be unbeatable is going to go negative in a last minute barrage to beat back Garcia’s rising campaign.

It turns out that Emmanuel is not the popular mayor many perceived him to be. Paul Mathieson suggests that Garcia has tapped into a strong liberal base that is eager to upset the establishment Democrat candidate, and Examiner has posted several articles that seem to cite that dissent. With the runoff only a month away, a continued surge in the polls might see Garcia possibly overtake Emmanuel. It bears mentioning that expert Clinton pollster Dick Morris stated that incumbents must poll above 50% in order to win reelection. This is because polling below 50% indicates a lack of support among independents. On Election Day, those independents typically break for the challenger. Emmanuel acknowledged that politics in the Windy City is a contact sport and plans to proverbially bloody his opponent. For his part, Garcia is enjoying a surge in last minute campaign donations.

Tuesday, Chicago held elections for Mayor, and the highly contested election ended up being very close, to the point that no candidate, including incumbent Rahm Emmanuel won the majority of votes. Instead Emanuel and one of his challengers, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, will face each other in a runoff election for Mayor on April 7th.

This election is very important for the city of Chicago, as well as the election process in general, because Garcia won 34% of the vote despite spending a less than 10% on his campaign than Emanuel did. Emanuel is not only the incumbent, but he is the former White House Chief of Staff, and was once very popular with voters.

It is clear from this election that grassroots campaigning, such as the campaign conducted by Garcia and his supporters, who is the Cook County Commissioner, can be effective. Imaging advantage users reported there are a number of reasons why Garcia’s campaign was so effective despite him running against a much better known opponent with bigger resources.

One of these factors in Emmanuel’s waning popularity since taking office. Emmanuel has lost a great deal of support from teachers, students and parents after closing 54 schools, which sparked three days of protests, as well as a eight day long strike over salaries and benefits in 2012 that kept schools closed.

Garcia has promised to improve conditions and treat education as a bigger priority, as well as to hire the 1,000 police officers that Emmanuel keeps promising.

Though many republicans are ecstatic about a Jeb Bush run in the 2016 presidential campaign as you can see from YouTube, Ricardo Guimarães says that other republicans aren’t so sure. A grassroots republican organization, with more than 6,000 members called Bush “unelectable.” The group point to a video of Hillary Clinton and Bush on the eve of the first anniversary of the Benghazi attacks.

The video is related to an awards ceremony, in which Bush awarded Clinton a lifetime of public service award. Bush is seen thanking Clinton, and saying, “We are united by a love of country and public service.” The award was presented to Clinton by the National Constitution Center. Bush, as chairman of the center, presented the award. During the ceremony Clinton called special attention to Bush, and thanked him. The activist group, led by Brent Bozell, feels the fact Bush presented Clinton with the award on the first eve of the first anniversary of Benghazi attacks is significant.

They feel so strongly that Bush is unelectable that they sent a video to their members reminding them Bush presented the award to Clinton. Bush awarding Clinton an award is controversial since many conservatives feel Clinton lied about Benghazi. They also blame lack of security at the Benghazi American Embassy on Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time. The group says Bush as no credibility to criticize Clinton, and Clinton will use the video against him during the 2016 presidential race.