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End Citizens United is a political movement that seeks to make changes in some important aspects of the political system in the country. It a movement that belongs to a Political Action Committee that is an umbrella where most political movements in the country belong to. The End Citizens United differ with the elections funding in the United States of America. This movement wants to make sure that billionaires don’t hold the country captive by funding political candidates. Read for more on End Citizens United on Amazon.com

The End Citizens United was started in 1st March in the year 2015. This political group is funded by the community and not the known billionaires who it fights as it would be ironical for it to funded by them. The End Citizens United main objective is to make changes in the financing of political campaigns. It mobilizes the people to ensure that their voices are heard. What happens is, when billionaires funds a politician to get into office, they would pressure the elected leader to amend the laws that would favor them and their business. This would mean that the people would not be part of any decision making processes.

The End Citizens United was majorly against the Supreme Court ruling in the year 2010, which allowed the Political Action Committee to bring money and fund politicians without any limits. A political office is an office where anyone can be free to join and not only the elite majority. This would make sure that they serve the people who voted for them and not want to enrich themselves and acquire properties.

Over 400,000 Americans have put pressure on Congress to pass the End Citizens United petition against billionaires funding of political candidates. The movement, however, has some challenges where some experts in matters of a political campaign are not supportive. For an amendment to be made effective, it must garner the majority votes which must be two-thirds of both houses.

There have been huddles in the making of changes in the congress whereby some Republicans have been seen to be making it hard for the End Citizen United to pass these amendments. This has seen the political movement back Democrats and any other persons who may be supportive of the electoral reforms.

However, even if everyone supports the campaign not everyone is honest as some want to use the platform to get votes as the End Citizen United movement is seen to be a big movement with so many people following and supporting it. This has made End Citizen United decide unanimously that anyone who would be supportive of the reforms would be given full support so that they can be able to successfully beat the free-spending billionaires who are spending to make sure the reforms to the campaign financing receives no opposition from anyone.

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