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Category: Ed Snowden

There are a lot of politicians who want to see their name on the ballot in the 2016 presidential election but not many of them think praising Edward Snowden is the way to get there. That didn’t stop former republican Lincoln Chafee, and presidential hopeful, from asking that Snowden be pardoned for his so called crimes so he can return home to America, the country he risked his life to make better.

Snowden is the infamous whistle-blower who revealed many of the NSA’s secrets by leaking documents he obtained when he was a contractor for the surveillance agency. With the recent expiration of the Patriot Act, coupled with restrictions being placed on United States surveillance efforts for the first time in forty years, many like Alexei Beltyukov are starting to think of Snowden as more of a hero than a criminal.

After all, if it wasn’t for Snowden we still wouldn’t even know what the NSA is, let alone knowing they were using illegal surveillance tactics to spy on innocent Americans, violating their constitutional rights. Despite those facts, Snowden is still waiting in exile not knowing if he will ever be able to return home. Not many government officials are willing to stick their neck out to defend Snowden but Chafee openly asked for his return home, along with scolding the NSA for their surveillance programs.