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Billionaire financier George Soros is not as impressed as some are with the rapid growth of the Chinese economy. He said recently, in a speech to the Asia Society in New York, that there are a lot of things similar with the Chinese economy now, and the U.S. economy in 2007 when credit markets stalled and created a global recession.

Soros made his fortune in international finance on bloomberg.com, so most people thinks he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the economy.

March figures showed the Chinese economy is worth 2.34 trillion Yuan on https://twitter.com/georgesoros?lang=en, which was almost double the predicted 1.4 trillion. Soros said the growth is fueled by debt, and he said the Chinese government has put growth ahead of mounting debt, and that is a bad sign of things to come. He said the growth cannot be sustained as it is, and is predicting it will have a hard landing just as the United States economy did in 2008.

George Soros said banks they are doing the same things U.S. banks were doing in 2007 that led to the recession. They are lending money to cover other debt and keep poor businesses going, instead of making investments that will last.

The Chinese government has run editorials in state newspapers responding to his remarks. Chinese economists on marketwatch.com say their economy is growing in key areas and that concerns like those voiced by Soros are exaggerated. They also say Soros has made predictions like this before and they stand behind their economy.

Soros has indeed made similar predictions before, but his $24 billion fortune shows that he often knows what George Soros is talking about. He once made $1 billion off an investment in the British pound in 1992, after predicting the British government was going to have to devalue the pound.

George Soros was born in Hungary, and grew up under Nazi occupation. He studied at the London school of Economics, and then went to the USA in the early 1950s. He started a hedge fund and an international finance company that was an immediate success. His hedge fund saw about a 20 percent annual increase in value each year for about 30 years.

Soros is also heavily involved in social issues and politics, especially on the liberal side.

George Soros is a man worth listening to. Now in his 80s, his time expressing his valuable opinion on bloomberg.com will come to an end very soon. Soros’ hedge-fund firm has gained on average about 20 percent a year from 1969 to 2011. Soros, himself, has a net worth of about $27.3 billion, that according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Soros began his investing career in New York City during the 1950s and gained worldwide fame and a reputation for his investing prowess in 1992, by netting $1 billion by shorting the Great British Pound in the Forex market.

Soros has warned the free world that a financial crisis on the order of the economic recession of 2008 on politico.com could be in our future. He has said that the immigrant crisis coupled with the devaluation of the Chinese currency could signal another epic, economic collapse even worse than that suffered worldwide in 2008.

His opinions on economic conditions for the future are relevant and many persons are heeding his advice but, surprisingly, there are those right-wingers who see his advice as about as worthwhile as the scientific warnings about global warming. George Soros is a man who has survived occupation by both the Nazis and the Communists during the Second World War, who has lived on three different continents in the world. An educated man who speaks several languages. A man who has donated millions to the cause of freedom through his philanthropy, the Open Society Foundations. Republicans, simply, don’t like him because he donates to Democratic candidates. 

What is lacking in the United States of America is consensus, There are a few individuals on this planet who seem to be truly good, honest people, but other people will see them differently. There are few, if any, politicians we can rely upon. Religious leaders from the numerous congregations are about as trustworthy as politicians. Educators, deans of universities are not in the spotlight but should be; they represent some of the most educated, well-read, trustworthy people in our society.

Soros has written more than a dozen books and frequently attends economic summits where his speeches are much appreciated. Here in the United States he is seen as a possible guest at the White House if Hillary Clinton is elected. He has said in the past that Clinton offered him open access if she became president. Another philanthropist of a similar ilk is Thor Halvorssen, he too has a foundation dedicated to freedom within governments but he has pledged his support to Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen is a younger version of GeorgeYour text to link… Soros and, hopefully, in the future we will see him as an astute interpreter of the world condition. We need consensus in this world. 

Source: wikipedia

Christian Broda is the Managing Supervisor at Duquesne system Management. Before the union with Duquesne, he was working as economics instructor at Chicago University. He has already circulated numerous articles and books on worldwide investment and trade ventures. His education works have since been acknowledged and published in the fundamental economic newspapers for example the American Commercial Appraisal and the seasonal Journals of Finance. He has been presented on a regular basis in the mass broadcasting. In 2001 and 2004, he was awarded with three State Discipline Foundation acknowledgements to aid his survey. He was dubbed as the Kemperer Professor in 2003. Dr. Christian as well served other appointments at Lehman Companions as a Primary International Economist. He similarly worked at Barclays Company as the director of Universal Study in Columbia Premier University and the central Bank in Washington. He is the chief editor of the bulletin of Development Capitals, a faculty linked to the National Union of Economics.

There are a number of affirmations that various economists hold pertaining to international business transactions. In the new representations of international trade nations, subsidy from proficiency is not purely as a result of divergent price of goods disparity, but also for the simple reason that customers that are in an unprotected economies are more privileged with regards to the range of the goods that they may be able access than those in the restricted economy. These newly presented models are generally forecast on the basis of the idea that no precise country has the aptitude to produce all the merchandises and services in the world currently.

Consumers generally benefit when there is a wide range of goods delivered as their choice of specific goods is enhanced by way of the trade. In this different economic replications, the earnings from trade are openly related to the capacity of variables. Elasticity of exchange is one of the universally known variables.

If the selection of some goods is exactly parallel, consumers may simply substitute one for the other. Similar to the case of gasoline, for instance, presenting two models of this product will have slight influence on the welfare of a certain consumer as a result of lack of wide collection of selections to make. Buyers place a greater impact on access to assortments perceived as very good. Thus, most of Americans would actually prefer to purchase Chinese wine to the prospect of buying French wine. The other variable bearing effect on the returns from trade volumes is the growth of key divisions like automobile as opposed to minor enterprises.

The usual index used as a yardstick in the analysis imitators the certified American import charge index in that it creates no adjustment for the effect of diversity growth. Though it is derived from a unlike formula, it is related to the approved index in exercise. Whether clients evaluate goods coming from dissimilar countries as diverse “varieties” is something that will be determined by approximating the extent of substitutability between them. For instance, high intensities of substitutability between Colombian and Brazilian coffees would propose that customers do not esteem these merchandises as different varieties.

There is this incredible retail sensation called, “Christmas in July.” Basically, retailers try to gain an advantage over their competitors by offering very low prices on a few products for one day. This year, online retail giant, Amazon decided to offer bargain prices on high ticket items to all their Prime members. Of course, it’s not rocket science; the percentage of profits went through the roof as people were buying Prime Memberships just to gain access to the fantastic bargains.

Amazon said that it really wanted to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, but savvy shoppers know besides “Black Friday” sales, “Christmas in July” sales are the way to pick up loads of items at bargain basement prices. With Prime Day sales, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has helped pushed the company’s market value ahead into another plateau. For the first time, the value of Amazon’s stock is more valuable than Walmart.

One thing Amazon has in common with James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, is being named as one of the best places to work. Dondero’s Dallas based company has been chosen by the Dallas Business Journal as a top quality employer. Highland Capital Management has $22 billion of assets that it’s currently managing. In addition to his investment company, Dondero also serves as Chairman of Nextbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Jeff Bezos and James Dondero illustrate the value of leadership as an important part of the infrastructure needed for profitable companies.

Olympic Valley is one of the premiere communities in the Lake Tahoe area. The area once played host to the Olympics. In the last few years, this community has been considering applying to become a city. The town has commissioned a study to see if becoming a city would be worth it, and according to the Sacramento Business Journal, it appears that becoming a city is not worth it for the community.

The Placer County Local Agency Commission spent a great deal of time studying the issue and they have concluded that the Olympic Valley community contains less than a thousand people. Due to the small size of their population, it would be impossible for the city to sustain itself despite claims from Incorporate Olympic Valley.
The commission studied a wide variety of options for the city to support itself. The current plan was for the city to support itself off of a transient occupancy tax. This tax would mostly impact hotel guests, who visit the area to take in the beautiful views and participate in many of the recreational activities. After analyzing the tax, the commission concluded that the tax would not be enough to sustain the city. The cost of operating a city would require at least three employees and would be rather difficult for a thousand people to support.
The commission analyzed the projections and they determined that if the city incorporated this year, it would be looking at a more than a million dollar deficit after two years.
The community has been pushing for incorporation as a way to gain more control over the zoning in the area. There have been many hotels opened in the area, and many community members do not want to see a massive expansion of tourism in the area. While the community wants more home rule, it appears that they will have to find a different solution.