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Category: Digital Magazine

Zinio is the largest digital magazine in the marketplace, and Arthur Becker, current Chairman, and CEO is pushing ahead with a very exciting project. Zinio just launched ZINIO PRO, the new Saas-based platform that allows publishers of magazines to create applications for their magazines that are immediately branded and unique. This function is created as an app so it can be instantly distributed to the vast network of Zinio’s distribution partners, according to Becker.

The Saas platform easily converts print magazines to digital by converting PDF formats to XML. This process allows complete control in the transfer of content both in the physical element as well as editing capabilities. It makes content available in all of the popular formats for the smartphone, tablet, and desktop arenas. Thus, data can be readily available in searchable article and content databases in the growing Zinio Pro distribution networks.

Ina report by Fashionista.com, this recent move and others cement the leadership role that Zinio maintains in the digital magazine industry. With the recent addition of Kelly Conlin, coming from NameMedia, as President will help continue the growth and leadership stance that Zinio currently holds.

The digital market space is a dynamic and fast-paced element of today’s publishing world. Readers want all of the most recent trends and perks that exist in the digital world, and Zinio is among the leaders of enabling publishers to stay abreast of all the latest in events and their technological implications.

Zinio, with its online libraries and magazine venues, allows people to be able to read any magazine they desire on any device. Billed as the world’s largest newsstand, the roster of over 5.500 publications which can be available at any time to the subscriber. Zinio is a favorite with travelers because they can access any magazine they wish on any device that is made today.

Zinio currently serves customers in over 200 countries and is the leading distributor of online digital content in the world. Becker intends to continue the trend as more possibilities are in the works as the brand extends its reach.

Becker was most recently Managing Director and Co-Founder of Atlantic Investors, LLC, a private investment and asset management company. For more info, visit his Linked In bio.