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Category: Developmental Visionary

Category: Developmental Visionary

As a very visionary person, Boraie is the brain behind Boraie Development LLC, which is one of the major players when it comes to real estate development in New Jersey. He has been in the real-estate industry for the last four decades. New Brunswick has an outstanding potential and Boraie has been a key figure in helping the city realize this potential. The Aspire Centre is Boraie’s recent investment in the city, and this has always been his dream for many years. As a scholar travelling in Europe, Boraie was inspired by the amazing designs in Europe, and it has always been his desire to develop similar designs in New Brunswick.

Upon returning home from his studies, Sam Boraie embarked on mission to rebuild the city with an aim of changing its terrible state. He wanted to improve the city’s appearance, and do away with all the buildings that were almost crumbling. According to one of the blogs published through Central Jersey Working Moms, titled The Visions of Omar Boraie, he immediately began to buy the twenty one buildings that were in a single block. Most people thought that Boraie was insane, but he was only focused on his vision of transforming the city. After he had finished rebuilding the first two buildings, some of the city’s resident’s began to believe in his vision.

About Boraie Development

According to Rutgers, Boraie Development is a real estate development firm whose main focus is the urban real estate market. Some of the key services that the company offers include; Property Sales and Marketing, Property Management, and Real Estate Development. As mentioned earlier, the Aspire project is considered to be Boraie’s flagship project under Boraie Development LLC. The company’s mission is to offer its clients unparalleled service, and at the same time design and build spectacular properties that meet global standards.

The success of the company’s projects is attributed to; working with visionary architects and contractors that observe and understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and strong support from one of the leading financial institutions in the area. All the projects completed by Boraie Development reflect the company’s vision and reliability. The company has a very impressive track record that it has managed to build for the last four decades, and that is why it is the most sought after firm in Central Jersey Working Moms when it comes to the real estate development. The firm’s projects are funded by large commercial banks and other private capital sources.