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Category: Cosmetic Brand

Category: Cosmetic Brand

A spunky company name like “Lime Crime” as you would imagine offers up some really interesting product names that are sure to grab your attention, such as “scandal”. A new purplish hue lip color that will definitely turn heads. This is just one of the various purple collections of the velveteen lip family. To ensure proper application, and a nice smooth consistency of the lip color, it is advised to use chapstick 15 minutes prior to lipstick application. Secondly, wipe off any excessive oils on the lips, and apply away!

Lime crime stands by, freedom of expression, and variety. It is a company that is constantly challenging itself and listening to its consumers through social media. This LA based company has impacted 2.6 through social media so far and will continue to expand. Currently, you can find Limecrime on places like the website itself, Amazon, kill dolls among other sites. Free worldwide shipping on orders 20 dollars or more is currently offered at the parent site and all of there products are 100 percent vegan and animal cruelty free, which makes the company really stand out from others like it. If you can imagine a place where the CEO is creating makeup concepts herself, you can only imagine the limitless possibilities Limecrime has. Doe Deere, the Ceo of lime crime, actually manages the website IloveLimeCrime.com herself. Out of this world lipstick names like “diamond crushers”, “unicorn lipstick” and “unicorn hair dye” in just about every bright color that you can imagine. There is no telling what will be in store for such a quickly expanding company. Only and all sparkly, and unicorn-esque things! Go Limecrime!


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