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Category: Corporate Leader

GreenSky credit is one of the leading private company with financial technology solution in America. It was founded in 2006 and between 2012 and 2016 it had rendered nearly five billion us dollars through GreenSky credit program. The purpose of the company is to provide a technological platform for the banks, and other financial lending institutions to give loans to their customers. The company is convenient since all its operations are online based, and they can be reached through their websites and mobile app. Hence, it has made it accessible by most Americans and therefore increasing its market share to 50 American states with over 1.2 million customers. Through linking the financial institutions and the borrowers, the company has enhanced customer’s trust and good relation between the parties involved. GreenSky credit is also a significant employer with over 600 employees working in the company.

One cannot mention GreenSky Credit Company without mentioning its C.E.O and co-founder Mr. David Zalik. A middle-aged Mr. Zalik who never went to high school but instead started a course in mathematics at Auburn University has been preparing for his career since his early age. He owns more than half of the company and lives a luxurious life in Atlanta. He has been a part of GreenSky Company since when it started as a mere idea till now when it’s a multi-billion company. He is a leader who has always worked to see the realization of this company’s objectives and to witness its tremendous growth. David Zalik efforts have made him win awards among them the 2016 National entrepreneur award in the financial services category. Through his leadership, the company has grown become one of the most valuable credit companies in America.

Mr. Zalik journey has not been a walk in the park. Before he developed this idea, he had tried many jobs which in some he succeeded and failed in others. His desire to enhance people’s lives conveniently is what yielded GreenSky Company.


Now that the Brexit/EU British era is passing, organizations are looking for policy solutions. The Centre for Policy Studies (‘CPS’) is the most respected free-market think tanks which was founded by the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Sir. Keith Joseph. Graham Edwards and many influential corporate leaders are the team leaders that comprise the Centre for Policy Studies. Mr. Edwards was chosen to lead the CPS Housing Policy initiatives.

Mr. Edwards once worked as the CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management and under his tutelage, the company grew its assets to more than £1 billion. In addition, his leadership with one of the UKs renowned privately-owned property companies, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of housing. Mr. Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium and has grown it exponentially through large-scaled transactions and acquisitions (Globalgracemissions).

Under his leadership, Telereal Trillium has acquired a lucrative portfolio that includes the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions, BT Broadband, and the Driver/Vehicle Licensing Agency. Graham Edwards is aiming at a CPS goal beyond housing which will involve taxes, cost of living issues, business enterprises, and public welfare.

The Centre for Policy Studies will concentrate its efforts in creating policies that benefit the people without interfering state limitations. The CPA is working to give people a sense of home ownership which has always been a legacy of CPS whose topics have created many discussions within the political halls of Britain. Mr. Edwards is working with experts in developing innovations in residential building and ownership policies. Graham will also serve as a CPS Research Fellow which allows him to formulate policies leading to a new type of British administration.

Graham Edwards Telereal will remain the CEO of Telereal Trillium and together with CPS, he will direct their attention to building thousands of affordable residential housing units to help the people. His experience and executive leadership will bring unique and innovative policy objectives to guide CPS and its future endeavors. Graham Edwards is helping Britain lead the way to global policies that will greatly benefit the public. As a housing investment leader and experienced expert in policy-making, Graham Edwards is positive about helping to direct the future of CPS.