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Category: Construction Technology

Category: Construction Technology

Boraie Development is among the largest real estate firms in New Jersey. It has a diversified portfolio of development services that targets the property market. The company draws its success from its knack for working efficiently with financial institutions, seasoned architects, and competent engineers to complete projects promptly. Its primary service range property development, management, and sales, to marketing.

Completed projects

Boraie Development boasts more than 30 years of expertise in the world of real estate development. The company has established a pool of return clients due to its ability to use state-of-the-art construction technology and complete projects within the scheduled time. The company oversaw the construction of the New Brunswick-located One Spring Street and a 238-unit tower known as The Aspire at New Brunswick. Boraie also developed Atlanta City’s The Beach Residential Building. It also supervised the construction of Albany St. Plaza, a building located in the downtown area, consisting of office space of 250,000 square feet and retail space occupying 20,000 square feet.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the senior executive VP of Boraie Development. He has received compliments for his foresightedness and open style of management. He seeks to transform New Brunswick into a leading tourist destination through his development projects. He also aims at bringing grace to the New Brunswick City to redeem it from the jaws of poverty. Under the guidance of Sam Boraie, the Boraie Development has implemented actionable marketing strategies that are designed to lure more real estate investors and entrepreneurs into the city and transform it into an economic powerhouse.

Duties of Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie has gained leadership skills and deep-rooted mastery of the real estate sector for the years he has served on the executive council of Boraie development. He leads his management team in developing new investment and expansion strategies that assist the firm to move in the appropriate direction. He also oversees acquisition and partnership deals.

Elijah’s Promise

Sam Boraie aims at improving living standards in New Brunswick by engaging in charitable activities. He is a board member of the State Theatre New Jersey-headquartered anti-hunger organization called Elijah’s Promise. Created in 1989, Elijah’s Promise brings change in New Jersey by donating food to poverty-stricken individuals. The organization prepares highly nutritious and sumptuous meals on a yearly basis. It organizes workshops and trains people on baking and culinary arts. Trained individuals can secure employment opportunities in bakeries and restaurants.

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