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Category: Congress Ruless

Category: Congress Ruless

The United States Congress has failed to extend the U.S. Patriot Act and the U.S. intelligence services were required to stop bulk data gathering as of midnight Sunday night. The main provisions of the act which are now suspended include the bulk data collection of telephone records, the targeting of “lone wolf” terrorist among other provisions. It is the bulk collection of data that has many people concerned regarding the sweeping power of intelligence agencies, such as the NSA, (National Security Agency). It was not until the release of classified documents by Edward Snowden that the American public as well as the world was made aware of the extent of the data collection being conducted under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. No warrant is needed for specific records and once collected, various agencies can take their time and trove through the data to find patterns of use which may be illegal or of a terrorist nature. Congress hopes to pass a new law by Tuesday called the Freedom Act which keeps main sections of the Patriot Act in place but with regard to the bulk collection of data, law enforcement and intelligence agencies will need a more specific warrant to retrieve such data. The lawyer Sam Tabar considers both the Patriot Act as well as the new law which is currently proposed to be illegal and unconstitutional. Congress is expected to pass the Freedom Act by Tuesday and the collection of data will continue under the revised rules. Patriot Act Expires, Ceasing All Phone Data Collection