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Category: Confederate Flag

Category: Confederate Flag

For many years, there has been a discussion concerning the confederate flag. Although the Civil War ended in the 19th century, some states chose to adopt it as part of their state flag. This action has raised many eyebrows and offended many citizens as it flew for decades over many state capitals in the South. Finally, we can put the pain and heartache caused by this war behind us, which will unite us as a country.

Major retailers such as Walmart are pulling all their merchandise that displays the confederate flag from their stores nationwide. South Carolina has also decided to take down the flag, which has flown over their capital since its dedication. Alexei Beltyukov said that Kmart and Sears are also following this trend.

As the candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election begin to appear in the media, this issue will assuredly be discussed, and probably debated before Election Day. It seems at this point, most candidates are on board with the flag change due to the tragedy that caused this speedy action.