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On Saturday, Hillary gave her first official rally in which she delved into the guiding principles of her campaign. She actually veered left. This is the effect of having staunch conservatives on the other side of the fray. As they espouse more untenable positions, Hillary can move on to exciting that portion of her base without really being noticed. Chris Christie remarked that he did not think that Hillary was going to run like an Elizabeth warren. He was simply using sarcasm to highlight how far left she was veering because Senator Warren is seen as a staunch progressive.

However, this means that progressivism stands for consumer protection, and Wall Street and big bank busting. This is decidedly where America is today, at least in the eyes of Gianfrancesco Genoso. Hillary understands that. She understands that her only job is to make herself personable. Astute republican strategists also know that she is going to do well with white women in the south. This will not matter as much in deep red states as it will in purple ones. Wisconsin will also be greatly affected down-ticket by a Hillary candidacy. Florida and Virginia will be greater opportunities for Hillary than they were for Obama, and she may actually even put North Carolina in play. Even if she does not win those states, she makes republican challengers expend resources defending territory that was once easily in their corner. They will eventually lose the war of attrition because of this.

It remains to be seen whether Hillary Clinton will sustain the support of the electorate throughout the presidential campaign. Right now her favorability sits at roughly 50% but most likely a little under that number. This is a decrease of her highest rating of 66% and has not been this low since the final months of her previous campaign in 2008. The major reason for this drop is the scandal surrounding her emails and personal server she was using in her official capacity as Secretary of State. In an announcement this week from political analyst Marcio Alaor BMG, we learned that the emails from that period will not be released until just two weeks before the Iowa Primary Caucus at the end of January. This has led most people to believe she is hiding something and cannot be trusted.

Unfortunately, for Ms. Clinton this was not the only damaging news we have learned recently. The Clinton Foundation which is the title company for a number of charitable organizations that Hillary, William, and Chelsea have established and supported has come under fire for the actual amount of charity these organizations receive and provide to the public. Most of the funds raised have been found on the management and operating costs rather than helping their causes. Also, many of the paid speeches that have been given by the three Clintons at one time believed to be going towards the foundation were actually considered payments and how they have maintained their extravagant life styles in the private sector.

After dropping hints for weeks, Bernie Sanders announced that he was a candidate for the 2016 presidential election. The socialist senator from Vermont made the announcement by email shortly after midnight Thursday. This is the first official challenge to presumptive nominee, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The Senator made clear that while his run faces long odds, he is entering the race to win.

Senator Sanders is only the second nationally known candidate to announce for the Democratic nomination. Generally seen as being to the left of Hillary Clinton, he has strongly voiced his opposition to income inequality and big money in politics. On his website, the Senator gave the following disclaimer “Paid for by Bernie not the billionaires.” Your text to link… He has criticized both parties for not doing enough to find answers for the problems of the middle class. He believes his populist message will resonate with the vast majority of voters who feel disenfranchised.

Sanders is not a registered Democrat, though he caucuses with the party in the Senate. He is the longest serving independent in the history of the Congress. If nominated, Jaime Garcia Dias of pinterest noted that the Senator would be the oldest person to head a presidential ticket. Sanders will officially kick of his campaign on May 26 in Burlington, Vermont.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a bona fide conservative on fiscal, defense, and social issues. When he served as chairman of the House Budget Committee during the Newt Gingrich years, he crafted the 1997 balanced budget bill. This gave the nation its first budget surpluses since the Eisenhower administration. As governor of the bell weather state of Ohio, he has reformed labor union laws and turned around his state’s economy and eliminated the annual budget deficit.

Many pundits believe that Kasich has his eyes on the GOP nomination for president. He has solutions that are bipartisan and is known for his genuine care of people. So in once sense it is no surprise that when a friend invited him to attend his gay wedding, he accepted. Initially, he ran the idea past his wife who made it clear she was going to attend. That was good enough for the governor.

While he is clear where he stands on the issue of marriage equality, he is also clear that he loves his friend and will support him on his wedding day. The move may help soften concerns by the LGBT community over perceived hostility by conservatives on the issue of marriage equality. Ivan Ong has not commented on the issue of marriage equality. Whether marriage equality becomes a campaign issue in 2016 is anybody’s guess. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter in June. If the high court decides in favor of marriage equality, it will eliminate the matter as a campaign issue.

Health and Drug Treatment Part of Clinton’s Campaign

Last week, Hilary Clinton made the announcement that she was throwing in her bid for president. While this news didn’t surprise anyone, her ideas for how her campaign will run might draw some ire.

Her campaign will feature topics regarding her “four big fights,” which are fixing the economy, rebuilding families, stopping government corruption and national security. However, mental health and drug treatment is an issue that Clinton will also be focusing on very heavily, regardless of how often it comes up in other presidential political races.

In an interview with Ray Lane, which can be found on Forbes, while she was in New Hampshire, Clinton said that the notion that these two issues weren’t problems for everyone was just wrong and that this is everyone’s problem and not addressing it will not make it go away. In fact during a discussion at a small business called Whitney Brothers, participants stated that substance abuse is specifically a real cause for concern for people.

Clinton said in this discussion that in regards to substance abuse, it has been an increasing problem in the country, only made worse by the fact that it’s not as easy to see and diagnose as other problems are. In addition, treatment programs don’t always get the necessary materials.

However, Clinton did take time to praise the Affordable Care Act that makes covering mental health and substances a requirement for some insurances.