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Category: Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has adopted a campaign theme quite similar to the one Arizona Senator John McCain used in 2008 called the “Straight Talk Express”. In Christie’s case, the message is “Tell It Like It Is”. Thus far, it appears the message is resonating with voters in New Hampshire. At the same time, Christie is looking to counter the image that he is a bully. He emphasized that when he defeated Sen. Barbara Buono, the Democrat nominee for governor in 2013, he did so without getting mean and nasty. In fact, Christie believes he was able to steam roll his Democrat opponent without ever embarking on personal attacks. He expects to do the same thing with Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup.

Christie kicks off his presidential campaign as a long shot candidate polling at 3%. His numbers were much stronger last year, but the Bridgegate incident hurt his standing. Also, the perception that he is commands a mean spirited presence put off voters. Still, Christie is telling people that he will not put any spin on the issues facing the nation. He asserts that those voters who do not appreciate his candor can chose from among the other 13 GOP candidates. Blog.NJ.com said, former New Hampshire congressman Charlie Bass pointed out the perception of Christie as irascible is unfair. By contrast, Rep. Bass said McCain was not viewed as a bully even though he was quite irascible on the campaign trail.