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Category: Bruce Levenson

Category: Bruce Levenson

There’s no doubt that President Bernie Sanders would dismantle the NSA spy programs as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there’s very little chance that the Vermont independent will make it that far. He could, however, help shake up the primary elections and force opponents like Hillary Clinton to take a hard stance on NSA surveillance programs.

Bernie Sanders has a long track record of opposing the unconstitutional spy programs rolled out by the NSA post 9/11. He opposed the original patriot act that was used as a jumping off point for mass surveillance of innocent citizens through phone records, emails and web traffic logs. He also voted for the Freedom Act that was created to dismantle the over-reaching created by the Patriot Act.

Hillary Clinton has yet to take a hard stance on NSA spy programs. It appears as though her political campaign is still testing the waters before deciding on a strategy. Having Bernie Sanders along for the ride is sure to raise questions Clinton may not yet be ready to answer.

Most regard Bernie Sanders as a bit of a sideshow in his run for the White House. I think his most important role will be to simply bring important issues such as income inequality and civil liberties to the forefront of political conversations in the next presidential election.

Thanks to Bruce Levenson for showing me this story.