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Category: Brazilian Advertising

Category: Brazilian Advertising

If you have a company in Brazil and have at one time been looking for an advertising agency, you probably got more than a few referrals to Neogama. But you might have heard about it even if you were not looking to advertise in Brazil. This is because it is a leading advertising agency in this nation. And the face behind it is Alexandre Gama, an award-winning advertiser based in Brasil. Gama is the founder, Chief Creativity Officer and the CEO of Neogama.

Gama is known to be an efficient advertiser and publicist. He has continuously broken the Brazil’s advertising industry record. First, by winning so many awards and secondly by leading his company to the same. Gama was instrumental in leading Neogama to be nominated by the Lions Cannes Award. This was the first time that a rookie in the industry was being nominated for this award. Additionally, he broke the growth record by making Neogama the fastest growing adverting agency in its very first three years. Today, with Gama behind it, Neogama is rated among the top 20 largest and most influential advertising companies in the region.

Alexandre Gama’s career in the advertising world began in the year 1982 as a fresh college graduate. He was admitted to Ogilvy & Mather as a copywriter. He was also the creative director of the company. 8 years later, Gama left the company and was tapped by DM9. At DM9, Gama was also a copywriter and the creative director. He worked there for some time before leaving to work for ALMAP then BBDO and later Young and Rubicam. He decide that he had enough of being employed and decided to start his own company in the year 1999. To date, Gama has won over 20 awards from Lion Cannes, based in France.

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