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Category: Bill Clinton the President Guy

Category: Bill Clinton the President Guy

The pay is enormous if you are a past president of the United States, and you like to talk for money. Bill Clinton has all the right credentials for speaking engagements. He likes to talk. He has charisma, and he likes money. A lot of money. When model Petra Nemcova first approached Clinton to speak at her annual charity event, Clinton was too busy. Clinton is a hot commodity on the speech-giving circuit.

Bill didn’t want to give up the big money he was earning in 2014 to fit Nemcova’s event in his schedule until she said the magic words. Nemcova told Clinton the gig was worth a $500,000 donation to the Clinton Family Foundation if he changed his mind according to educator Kevin Seawright. And guess what? He changed his mind and attended the event.

Clinton didn’t break the law when he agreed to accept the $500,000, but it is a little distasteful. But that’s Bill Clinton’s way. He can be very distasteful at times, and he really doesn’t care. This is not the first charity event Clinton turned down until they said they would make a donation to the foundation. Donations to the Clinton foundation start at $500,000. That’s why the foundation is worth over $2 billion today.