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Category: Beauty Guru


Today I’m doing ten hair hacks. Here’s a virtual hug if you’re new. Without further ado let’s jump straight to the video.


1 Healthy hair starts on the inside so knowing what vitamins are essential for hair health is a great hack. Keep your body stocked up on omega threes fatty acids, vitamin C, and folic acids. Sugar bear is made to give you all these nutrients that’s why I take two every morning.


2 I’m guilty of rarely cleaning my brush, which spreads grease through my hair. To clean your brush, start off with a fine-toothed comb and pluck away. You can also clean the grime away with a tooth brush.


3 For great smelling hair, use a dryer sheet and punch it through the brush’s bristles. It will leave your hair smelling like fresh laundry.


4 To make your hair appear longer, do half your hair in the usual pony tail, and make another pony tail just below it. Use some hair spray to keep everything in place. From the sides, it kind of looks a little funny though.


5 Here’s a secret: massaging a hair mask into your hair before jumping into the shower perfectly conditions your hair, and lends it fabulous volume. Massage it into your scalp and then distribute it evenly in your hair.


6 Drying your hair with a towel is really bad, especially if you rub it. Instead, squeeze as much water as possible from your hair before you step out of the shower. Then use a t-shirt to dry the rest.


7 Style your hair with a brush that you’ve spritzed some product on. It will make your hair look silky smooth.


8 To control your baby hair in the front, use a hair-sprayed toothbrush to brush your hair back.


9 Coat a bobby pin with hairspray, then insert it into your hair. It’ll never fall out.


10 I hate split ends, to trim them in between appointments, just twist your hair together until the split ends reveal themselves on the sides. Then use a pair of scissors to snip them off.


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