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Emily McClure admits that her hair is not her best feature; it’s fine, limp and a bit frizzy at times. She has longed for hair with movement, shine and fullness. In other words, this beauty blogger desires Hollywood hair.
So, Emily went to the man and brand that can deliver the goods. Wen hair by Chaz is noted for its amazing and unique no lather shampoo system. Emily decided to try out WEN for seven days and report her findings to Bustle.com.

WEN by Chaz has revolutionized the world in the way people care for their hair. Regular shampoos and conditioners, even the very expensive ones, all contain harsh chemicals and big lathers that weaken the hair. Sulfates may look bigger but are doing you zero favors.

Chaz Dean is a famous and respected LA stylist who knows plenty about hair of every type. That’s why he worked hard to create the no lather shampoo system. His special cleansing conditioners are luxurious, natural and plant-based formulas that nourish and strengthen the hair, both inside and out. Chaz Dean sells his products on Guthy Renker.

Emily used WEN by Chaz in the shower, massaging the rich product into her hair and scalp. She didn’t use a lot of product, but she should have, since a no lather shampoo has different requirements. Still, Emily’s hair looked beautiful and full, soft and shiny. Her hair selfies show a pretty woman with phenomenal locks. Even her friends were hair-envious; they wanted to know her magical cure. To get updates, follow WEN hair on Twitter.

To experience the ultimate in WEN by Chaz, Emily offers these simple tips:

1. Always wash with WEN daily. For Emily, a morning wash worked great for her fine, limp locks.

2. Remember that WEN is not for lazy girls. You need to pamper your hair.

3. Always follow with a blow-dry and styling tools.


Need Wen hair?

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