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Category: Attorney Dan Newlin

Category: Attorney Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a prominent personal injury lawyer based in Florida and he along with his team are dedicated on helping out victims by fighting for their rights as well as recovering their personal injury losses.

For many years, Newlin and his staff have helped dozens of victims win their accident cases and recovered more than 150 million dollars for them. On the website victims have posted their success stories and even thanked Newlin as well as his team for helping them win their cases.

Newlin appreciates it when an accident victim calls him for his help. If you happen to reside in either the Florida or Chicago area and need to contact a law firm, then Dan Newlin & Partners is the right one to go to.

The firm has won many accident cases and there is no fee to pay unless they win the case for you. For a free case review, all you have to do is fill out a simple query on their website stating your case and you will get a quick response just like that.

Areas of practice

The firm specializes in the following cases below….

Social security disability
Car and truck accidents
Slip and fall
Family law
Birth injuries
Medical malpractice
Brain and spine injuries
Cerebral palsy

They also specialize in wrongful death suits, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, airbag malfunctions, DUI accidents and much more.

Contact information

You can contact the firm by sending an email inquiry or by calling any of the phone numbers that they have listed on their website. They also feature an online chat where you can communicate with one of their representatives as well.

For more information about Dan Newlin, visit his firm’s website at www.newlinlaw.com.

Dan Newlin and his law firm of specialized lawyers received the distinction of one of the highest awards given to attorney’s in Florida, they were recognized as a Super Lawyer Law Firm, something less than 5% of Florida lawyers or local law firms receive. Joining this exclusive club was a long time in the making, but one only need follow along the story of Dan Newlin to see that he was on this path from day one when he started this journey.

It was 20 years ago that Dan Newlin began his career in law enforcement, working for the Indiana New Chicago Police Department. He later accepted a position in Orlando working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. That position was one that kept him on the force for over ten years, earning him the high rank of a sheriff detective. During that time in Orlando, Dan Newlin worked at several different positions, from automobile theft to narcotics enforcement. When he was assigned to the fugitive division, he was instrumental in helping to apprehend hundreds of the most dangerous fugitives in the region.

During his time in the Orlando area, Dan Newlin received several accommodations for going above and beyond the call of duty. He was even recognized by the United States Marshalls Office for his outstanding work done in this area. During his time in Florida, Dan Newlin applied and was accepted to Florida State College of Law, and he graduated in early 2000. Now attorney Dan Newlin is licensed to practice in several locations, maintaining offices in two locations so he can provide his exceptional legal services to as many needing individuals as possible.

One of the reasons that attorney Dan Newlin and his group were given the prestigious rank of Super Firm, they have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for accident and injury victims. This attorney started humbly with one secretary in a small office and now has several law offices across the country, employing over 75 different employees. Among some of the specialists working for attorney Dan Newlin are a retired board certified surgeon, former state prosecutor, to a trial attorney with 30 years experience. Attorney Dan Newlin and his skilled team of professionals focus on all phases of personal injury claims, automobile accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, wrongful death, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, and people who were involved in any form of criminal offenses.

The law office of attorney Dan Newlin, written about by Yahoo Finance, is available to help with any issue you have when needing legal representation. Call the local office and ask about their free initial consultation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain working with a team of lawyers who are the best in their respected fields.

When faced with a situation involving the law, the best thing to do is to hire a good lawyer such Dan Newlin. Here are some tips to make it easy for you to pick the right lawyer.

1. Choose a Specialist

When choosing an attorney, go to someone who specializes in his or her practice. Hiring an attorney who specializes in one particular field will no doubt have sufficient knowledge in that particular field. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid attorneys who practice in multiple areas.

2. Experience

In personal injury cases, choose a lawyer with 5-7 years of experience in accident cases that involve a value below $50,000. If you case involves catastrophic or severe injury, choose a lawyer with an experience of 12-15 years, particularly with wrongful death cases.

3. Reputation

When determining the success of a lawyer, you need to check their record of accomplishment. A lawyer’s record of accomplishment will tell you the number of favorable settlements and verdicts they have won. One with a good reputation has a high chance of winning your case.

4. Respect

The attorney you pick to represent you should be a respected member of the community. One who is respected in the legal field is less likely to disappoint you by poor service. A lawyer can only be respected if they are highly skilled and competent.

5. Trust

The law protects the relationship between you and your lawyer. Therefore, you need to find one whom you can confide in and express your concerns. A lawyer whom you trust will only do what is in your best interest.

6. Honest

A good lawyer is one whom you can communicate with effectively. An ideal lawyer will be honest about all the elements of your case. He or she will not hide from you the fact that your case is weak or that you have little chance of winning.

7. Excellent Staff

The role of an attorney is not limited to the courtroom. It is the duty of your lawyer to gather sufficient materials and information to help you win your claim. Successful lawyers work with a team of experts in scheduling depositions, answering the queries of clients and conducting mundane tasks related to their assignments. Hire one who has a competent and highly skilled staff.

If you are involved in an accident, you need to consider these factors when looking for a good lawyer such as Dan Newlin. With an extensive experience and having recovered over 150 million dollars for clients, Dan Newlin and Partners is a firm that has made a name for itself in personal injury cases. If you are looking for a fair amount of compensation while you recover from your wounds, Dan Newlin is your best chance.