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GreenSky credit is one of the leading private company with financial technology solution in America. It was founded in 2006 and between 2012 and 2016 it had rendered nearly five billion us dollars through GreenSky credit program. The purpose of the company is to provide a technological platform for the banks, and other financial lending institutions to give loans to their customers. The company is convenient since all its operations are online based, and they can be reached through their websites and mobile app. Hence, it has made it accessible by most Americans and therefore increasing its market share to 50 American states with over 1.2 million customers. Through linking the financial institutions and the borrowers, the company has enhanced customer’s trust and good relation between the parties involved. GreenSky credit is also a significant employer with over 600 employees working in the company.

One cannot mention GreenSky Credit Company without mentioning its C.E.O and co-founder Mr. David Zalik. A middle-aged Mr. Zalik who never went to high school but instead started a course in mathematics at Auburn University has been preparing for his career since his early age. He owns more than half of the company and lives a luxurious life in Atlanta. He has been a part of GreenSky Company since when it started as a mere idea till now when it’s a multi-billion company. He is a leader who has always worked to see the realization of this company’s objectives and to witness its tremendous growth. David Zalik efforts have made him win awards among them the 2016 National entrepreneur award in the financial services category. Through his leadership, the company has grown become one of the most valuable credit companies in America.

Mr. Zalik journey has not been a walk in the park. Before he developed this idea, he had tried many jobs which in some he succeeded and failed in others. His desire to enhance people’s lives conveniently is what yielded GreenSky Company.


There are many people who are using something like Talk Fusion to help their businesses communicate, and Talk Fusion was designed by Bob Reina to make it easy to use. He wanted to be sure that every person who used the system had a chance to get online with video emails and chats, and the plan for the system is much easier for people to get the work done that needs to be done. There are many people who like video email because it is easier than writing up emails all the time, and it is even better for people who are not sure how to get everyone in their office together.

The first and most important thing that people need to is learn how to get everyone in on the same conversation. They will learn a lot about how they can manage their business, and they will also have to be sure that they can talk with as many people on the line as possible. It is very easy for people to talk in the video chats because they have been designed so well, and it is even easier because people will be able to sign in from their own computers.

Talk Fusion is a very basic program, and it works really well because it is a great place to get everyone together. Managing people is a lot easier when they are all on the same page, and it is very easy for people to sing in when they need to. People can easily turn the meeting into a place to get work done, and you will learn how to keep the team together. That is much better than forcing people to all work in the same office, and they can all work together no matter how far apart they are.

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The spring season has been here for several weeks now, and I am finally ready to get started on my spring cleaning. It takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline to get started on this big cleaning session, and this is why I wanted to share my tips for getting started on spring cleaning.

The first thing I do is think about what motivates me to give my house a good cleaning. A sparkling home is a great reason to clean it from top to bottom. I do not have to worry about my family and friends seeing a mess when I invite them over for a few hours.

The second thing I do is make a checklist of the chores that need to be completed in every room so I am more organized. One example is writing out a checklist for the kitchen, and the tasks include wiping down the counter, cleaning the microwave and deodorizing the garbage disposal.

There are some tasks I can take care of myself, but it would take me days to clean the entire house on my own. This is why I usually hire a professional cleaner using Handy. The cleaner is experienced, insured and always on time for the appointment. Handy offers next-day availability so I can book the home service at the last minute.

It is so easy to book a professional cleaner, painter, plumber or electrician using Handy. I select the date, time and rooms that need to be cleaned, and then all I have to do is wait for Handy to confirm my appointment. I can manage the appointment and pay for the service right online. A professional cleaner shows up with their own supplies on the day of the session. The professional only cleans the rooms I selected when I made the appointment.

Spring cleaning is not my favorite chore in the world, but it is a chore that needs to be completed efficiently if I want my home to shine. I do not dread it as much now that I have Handy to send a professional cleaner when I need one.

Talk Fusion can make your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get something done for business or your home communication with friends and family. Talk Fusion is the company that you want to consider. There are an array of useful products on the company website. I have found myself using some of the programs because it saves a lot of time. I don’t have to know much about how certain software works. I can get started without downloading a bunch of other additional software to use their video conferencing or chatting applications.

The thing that I like most about the Talk Fusion is that this company is providing software that I can use to spice up my personal email. I like the video email because it gives me the chance to connect with my family. I use the Talk Fusion software a lot around the holiday. I send out email videos with the family on Christmas and New Year’s Day. All of my friends love these emails because it is something unique and innovative.

I love the way that this software starts so quickly and runs so smoothly. It also have an attractive background and display. I think that all of the clean cut templates are well designed, and there is so much variety. I probably will never use all of the templates that are available for the video email. I think that this was well worth the price that I paid. I doubt if anyone else would find something as good for the price.

I also use this type of software in the workplace because it gives me a chance to access my workers that telecommute. I have found Talk Fusion to be the best resource for business and home because it is affordable. I don’t know of any other systems on the market that is as affordable as this line of products. Sometimes it can be difficult to find products that are both affordable and easy to use. Talk Fusion is the rare find that manages to bring both of these elements together.

Independent home cleaners have struggled with agreeing on a forum to post their services. When homeowners and renters come across listings, they’re usually free-standing, overpriced, and from a potentially questionable home cleaner. There are no established validation or performance review systems in place, resulting in a hard time hiring home cleaners. Handy, a mobile app for listing cleaning services, has solved this problem, lowered the price of cleaning, and brought more work to independent home cleaners.

More than one million cleaning jobs have been completed since Handy’s inception in 2012, back when Handy was based in Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua’s dorm room, co-founders of Handy. They originally worked up the idea when trying to find housekeepers to clean apartments they were renovating. The pair had a difficult time finding reasonably-priced home cleaners, birthing the idea for what would become Handy.

Handy maintains listings in more than thirty cities around the world. The company has plans to expand its scope in 2016 after receiving a hefty round of funding from several sources last year. Highland Capital Management was one of the companies reported in financing talks.

Independent home cleaning professionals earn tons of exposure using Handy, if accepted, rather than having to spend an exorbitant, grossly unaffordable sum of money on advertising, which only larger companies can afford. Cleaners can use the application for free and are only charged for jobs booked and completed at around a 20% rate, very low for the services and connections Handy provides.

The app now features an option to leave cleaners tips through the interface rather than leaving tips in cash. Other steps are being taken to further improve performance of the app and bring more home cleaners to the fray.

Need a trusted cleaning company to keep your home looking appealing and comfortable? Handy Home Cleaning Service can help.

Keeping your house clean and tidy can be a daunting task that takes a great deal of your free time. Many people in our present society are too busy to even think about doing the cleaning chore on a regular basis. If your life seems to revolve around changing bed linens, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors, hiring the services of a home cleaning company may be the solution.

Hiring someone to handle your home cleaning task is not something to be taken lightly. You need to make sure the person or company is trustworthy and experienced. There are many companies out there offering to help keep your home looking great, but you need to keep in mind that not all home cleaning companies are created equal. It is imperative that you hire a company that has a qualified and vetted team of professionals. That’s where Handy Home Cleaning Service comes in.

But don’t expect to just hand over your house keys to a stranger to handle the cleaning task for you. Most cleaning companies, especially reputable companies, make it a top priority to perform a thorough background investigation to ensure that only the trusted and qualified cleaning experts are sent to a customer’s home.

Handy has provided outstanding services for many years and is highly regarded in the industry. Handy’s professionals are well trained and have passed the necessary background check before being allowed to provide services. These professionals arrive promptly, and have the necessary supplies and equipment to render top notch service to customers.

It is important to make sure you’re absolutely clear on how you get billed for your cleaning service. Then, do your research and check out reviews, to find out how the cleaning company or their professional are rated by other people who have used their services in the past. With Handy, you do not need to worry, because their professionals are highly dedicated to rendering excellent service.

Handy is one of the most reputable residential cleaning service providers and their fees are reasonable as well. Handy provides outstanding service, and their scheduling process is fast and easy, and can be done through their website. Simply contact them to request a quote, or to learn more about the amazing benefits of using their top notch services.

My wife and I have been looking for a reliable home cleaning service for a couple years. We’re tired of trying all the usual things out there. We’ve tried the typical maid services in the area, and we have found little success in our area. The maid services that we tried were not up to par with what we wanted, and I honestly feel like they would hire anyone to work for them. Everything changed when we started looking online. We tried some online advertising websites, but they were limited in their results. Then, we found this exceptional site called Handy.

Handy is easy to use on the iPhone or other devices. It works kind of like Uber. You make a request for a maid, and then you are presented with a long list of options to choose from. These results have been vetted, also. Someone from the Handy company has already spoke to them, and they have been interviewed. Handy conducts a background check, and they won’t accept just anyone into their organization. It’s hard for people to get in, unless they have exceptional service skills in their industry, so you get what you want when it comes to home cleaning services in your area.

I was shocked when I found that Handy has a lot of other services to offer to people. They offer plumbing services, and they have other handy men and women in my area that are ready to come to my home to assist me. It’s so much easier to deal with than the other, old fashioned ways of hiring a service person. I already know that this person is reliable because they would not be on the Handy database if they weren’t good at what they do. Handy makes sure to cover any expenses that develop, also, so you will have peace of mind with them if you try their services.

The website you can look at is Handy.com, and I highly recommend reading over their site because it is packed full of information. You will likely find an answer to any question about Handy that you might have. If you want to give it a go, it’s easy to get started, and it’s much safer than working with a typical service person because payments are digital. With Handy, you always know how much per hour the service will cost before the job begins.

Slyce is a Toronto based company that offers advanced 3D visual technology. The technologies enables limitless client engagement for companies by just a simple capture of a photo from a mobile device. It offers label visual technology, which is used by large retailers, and premier brands such as JCPenny, Niemen Marcus, Home depot and Tilly’s. The image recognition technology helps to increase consumer engagement and boost some of the mobile-based revenues.

The company announced that it would hold an event that shall display various visual search tools. According to Yahoo!Finance, the company shall launch other services that can only be found in beta development currently. Slyce’s image recognition technology shall be integrated into the mobile ecommerce applications of the retailers. The users will only take an image either of 3D or of 2D and which is transformed and presented into matching products in question. This shall enable consumers to purchase products from any location and time. In addition, the new visual search tools increases the sales of the companies by providing to clients relevant out-of-stock alternatives through use of advanced visual attribute analysis.

Slyce shall also highlight a wide range of proprietary products and an exclusive preview of some of beta products. Some of the consumer intelligence big data analytics to be showcased include universal scanner, snap to-coupon and Slyce insights. Universal scanner is an online tool that allows customers to take a picture of the product they are interested in and receive an exact match of the product immediately. It includes use of QR codes, barcodes, and coupons. Slyce insights is a platform that constructs meaningful information from contextual format of product images. It provides to the retailers a unique view of how the customers leverage the visual search to improve their online shopping experiences. The snap-to-coupon help retailers who use Apps to capture photo of printed coupons in catalogs, newspapers, magazines or any other form of media and generate mobile based version. The optimized mobile version is stored in the In-App and users receive notifications to redeem, when the coupons are near expiry and when near retail stores.

Social networking is become a bigger and bigger part of American life. There are thousands of people making unique connections with one another on a daily basis. There are hundreds of wonderful social networking apps and sites that are allowing people to make connections with one another while they are traveling, but one app is giving users an opportunity to connect with the locals.
Skout is a unique and exciting app. This app was originally designed to allow users to connect with other people in order to expand their social circle. The app started several years ago, and for years it grew at a rather stagnant rate. Last year, Skout decided to introduce a travel feature. Since the introduction of this travel feature, 10 million unique users have utilized this app in order to take virtual journeys. These journeys give you a sense of the area you are visiting, by utilizing the help of various locals.
While it may seem strange to take a virtual tour of an area, many young people are utilizing Skout to see the world from wherever they are. Many young people are even turning these virtual trips into an opportunity to travel to the actual location. They are meeting the people they run into on the app. These encounters give people the opportunity to connect with one another in real life.
Skout originally chose to introduce the travel feature for two different reasons. The first purpose of this app is to help users make friends in different cities around the world. This is meant to be a wonderful opportunity for those that love to make new friends. The second purpose of Skout is to allow people to make friends in cities that they are choosing to travel too. It can often allow people to meet the friends necessary to enjoy the city they are visiting. While in the past people might feel lost when they arrive at the city they are traveling too, Skout allows people the opportunity to make new and exciting friends, and thus have a great deal of friends inside of the city.
According to the leadership at Skout on skoutshop, the company has been extremely successful at both missions. Skout’s chief executive, Christian Wiklund, stated that Skout is not exclusively a travel app, but they are extremely proud of the fact that the app has helped millions of people around the world connect with one another.
Skout is available on several different platforms. Those that utilize an iOS device can get the app from the Apple App Store. Those that utilize an Android device, could get the app from the Google Play Store. By being available on both of the two major mobile platforms, Skout has been able to allow people throughout the world to make connections to one another.
The world of social networking has rapidly expanded in the last twenty years. People around the world are flocking to high profile apps, like Skout, so that they can enjoy making connections with one another.