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Category: Appreciate our Troops

Category: Appreciate our Troops


Andy Wirth, the president and CEO of Squaw Valley is on a mission to both raise much-needed funds and awareness to help out a cause dear to his heart: the Navy Seals Foundation. So what’s the story behind Wirth and the Navy Seals Foundation?

One October day a few years ago Wirth was skydiving under less than ideal conditions when he was forced to parachute into a vineyard. His landing was treacherous and he lost his arm. This was tough for a guy who was a runner, cyclist, and triathlete, but Andy Wirth has never been known to be a quitter.

After getting his arm back and months of hardcore rehab he was able to do the things he loved once again, except this time he had the company of a group of Naby SEALS who were in Tahoe for their winter training. The friendships he created with those men has influenced Wirth to work for a great cause, the Navy Seals Foundation.

So what does the foundation do? “The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families” according to it’s website. The Navy Seals are getting a lot of help and support from Wirth and two of his team members who have called themselves the “Special Warfare Warrior Support Team,” and they have been raising money to help Navy SEALS and their families.

These highly trained soldiers spend up to 270 days per year away from their loved ones in some of the harshest environments training and running military missions. They have chosen to make incredible sacrifices for their country and the foundation is there to help them. Since 9/11 SEALS have been stressed even further, and people like Andy Wirth are doing everything in their power to make it easier on them and their families.

The Navy SEALS Foundation needs all the help it can get. Contact them today and help them as they gladly help our country.

This next weekend is the official kick off of the summer season. Most children will be out of school, and many others on their way to vacation. With all the happenings in and around the area, many often overlook what Memorial Day is. As a child, I often accompanied my mother and father to the cemeteries each year for grave decorating. This tradition is still in effect in some areas, but others have long lost the time honored ritual.

Proudly on Memorial Day, we would load up the car with all sorts of beautiful flowers, and we would go and decorate the graves. Dad would stop and talk with a few of his old friends that had long been gone, shed a few tears, and leave behind a large bouquet of flowers. Mom would go visit her mother’s grave, as well as her other family members. Memorial Day was actually about the soldiers and remembering the sacrifice they gave for this country. Why is it that today it has just became the kickoff of the summer and a day off of work that it guaranteed? My friend Paul Mathieson concurs with my views of Memorial Day being a day to show our appreciation for our troops.

There were many history lessons for me in the cemeteries each year. I would learn new stories, here some old ones, and even come to miss people I never knew. It’s that history that molds and shapes us into what we are today. With so many people being cremated, not many are even going to graveyards like they used too. However, my children will be accompanying me to the local cemetery and placing flowers on their grandmother’s grave. It’s just about respect.