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Most people don’t give much thought towards cyber-security beyond the basic firewall on our computer. The more judicious might run a full scan occasionally, or look through and uninstall programs they don’t recognize. Overall, cyber-security is taken for granted until it fails. OneLogin wants to change that.

OneLogin is a corporate cyber-security service based in San Francisco that aims to raise awareness about how vulnerable corporate data can be. They offer a variety of services that best suits the customer, and flexible in terms of scale and coverage. They also aim to make cyber security simpler, and allow everyone to understand the real benefits of a solid security system.

They recently released an article (found here) on their blog that used Game of Thrones to outline major holes in most companies’ approach to cyber-security. The article specifically points out zombie accounts, a lack of awareness, and need for baseline knowledge in every employee. Zombie accounts are accounts left active by ex-employees. These accounts allow a basic level of access to data, especially if the employee leaves for a rival. It’s important that companies make sure to sweep periodically for these accounts, or as the Night’s watch does, burn the bodies. OneLogin has also found a staggering portion of board members and CEO’s who don’t consider cyber-security a priority. It’s important to keep cyber security in mind, so the appropriate resources are allocated. The last point is also the most important. Companies can have top notch security teams and systems, but every employee needs to have a baseline level of knowledge to make data truly secure. A security team and system only cover so much ground. Every employee needs to have the knowledge to avoid basic scams, keep passwords secure, and avoid sharing crucial information.

OneLogic is not the first, or the last to explain complex topics with popular culture. Nonetheless, the article is clear and concise. The article covers major points and uses comparisons that casual viewers can understand. Most importantly, it demystifies cyber-security and shows the value and the importance of cyber-security.

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ClassDojo is an educational communication app that promotes interaction between parents, teachers, and students. It is an excellent way for parents to stay updated on their child’s performance in social activities, academia, and conduct throughout the day. It has been an amazing tool for building and strengthen the relationships between parents, teachers, and the students. The app uses a point based reward system where the students can earn different points based on which behavior that earn that day. The teacher can easily click and assign behaviors on the go. The students enjoy using the fun platform and they like to option to customize their avatar so they can compare it to their classmates.

ClassDojo is also a great tool for teachers to save time. Since teachers are always busy and juggling a large workload, ClassDojo is a great way for them to record behaviors in a simple and easy way. Since it is available on tablets, smartphones, and computers, it is convenient to use and the behavior can be assigned even while the class is moving through the hallway. It also proves to be a useful data sharing tool between the parents and teachers. The teacher simply fills out behaviors and activities throughout the day, and ClassDojo compiles that into a report which is sent to the parents every week.

This promotes more involvement from the parents, which in turn makes the students more encourages to perform and success in school. It is a great tool for both the students and teacher to stay organized and allows the student to see for themselves the thing they are doing well and the thing that they could improve on. ClassDojo also has instant messaging feature in which the parents and teachers can use to quickly communicate with each other. There are also Class Stories, which consists of pictures and videos, so the parents get to watch their student learning.