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Category: American Royal Family

Category: American Royal Family

Social media is constantly being pushed at the public as the guide to what is hot in popular culture and the news. However, for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush a lack of Oniine chat about his long awaited campaign launch could prove to be a sign the road to the White House will not be a simple one. USA Today is reporting Bush saw just over 490,000 Facebook users mention his campaign launch in some way on the day of his announcement.

According to Igor Cornelsen on his personal site, Facebook has released statistics for the campaign launch of each candidate so far declared and has shown Bush compares unfavorably with the 4.7 million users who mentioned Hilary Clinton’s campaign launch. On the GO side of the fight Ted Cruz tops the list of Facebook posts and shares with more than two million users mentioning his campaign on the day it was launched. The Bush campaign has kept a low profile so far in a bid to raise as much money as possible before declaring the brother of George W. Bush had officially entered the race, which had caused concern amongst some of his rivals that Bush was circumventing the rules of the Presidential campaign. The son of former President George Bush also faces the problem of his links to his father and brother causing many voters to fear he will not bring in any new or innovative policies.