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When people think about Betsy DeVos one of the things that come to mind besides her political affiliations is her charitable acts of philanthropy. She is known to have been deeply involved in the positive changes in her community. For one thing, she has a heart for struggling families and sees that education is very important to making the needed changes in life. She and her husband have donated a lot of money to different causes and institutions in order to help them improve on the quality of services they offer to them. The following are the institutions that have received the donations from Betsy DeVos.

According to dbdvfoundation.org, There were a lot of donations listed on the tax forms of the DeVos family. One of the donations they have made are to the Success Academy Charter Schools. Success has received $150,000 in donations with another $150,000 approved for a total of $300,000. Another school she has donated to was The Potter’s House. She has made a special mention of that school from time to time stating that it was the one school that got her interested in trying to bring forth school choice for students to have the chance to receive better education.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

One institution they have given to was the Alliance for School Choice. Given that they are trying to bring forth school choice, it is only fitting that Dick and Betsy DeVos make their donations to the Alliance for School Choice so that they can help each other with the cause.

Meanwhile, Betsy has been involved in education in other capacities which includes serving in various seats. Among the positions she has held was a place on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

With all of the different things she does for the educational industry, it shows that she is very passionate about making sure that people are getting high quality education. While other people just donate their money to causes, it is the person who has the most engagement in the cause that is going to make the most difference. Betsy DeVos has made time to engage herself in the causes.

Doug Levitt is not the typical artist. Concerned with the path that America has taken, Doug has been traveling by bus for more than seven years and 70,000 miles to talk to the average American. Doug collected stories from fellow bus passengers. Stories of struggle and hope that currently make up the American public.

Mr. Levitt equates his project, aptly named The Greyhound Diaries, to the US government’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) efforts of the 1930s. The WPA would send officials out to talk to the American population and get a sense of where American citizens stood after national crisis.

This is what Doug Levitt does, he talks to the American public, takes their picture, and writes songs based on his experiences while criss- crossing the country in a bus. Doug has compiled every experience into the Greyhound Diaries in hopes of bringing awareness to others of the plight most Americans face following the downswing in the nation’s economy.

In a way this is not much different than Mr. Levitt’s previous position as an American foreign correspondent based in London. Doug has worked for many different networks, including: ABC, NBC, and CNN. Politics was in Mr. Levitt’s blood from an early age as Doug grew up in the nation’s political backyard, Washington, D. C. with his mother former D.C. Councilmember Carol Schwartz.

While fulfilling his duties as a foreign correspondent, Doug saw the poverty levels rise back in the United States and wanted to make a change and bring awareness of the struggles of many Americans. So Doug quit his job and literally hit the open road. After seven plus years of writing and recording, Doug is out to make a difference through his art.

Greyhound Diaries are available as an Ep and a book and is worth a listen and a read. Doug’s adventures can be followed online and he does perform across the country, reliving his experiences for others with a message of hope.

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Kevin Seawright, a financial and management expert began his career at various government positions in Baltimore, Maryland. After working for more than a decade in the public sector, he decided it’s the right time to move and deliver his financial expertise in the private industry. In 2014, he was announced as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Kevin was pleased when he joined Newark CEDC because he has been helping urban areas and communities to develop since he was a young boy. The city of Newark has developed new economic model under the leadership of Mayor Ras Baraka, where small businesses are provided with credit to fund their operations.  Something right in Seawright’s proven pedigree, as something he can influence positively.

For many years since he was a young boy, Kevin has been devoting his life to helping urban towns to grow and transforming the lives of those living there. His parents played crucial role in Kevin’s life by introducing him to financial stewardship at an early of 12 years. He would work for youth programs that were meant to improve the livelihood of Philadelphia’s residents. He developed the passion and dedication to changing the lives of young and adults in Philadelphia, and later in Baltimore, and now he is doing it in the City of Newark, NJ, CrunchBase shows.

Kevin Seawright attributes his desire to the contributions he has made to his parents, who are also his role models. As a person who has benefited from both formal and e-learning programs, he is encouraging others to approach college education seriously because it is very productive. Kevin has been involved with companies that are founded on platforms of empowering and strengthening neighboring communities. He believes that a person is successful as a result of an excellent relationship with his/her family.

In addition, Kevin thinks that another true mark of success is contributing and helping a community. He remembers helping a Newark entrepreneur to access a loan at Newark CEDC after many local banks turned her away. The aim of this organization is to help small entities and medium ones to access loan facilities because they are marginalized by local commercial banks. This is one way the company is using to grow the economy of Newark.

Seawright enjoys playing basketball and coaching youths, as well as listening to music. He supports 76ers, a basketball team based in Philadelphia where he was raised. Additionally, Kevin loves football and is a fan of Redskin team. Due to his busy schedule, he doesn’t get the chance to watch these games. He believes a lot of work still needs to be done in Newark, from providing capital for start ups and medium enterprises to contributing to real estate and construction projects, and this can be achieved through Newark CEDC.