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Category: Advertising TOol

The founder and leader of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, was featured on the MarTech Advisors’ homepage for posting an article on media advertising trends. Reina’s article is titled the ‘Video Advertising Trends of 2017.’ This piece talks about the techniques of some of the fastest-emerging video styles. It also covers how those styles are triggering changes in the market. MarTech Advisors have ranked Reina’s article as one of the top ten publications. The piece has attracted a huge base of readers after CMOs shared it on social networks such as Forbes.


According to Reina, he is excited to share his views and insights on digital marketing with the world and hopes that the article will serve as a guide to entrepreneurs. He emphasized that his report will also play a significant role in developing marketing strategies. Reina also shared product and service ideas with IT company officials based on market analysis, video popularity, and consumer trends. His article elaborates that videos are not only beneficial but are an active tool to entrepreneurs. Reina revealed that his first advertising tool, Video Email, became famous and was adopted by companies of all sizes. Since 2004, this marketing technique has continued to gain popularity in the marketplace.


Reina’s objective of publishing this article is to give additional tips on how to create captivating advertising videos. Reina also works as a part-time writer and contributes to the Huffington Post. The first piece that he wrote and shared with the MarTech Advisors was titled ‘Video Marketing Consumer Engagement and Profits.’ This article was also MarTech Advisors’ most reviewed and read piece in 2016. This firm plans to share Reina’s new piece with its global readership and 1.1 million followers.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is an award-winning video marketing solution powerhouse founded in 2007. This company’s objective is to assist businesses to increase profits and sales, outshine their competitors, and keep clients happy. Talk Fusion creates striking, persuasive, and appealing video products. This organization offers services such as video communication products, video newsletters, live meetings, and unrivaled customer service. This firm’s independent associates market the company’s product locally and globally. Talk Fusion supports various charities and community programs through donations and volunteer works.