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The Human Rights Foundation has a simple yet important mission to end civil right violations around the world. This task is not just a service to every living person on planet earth but a labor of love and not without its peril. The people who perform their duties for the HMF are brave, concerned and take action in several different way on the behalf of others. Sometimes these fights are for strangers in far-away regions, and at other times the problems hit very close to home. But no matter what the case, the HRF and its goal remain the same; raise awareness to end the abuse of civil rights.
Any organization is really the actions and reactions of the people who run and support it. And an organization such as the HRF requires members with unique depths and experiences to operate. Thor Halvorssen fits this description thoroughly. He is the founder and president of Human Rights Foundation. He is also founder and patron for other movements and forums. But this man is not just the average run of the mill founder and president. Thor’s passion comes from overcoming and confronting civil rights violations committed to members within his own family.

His father is a survivor of human rights violations whose wrongful detainment, by the Venezuelan government, and torture is known by HFR and Amnesty International. This detainment is the driving force behind Halvorssen’s founding of the Human Right Organization. Through much collaborated effort, this story ends with justice and a prisoner release. Other dealings with the Venezuelan government and Thor’s family do not end as well. His mother is the only victim of fatal gunshots, from agents of the Venezuelan government, released into a calm organized gathering. Thor’s cousin is a politician and prisoner of the Venezuelan government.

When violations such as the ones in film maker Thor Halvorssen’s life occur, the HRF takes action. And although they cannot see into every violation, they collaborate and initiate programs that let other people know what is going on. These programs include everyday advocacy or conferences and even a center for law and democracy. The HRF is all about working with as many people as they can worldwide to call attention to human atrocities.