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The protection of intellectual property rights is a rising matter as the globalization of digital services is progressing. The interweb is not a fully regulates space, and any accountability is held solely by digital business and their terms of use which are legally binding.

Kamil Idris is the Director-General of the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO for short. Kamil Idris commented on the many ways in which globalization has and will continue to affect the right on the intellectual property. Idris also pointed out that the more and more patents have started being submitted from across the world.

At the same time, the regulations on patents enforced by the Intellectual Property Rights are becoming hazier because of the rising rate of privacy issues which had not been taking too much into consideration when those regulations were issued. Professor Kamil Idris added that those should stand a revision every few years as the globalization is changing almost every factor.

In the developing world, a number of countries are lacking training and knowledge about intellectual popery which makes them fall behind. In countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and so on, that knowledge and training are not evenly distributed. It has been noted that in the U. S. especially there is a huge discrepancy from one company to another while other fluctuate.

According to Professor Kamil Idris, company leaders should invest more time and resource to educate themselves and their employees on the matter of intellectual property. The World Intellectual Property Organization offers affordable programs for that, but from the organization, it was stated that not enough companies make use of that program which causes a rip in integrity considering the staggering growth in the number of new companies that are founded and growing.

The World Intellectual Property Organization will be working with a few institutions who also share the goal of improving the IRP framework and keep up with the rising era of globalization in a steady and secure matter while striving to educate the general public and employers.

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Recently, NGP VAN gave us 4 tips for a better end of quarter. We all know that the end of the quarter can be highly stressful and it can put a disgustingly massive amount of stress and frustration on finance and digital teams. Luckily, NGP VAN gave us some advice on how to make this easier for us and at least a little bit less stressful.

The first tip is to keep email topics saved for later. When you are sending out emails day in and day out, you can run out of topics, fast. It is a good idea to store some away for use at a later date. So don’t use all those good ideas at once.

Another piece of advice is to get as much written and approved beforehand as you can. Getting everything written down and then approved can burn up a lot of time. So in order to save a load of time, you should get all that done in advance, instead of waiting til the end of the quarter.

Make sure to be organized. Mark down which emails are already approved and ready to go out, along with which ones are up next and those that need a follow up. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple clients. It may take a little time to figure out, but it will save you time in the end.

Lastly, make sure you celebrate. You and your team worked hard, you should celebrate those achievements. It doesn’t have to be some expensive dinner, although those don’t hurt, but even something simple like a pizza party, special lunch, or even a fun team building activity will do. It’s nice to have something fun to look forward to at the end of all the hard and arduous work, and it is also a good idea to go over what worked and what didn’t during the quarter.

NGP VAN is a company that specializes in helping organizations use technology to achieve goals. They’ve worked with campaigns like the Obama Administration and also the Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton campaigns. They are a privately owned company with approximately 190 located in Washington, DC

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The Human Rights Foundation has a simple yet important mission to end civil right violations around the world. This task is not just a service to every living person on planet earth but a labor of love and not without its peril. The people who perform their duties for the HMF are brave, concerned and take action in several different way on the behalf of others. Sometimes these fights are for strangers in far-away regions, and at other times the problems hit very close to home. But no matter what the case, the HRF and its goal remain the same; raise awareness to end the abuse of civil rights.
Any organization is really the actions and reactions of the people who run and support it. And an organization such as the HRF requires members with unique depths and experiences to operate. Thor Halvorssen fits this description thoroughly. He is the founder and president of Human Rights Foundation. He is also founder and patron for other movements and forums. But this man is not just the average run of the mill founder and president. Thor’s passion comes from overcoming and confronting civil rights violations committed to members within his own family.

His father is a survivor of human rights violations whose wrongful detainment, by the Venezuelan government, and torture is known by HFR and Amnesty International. This detainment is the driving force behind Halvorssen’s founding of the Human Right Organization. Through much collaborated effort, this story ends with justice and a prisoner release. Other dealings with the Venezuelan government and Thor’s family do not end as well. His mother is the only victim of fatal gunshots, from agents of the Venezuelan government, released into a calm organized gathering. Thor’s cousin is a politician and prisoner of the Venezuelan government.

When violations such as the ones in film maker Thor Halvorssen’s life occur, the HRF takes action. And although they cannot see into every violation, they collaborate and initiate programs that let other people know what is going on. These programs include everyday advocacy or conferences and even a center for law and democracy. The HRF is all about working with as many people as they can worldwide to call attention to human atrocities.