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In today’s demanding economy is a staffing agency right for your healthcare business needs? Maybe you are searching for a staffing agency to help you get a start in the health industry. If you are interested in finding out more about staffing agencies then you may want to look at Brain Torchin’s Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC).

Brain Torchin:
Who is Brain Torchin? Torchin used his own knowledge and experiences as a chiropractic physician to create a business to help other healthcare professionals maintain highly qualified practices by offering clientele the best possible staff. Torchin is considered an experienced professional in the healthcare community. He was described by Dr. Mayer Green, from the Consultants of America, as honest, professional, and as having high integrity. On BullHornResearch one of Torchin’s goals is to create long-term relationships with all his clients.

Benefits of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC:
HCRC work with private chiropractic practices as well as hospital staffing needs in chiropractic jobs, medical jobs, physical therapy jobs and more. Consulting services, background checks, and staff training are also offered through HCRC. Another of Torchin’s goals beyond staffing the global healthcare industry is to offer efficient and fast solutions for his clients. He strives to offer availability at all times to answer questions or fulfil requests for employment.

Torchin has also created a blog space on Behance and on the HCRC website that offers tips on various topics aimed at helping his clientele recruit employers or employees through social media such as Linkedin. Other blog articles focus on the importance of the clients and the atmosphere of the practice itself, the top interview questions, and tips to hiring excellent employees.

HCRC offers employment opportunities for highly qualified healthcare professionals searching for a career in the healthcare sector. With today’s economy one might need to search outside traditional employment opportunities. Staffing agencies will actually seek employment for potential healthcare professionals.

HCRC is currently available nationwide as well as in Canada and Australia. Torchin has built up communications in Europe and Asia as well. Brian’s Google + is a better window into where he’s taking the company next.

President of the U.S. Money Reserve spoke out recently about the possibility of removing the penny from circulation. Killing the penny could save taxpayers millions each year. Are we ready for all the consequences that would happen if we remove coins from circulation? US Money Reserve President Phillip Diehl believes that creating pennies costs more than having pennies are worth. He also states that nickles are no longer worth producing either. Nickles cost 4 cents more than they are worth. Is it time to kill the penny production?

According to the article, charities would suffer drastically. Most people donating to charities are donating by means of a coin. When you see a charity standing in front of the local Walmart, you reach in your pocket for your coin change to drop in the bucket. Pennies and nickels make up a large amount of the contributions charities collect. How would a charity collect if plastic was the only “currency” around? Plastic users will need things like credit card machines or card sliders to accept funds. Without sliders or credit card machines, charities will suffer donations.

Rounding off to the nearest dollar is another option being considered. This means if a can of soda originally cost $1.25, and the coin part was tossed, then the soda cost would either increase to $2 or it would only cost $1.00. This concept is good if the price goes down. If the price increases by a dollar, then consumers would be suffering the consequences of killing the penny.

Mark Weller, comments that he has no reason to think that the general business will decrease its cost. He believes that most of the smaller stores will increase to the next dollar instead of decrease to lower. The economists believe that removing coins from circulation could cause local small businesses to have issues staying afloat unless they raise prices.

According to Jarden Zinc productions, in 2010, the United States ask for solutions to cheaper penny production. Now in 2015, the U.S. Is no closer to coming up with the solution. Diehl believes that the nickel is savable but the penny has little to no hope of holding on. Hopefully, the coin will remain in circulation so that charities and poor individuals can still have a chance to succeed.

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While investing is one of the common ways that people gain financial independence, it is very common for people to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to their decisions in financial matters. Among the people who have made decisions that have turned out to be costly is Kyle Bass. Kyle Bass is one of the people who has made it big with a certain guess that happened to be right, but after that success, he has followed up with plenty of mistakes and decisions that were ill-advised. He has also joined up with some financial professionals who are equally careless.

Kyle Bass has made a name for himself as someone who falls to new lows each month. He works as a hedge-funder for Argentine Autocrats. After calling the economic fall of 2008, he has made a lot of bad calls afterwards. His bad calls were witnessed by many people who follow the market. Yet, this doesn’t stop him from making public appearances where he defends his choices. He provides an analysis of the market that seems to serve no other purpose than to fill his quota. As a matter of fact, it seems that for each appearance he makes, his financial performance falls.

Among the careless choices that Kyle Bass has made was joining with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, especially with what she has done with the economy of her country. Given the financial poison that she has given, Kyle Bass still defends and praises her as if she is the best thing to happen to him.

Kyle Bass has also made some careless statements and participated in shady practices in order to make sure that his investments cashed out. For one thing, he blamed the defective airbags of GM on the customers that drove them. He tried to say that the customers and the passengers who were in the car were probably drunk. Another scheme for profit involved pharmaceutical stocks in which he short sells the stock and makes millions while the pharmacies lose their ability to come up with some effective treatments for problems. This results in many people suffering as a result of Kyle Bass’s antics.

Kyle Bass is definitely involved in some unethical activities. He has also been questioned and hounded for an explanation to his acts in which Bass has replied that he has noble motives. He is trying to deal with patents and bring the prices for drugs down. When one looks closely at the alibi that he gives, he will find so many problems with the explanation that was given. He has admitted to his downfalls as well. He did confess that he had a lust for more wealth while at the same time accusing pharmaceutical companies for having that same self interest.

Boraie Development LLC provides services in the development of real estate, management of property, and marketing. Acquiring offices in New Brunswick and Dayton, the company started off as a real estate agency in 1972. Their primary goal is to redevelop New Brunswick from the tragic aftermath of hurricane Sandy, through direct capital and private funding.

Omar Boraie, the president of Boraie development, played a vital role in the remodeling of New Brunswick. He created the Albany Street Plaza Tower One (1988), followed by a second extension of the tower (2013) and the One Spring Street Condominium (2007). The condominium provided housing to several professionals who were employed in the towers.

New Brunswick experienced nothing but relentless downfalls. Whether it’s challenges faced from staggering property values across the city or influx of immigrants, major modifications were necessary.Growth occurred throughout several decades, with the help of Boraie Development and Johnson and Johnson. The changes consisted of urban renewal projects such as landscapes used for commercial and academic purposes.

Sponsored through EDA’s Urban Transit Hub Program and New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Financing Agency, The Aspire became one of the most prominent buildings in downtown New Jersey. It was featured on NJ.com, the official newsletter website for New Jersey citizens. The 17 story residential complex offers many advantages for people. Settlers are provided an extensive list of activities and services. This includes lounges in the kitchen, patios on the rooftop, gardens, doormans that monitor your apartment and a fitness center that’s available throughout most of the day.

Newmark Native

Four time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal pledged to partner up for Boraie Development in a quest to expand the territory of New Brunswick. One instance is volunteering to cooperate with mayor Ras Baraka, during the beginning of August, to co-host a basketball tournament. The tournament was held on Broad Street in front of City Hall. Men and woman were aloud to participate in the three-on-three tournament.

During 2012, He teamed up with Boraie Development to open the Cityplex movie theater on Springfield avenue. This $7 dollar project was followed up, in 2013, with plans to convert Science High School to a multistory apartment tower that has retail property on the ground.

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