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Graham Edwards Is Moving from Telereal To Chair CPS

Graham Edwards Is Moving from Telereal To Chair CPS

Recently, the Centre for Policy Studies announced some of its New Generation initiative. The initiative is a platform that focuses on providing people with a chance to understand newer set of policies that would end up supporting majority of the work in different countries.

The policy program was crafted in the height of Brexit and it is aimed to help the new generation after Brexit understand the new policy ideas for a post-Brexit Britain.

“In the long run, we aim to launch around four major policy programs that will focus on factors that affect the lives of people. Those are taxes, the cost of living, housing and welfare,” said the CEO of CPS.

The aim of the program is to provide people with an in-depth into policies and how people should develop a sense of ownership for them.


CPS to Change its Leadership Structure

With the development of the new policy program, CPS is planning to do an overhaul in its leadership structure from the top. Some of the major adjustments include Alex Morton, Tom Clougherty, Rachel Wolf and Graham Edwards.


Alex Morton

Alex Morton’s responsibility is to oversee the development of these programs. Alex joins CPS from a background of housing and planning hence has the qualities required to direct.


Tom Clougherty

Tom Clougherty is the head of tax. Prior to joining CPS, Tom worked as the head of Adam Smith Institute. Also, he was the managing director of a think tank back in DC hence he is to play a pivotal role for the company.


Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf was commissioned to work with Alex to help remodel the welfare system. Rachel comes from a background of welfare activities such as creation of schools and veteran programs.


Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards will be joining CPS as the new chairman of the Housing Policy. He is currently the CEO of Telereal Trillium, which he has built over the years to make it one of the largest privately owned property company in the UK.


Background History of Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards, the appointed chairman of CPS, has a long history serving in the top positions. He has worked in several company include Telereal before it merged with Trillium. In fact, he played a major role in spearheading the merge.

Graham Edwards comes in as a chairman with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of business. In addition, Graham Edwards is well-known to be a philanthropist thus will play a major role in the welfare sector.