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Cassio Audi: His Lesser Known Life as a Metal Drummer

Cassio Audi: His Lesser Known Life as a Metal Drummer

Although Cassio Audi’s current career is in finance, he is well known for his rock and pop music from the 80’s and 90’s. However, his music career began far before this. In fact, Audi began his music career early on as a drummer. Being from Brazil, a country known for samba and other dance genres of music, Audi took a very different approach to his musical style. He made his claim to fame through playing heavy metal music. In fact, he was incredibly instrumental in the formation of the popular musical band, Viper.

Metal music began to arise in the 1960’s, and the backbone to metal music was the drummer.The drummer was paramount in creating the aggressive musical style that metal is known for. Metal was different than any musical genre to date for the innovative drum style. Cassio Audi was one of the founding fathers of this style of drumming along with Jean Dolabella and Ivan Busic. In fact, Audi is regarded as a musical hero to many metal drummers today.When Audi started playing for Viper, he was only a teenager. The rest of the band were some of the most talented musicians in the heavy metal industry.

Being around this caliber of musicians helped Audi grow and soar into the drummer he would ultimately become. Even though he joined in 1980, it wasn’t until he wrote and recorded the drum parts to Viper’s first hit album, “Soldiers of Sunrise,” which was released in 1987. One lesser known fact about this album was that Audi actually composed an entire song on this album.Now Audi works in the marketplace in finances. He left Viper to go to the university and moved into the corporate world. Although a lot of people would know him now as a financial leader, his early life as a musician will never be forgotten.