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Adam Milstein: A Pillar of the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein: A Pillar of the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein has been a pillar for the Jewish people, especially as of recent, as he and his wife Gila Who founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, that helps provide charitable services to various organizations in order to help strengthen the Jewish people, Israel, and their relationship between the United States and Israel. His philanthropy includes partnership development, fundraising in supporting programs such as in the aspects of Jewish education, Pro Israel advocacy, and Jewish continuity, as well as consulting. Adam Milstein policy regarding his philanthropy includes these three principles: Active philanthropy, in which she does this through his family’s foundation in order to provide for families in need, life path impact in which Adam Milstein develops organizations that help those struggling through their childhood and even adulthood, and philanthropic synergy in which she provides additional funding for other philanthropic organizations in order for them to have a more profound effect on those they are helping and engaging with.

In addition to his wonderful philanthropy,Milstein is also a writer on the Jewish News Syndicate, also known as JNS. Adam Milstein recently wrote an article on the news Cindy kids website, www.jns.org, regarding the terrible anti-Semitism that has been going on in the world as of late. In this article, Adam Milstein focuses on the impact that radical Muslims have had on “destroying and delegitimizing” Israel, which she wisely refers to in the article as, “ The historic homeland of the Jewish people.” Also talks about how this group of Muslims are trying to cause anti-Semitism to spread in different regions as well.

In addition to this very informative article, Milstein also has written other articles on the Jewish News Syndicate. Milstein find a way to catch readers attention, by targeting subjects in the articles that he writes that are recent. In addition, Milstein also chooses to hold the reader’s attention by writing articles that are interesting and informative. In order to check out more of Milstein’s articles, and be more aware of the situation presently regarding the Jewish people, you can always visit www.jns.org to learn more, and continue to stay informed and educated.