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Robert Deignan and the Corporate World

Robert Deignan and the Corporate World

Robert Deignan Overview

Robert Deignan went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School from 1988 to 1992. He later proceeded to Purdue University where he pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. In July of 1998, he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. and he was a part of it for close to three years. From June 2002 he acted in the capacity of Executive Vice President in iS3 Inc., which is a computer software company for nine years. From August 2011, Deignan has been a co-founder and a Chief Executive Officer at Inbound Call Experts, ICE. Inbound Call Experts changed its name to Advanced Tech Support otherwise known as ATS and Deignan still acts in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer.

The corporate world

His experience in the field of business management and more so organizational leadership has been reflected in most of the corporates that he worked for. Deignan has also been significant in founding several other companies that he has been a part of. Most significantly is the fact that he seems to be drawn to computers and software. With all the experience that he has gathered over the years, Deignan has become exemplary at startups and any business that involves e-commerce. He has the skills that are necessary when it comes to starting up businesses. Most of the companies are also IT-related which makes it easy for Deignan to give insights with respect to e-commerce. He is also skilled in matters concerning Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Robert and giving back to the society

Apart from this, Deignan is also involved in charity events and he is part of several projects such as the Dare County Boat Builders Foundation. The foundation’s core mission is to develop, encourage and uphold public awareness of the historical and cultural heritage of boat building as well as giving educational aid to those students who are underprivileged. Robert Deignan can, therefore, be summed up as a great leader with proficient abilities in running corporate business and in helping start-up business as well. His track record speaks for him.