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Dr. Mark McKenna Medical and Business Practices

Dr. Mark McKenna Medical and Business Practices

If you want to see what a true picture of what a successful entrepreneur looks like, then take the time to learn more about Dr. Mark McKenna.

Dr. Mark McKenna initially went to medical school with every intention of practicing medicine; however, he quickly realized that in order to truly make the money that he wanted to make, that he would have to find other avenues in which he could use his medical degree to create the financial revenue that he wanted.

He initially started out his entrepreneurship practices out with a real estate business, but after Hurricane Katrina he lost millions and had to quickly switch gears to recoup his losses. It was at that point that Dr. Mark McKenna truly started to incorporate his medical degree into his business worlds. McKenna developed a set of offices that offered cosmetic treatments called ShapeMed. Once ShapeMed had become profitable, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the business to a popular fitness chain and stayed on for a year on the staff, but eventually made the decision to leave after the chain was sold.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently busy developing his next project. His current entrepreneur venture is called, OVME. It is McKenna’s hope and plan that OVME will become a national chain of medical offices that focus solely on cosmetic procedures. The difference between his vision and the current vision of such chains, is that OVME will offer an app to its customer base that allows patients to find practitioners that will offer house calls to complete cosmetic procedures in the customers home.

When one views Dr. Mark McKenna, they are looking at an individual who has a goal and that is to use his educational background and his drive, to form new entrepreneurial businesses. It seems that he always is up to something new and doesn’t let setbacks keep him down. He is operating with a true entrepreneur spirit.