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Lime Crime Offers Many Interesting Beauty Products

Lime Crime Offers Many Interesting Beauty Products

Lime Crime is a brand that is known for doing things in a different way from other brands, and they have many interesting products available to beauty lovers. One of the special product offerings that this brand has available transforms the lips in an interesting and special way to help them attract attention at special events and in photo shoots. The Diamond Crusher Lip Topper is prismatic and beautiful. This product goes beyond a gloss when it comes to the look that it brings about, and it is something that can be worn alone or over a lipstick. The Diamond Crusher Lip Topper is available in many different color options.

The Matte Velvetine Lipstick from Lime Crime is something that is highly pigmented. This lip color moves over the lips in a smooth way and it transforms their appearance. This lip product is available in some natural looking colors and also in fun and trendy color options as well.

The Lime Crime offers great eyeshadow shades through their Venus Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is filled with a good mix of neutral colors and bold options. This palette has both matte and glowy eyeshadow options available in it and it is something that can help a person to get a full eye look from it.

Those who are looking to glow with highlight can find products from the Lime Crime brand that will help them do that. This brand has multiple highlight options available and each one can help a person to glow in a unique way. These products are available in various shades and they can help to finish a full face of makeup in a way that inspires confidence. One of the highlight options is the Opals Hi-Lite Palette. This contains three different milky shades that look beautiful on the skin.