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Sujit Choudhry Gives his View on the Current Political Climate

Sujit Choudhry Gives his View on the Current Political Climate

Sujit Choudhry is a world-famous scholar who researches in various fields on pressing issues such as politics and constitutional law. For instance, he studies constitutional design as a method of managing transitions from conflicts to peaceful politics, federalism, semi-presidential, bill of rights, minority, secession, and transitional justice among others. Sujit has contributed a lot to Canadian Constitutional Law. One of his recent publications discusses constitutional democracies in times of political crisis.

Sujit analyzes a tweet by Eric Holder who states that the removal or firing of Bob Mueller should be followed by massive peaceful demonstrations by the American people. According to Choudhry, Eric’s tweet is based on two things, the warning and that Holder wants the American people to air their views about the way officials run an office. Sujit insinuates that Holder means that the issue will be solved depending on how American people respond.

Sujit notes that Eric’s tweet is based on ‘constitutional self-enforcement.’ Sujit shows that he is surprised by Eric’s tweet. Choudhry says that Eric who was once a law enforcement officer is not interested in solving issues legally. He says that there is a tendency for those in power to disrespect the law and act above it.

Professor Sujit also gives another example of how people abuse office by stating that most presidents disregard the term limit by trying to change the constitution in their favour. Such a scenario is evident in different parts of the world including both developed and undeveloped nations. Sujit adds that autocrats have high chances of breaking such laws. Some of the strategies used to stay longer in office include suspending elections or declaring a false state of emergency. When such things happen, opponents tend to mobilize citizens to fight for their rights.

Sujit says that Eric’s tweet is a clear indication of a failure in democracy. Sujit Choudhry goes further to say that disregarding term limits could be termed as self-coup to stay more in power. Sujit also says that seizing power without an election is also equally wrong and similar to what Eric’s tweet insinuates. Sujit goes on to demonstrate how democracy has failed in other nations such as Poland. He goes on to say that courts should stand strong to solve such matters accordingly.

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