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Glen Wakeman and The Invaluable Service Offered By His Launchpad Holdings

Glen Wakeman and The Invaluable Service Offered By His Launchpad Holdings

It is said that a great business leader should be able to face the challenges of the times without failure, without giving up and falling to the floor begging for a bailout. While Glen Wakeman is not a perfect example of this business leader, he’s still one of the best examples. He’s a business leader who’s brave to open up opportunities where there’s nothing. He’s brave enough to understand the risks of losing in a business that could also win and pay a lot in terms of future payoff. He also understood before creating Launchpad Holdings LLC that to be a CEO is to be someone who people can look up to, and that’s why a CEO like him has no choice but to be virtuous, ethical and a man with skin in the game.


Skin in the Game and CEO Glen Wakeman

Skin in the game means being held responsible for one’s opinions, decisions, actions and ideas. If you don’t pay for the consequences of your ideas, then you don’t have the skin in the game that requires you to be an ideal leader. Fortunately, Glen Wakeman takes responsibility in his words, as he shares them in his insightful blog articles and consultancy work for various businesses. His expertise in emerging markets has also been instrumental in not just growing companies under his helm, but also making them understand the core of starting a business: share prosperity to others so that they may enhance their quality of life.

Right now, what takes up most of Mr. Glen’s time is the mentoring work that he does for various C-level executives, which include Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. The write-ups that he does also help companies enhance their performance and over-all rating across the competition. Clearly, the work that Mr. Wakeman does is invaluable to many, and that’s why his Launchpad Holdings company seems almost to be a necessity for those who need guidance in starting a business or expanding in a scale that had not been tried before.

The work right now of Mr. Glen seems to focus on also making companies understand the patience required to wait for the money. It is essential for these companies to know that profit comes only after valuable services rendered.