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End Citizens United Endorses New Wave

End Citizens United Endorses New Wave

     The current political climate favors Democrats greatly and that isn’t hard to understand. The recent trends in politics have shifted us towards big money and less power in the hands of the voter. That’s something that has ignited a fire under many people and gotten them out to vote. End Citizens United, a PAC devoted to fighting the notorious Supreme Court decision, has led the pack. They are endorsing candidates they believe have the best chance of making a change this November. With so many Republicans vulnerable and an unpopular president, it’s likely we will see this swing in the right direction.

The Citizens United ruling was absolutely one of the worst mistakes made in the history of America. It has allowed corporations the power to do things that are unspeakable and it has laid the foundation for some of the most horrific things we see happening now. We would likely have not seen the rise of Donald Trump or the others who have followed him if not for Citizens United ruling. It provided a framework that allows big money into politics as a form of free speech. The effects of giving free speech to corporations leads towards a sort of feudalism. The rich find ways to dominate and take over those around them.

Democrats have the potential to make some big successes if they manage to take what they’ve been given and make the most of this opportunity. We have seen in recent elections such as Conor Lamb that the country is headed towards a new direction. People want to take back the country and they need leaders who are going to help take big money out of politics. This is just the first few steps that will actually get us towards making that happen.

The upcoming November elections are going to be massive and the overall impact will be felt for some time to come. If Democrats can flip the House or Senate, we can finally see politics go back to what it was. The changes won’t happen overnight but they will be substantial and they will be important. End Citizens United has gotten pretty far by trying to make this an important cause. Along the way the PAC has picked up allies who also want to see this happen. That work combined is going to make some changes that nobody will be able to ignore in the long run.

Please see https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/ for more.