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E-Cigs and O2Pur

E-Cigs and O2Pur

There is so much consolidation in the tobacco industry that buying stocks in just one or two tobacco companies usually gives you access to a whole bunch of others. Even now, British American Tobacco is in the process of absorbing Reynolds-American, a worldwide leader in e-cigarette devices. After this transaction, it plans to double the e-cig brands it has on the market by the end of 2018. And this is not the purchase and absorption will do. It will also make British American Tobacco the largest tobacco company in the world.

But they aren’t alone in making an e-cig-based alliance. Philip Morris International is making deals everyone to solidify its hand in the e-cig industry. All of the biggest companies are hoping that heat-not-burn (HNB) catches on. This technology does not burn the tobacco and therefore release the toxins in tobacco. It only heats it, thus releasing the flavor to the user via a vapor. It is what we know as the e-cig. Although Atria was an early pioneer in the e-cig industry, they are quickly becoming lost in the background.

Experts say that Philip Marris may soon be the biggest e-cig company in the U.S. In the face of research that e-cigs may not be as safe as once thought, PM is making great strides toward creating an authentically safe e-cig. Right now, stock market analysts are keeping a very close eye on the entire industry. One of the many companies attempting to make it big in the e-cig game is O2Pur. Via the O2Pur website, they sell a full line of e-cig products to customers over the age of 21. O2Pur is just one of many companies to watch. Listen and pay attention to the stock experts on this issue. There will be a star in the e-cig future.