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Be a Better You With Dr. Rod Rohrich

Be a Better You With Dr. Rod Rohrich

There are many reasons people seek to improve their looks. Perhaps you were born with features you would like to improve on, such as your nose. Maybe the sun has left a mark on you and you are now seeing lines, crow’s feet, loose skin or wrinkles and you are considering cosmetic surgery. If so, you will want the consult with the best Dallas Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, known internationally as an expert in plastic surgery and a professor of plastic surgery at South Western Medical Center. Dr. Rohrich consults with all his patients before they go in for any surgery to ensure that the patient is a good fit for surgery and understand the details involved in surgery and recovery.

Services provided:

Face and Neck

Facelift, which tightens and firms the facial skin removing sagging skin along with the use of fillers for a more youthful look. Laser resurfacing and chemical peels are also beneficial in treating aging or damaged facial skin.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, reshapes the nose and improves nasal passages.

Secondary Rhinoplasty is when someone has had the procedure in the past and it was done poorly. Dr. Rohrich will correct the procedure and provide the proper results his patients’ desire.

Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation and breast lift help balance the body proportions with size enhancement, symmetry, and shape with minimal scarring.

Breast reduction and reconstruction are ideal for those that have oversized breasts that often times cause back pain and general discomfort. Reconstruction surgery is often times used when the breast is removed due to breast cancer with the help of silicone gel breast implants or saline breast implants.

Body Contouring

Body contouring includes tummy tucks, liposuction, and body lift, which is ideal for those that have lost a significant amount of weight and have excessive loose skin. Body contouring can help the body return to a more natural state.

If you are considering plastic surgery as an option to improve or repair, your imperfections consult with the best cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Rod Rohrich.

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